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My Signatures
Autumn Love~ Uruhara and Yoruichi from Bleach
I'm not really a huge Naruto fan but these little chibis were too cute not to use *o*
Suigintou from Rozen Maiden *o*
Memories in the rain~Ichiruki
Yoite from Nabari no Ou
Rika and Satoko~~
Immortal Soul~ Aizawa Koichi from Nabari no Ou
Ilya from Fate/Stay Night~ bunny :3
Morbid Insanity~ Hallelujah and Soma from Gundam 00
Love from Afar~ IchiRuki
urahara siggy
umineko witches sig
umineko maria sig
Umineko witches~~ugg I hate this one..its so ugly >.<
Stein again~
Stein from Soul Eater
Spirited Away
Soul and Maka from Soul Eater
Shion and Mion Sonozaki~~image is from Higurashi motion graphic
Rukia~sode no shiriyuki--might use this one next
Rika Furude from Higurashi~ she's my favorite character of all time *-*
Chiaki Minami from Minami-ke

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