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art by me
Naoto Shirogane from persona 4. Migrated from photoshop to paint tool sai. Its a very awesome program.
just a quick practice with the wacom tablet and gimp, and its kyonko. gotta say im getting well acquainted with the tablet.
kyonko with harukis headphone and mp3 player, yes the hands and mp3 player sucked... i will do a more detail one next time.
my body is aching.... 
colored version of aquarius. 
those white blotches are suppose to be the stars that make up the constellation of aquarius...
for yearbook class, we had to bring something in to help with "theme" 
i guess mine was music. always wanted to draw a guitar playing picture. the...
a 20 minute practice for side views, don't really draw them.
this is aquarius for the contest. Will be cleaned up and photoshopped ( likely).
phoenix design drawn for school  may 2008
3/14 was pi day ( pi - 3.14) so it celebration teacher said we had bring in something, and along the lines was a pi day drawing so yea. march 2008
wanted to try animals, drawn with reference picture during spanish class october 2007
got bored in math class so i took a metrocard size index card that i had ripped from boredom and doodled then used my frens multi color pens and did...
birthday present for friend october 2007
present for a friend that was moving away, school only had those really long paper that day so i left the bottom blank creating that gap, should have...
sorrow in the rain, 7th time in photoshop june 2007
drawn during sat class, lineart: inked in photoshop  may 2007
birthday present to friend, 6th time in photoshop april 2007
3rd time with photoshop, march 2007
4th time with photoshop  march 2007
5th time with photoshop march 2007

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