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Clare x Raki
Raki's harem. 
Notice how we can't see Galatea's hands. 
Please, not Miata. She is a kid.
This is how the Encounter is gonna go: 
Clare: Raki! 
Raki: Clare! 
Helen: Share?
I'm going to the beach. 
Damn, Miria.
Does it taste good, Clare?
All the souls
Clare looks BEAUTIFUL in chinese dress
Clare is going to awaken all wet.
A kiss from two godesses. Also called... 
Miria, please get Clarice some leather.
This is beyond PIMP
And lucky
Rigardo's gonna eat you face, kiddo.
Break him in two, girls
The first kiss. 
And Clare is on the wrong side
Damn, would they meet already?
7 years ahead

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