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I bum off this girl. No really.
Bleach Wallpaper 29
Inoue Orihime by hikariix
i'm trying to avoid my ichigo and orihime pictures being included in this album, because it takes the focus away from orihime, but theres something...
Orihime by ramy
Orihime by NJung
Orihime by heidy with a y
Inoue Orihime by yirumi
Orihime Inoue    by orin 
I love the riding outfit she has on, it's gorgeous.
chapter 225
ahh she's so adorable!
close up of orihime in her chinese outfit
bleach   ichigo and orihime by chira chira
Ichigo and Orihime by Ecthelian
Inoue Orihime by messa
pretty in a lbd
ichigo, grimjow and ulchiora are included in this, but i think orihime counts as the focus
orihime and tatsuki
chapter 78

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