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  1. Seeing the same anime over and over again !
  2. Popularity of the old Nagai shows
  3. How many of these anime (and some game) songs do you recognise?
  4. Veoh Top 100 Anime Openings by Shishio Kagezuchi
  5. Anime girl character archetypes
  6. Do you archive/buy your fansubs?
  7. Sex in the anime city: A mild rant on Romance Manga/Anime
  8. Your favourite (or likable) anime character in an anime that you dislike
  9. coolest costumes/battle uniforms
  10. Islam banned Jojo
  11. Favorite Anime distributor?
  12. Bandai Entertainment to purchase Bandai Visual USA
  13. Duels which should be shown/redone
  14. How to characterize anime Characters??
  15. The Official Special Offers Thread
  16. Anime/Manga scene motivation
  17. Summer 2008: Your Expectations and Anticipated Series
  18. How many episodes do you prefer an average anime to have?
  19. RE: Demographics of the Psycho-inclined
  20. Kadokawa Pictures USA sends C&D notice
  21. And yet,a offical youtube channel for KEY.
  22. Japan and Internet Piracy
  23. Anime Saimoe Tournament 2008 (Japan)
  24. This piece of art called ANIME, why is it so good ?
  25. 2008 Best/Super Moe Tournament
  26. Personal Anime
  27. Pacifism in the Anime.
  28. Prepare for the onslaugt: アッーウッウッイネイネ(0゚・∀・) is coming!
  29. japanese anime/manga conventions
  30. Funimation Agrees to Distribute Select Geneon Titles
  31. Studio Bones and related discussion (was: Upcoming BONES sequels)
  32. Digital Anime what do you think about it?
  33. Summer 2008 Anime Review Thread: Post Your Opinion and Grade
  34. What's with the focus on confession?
  35. OTAK/General anime, manga and game knowledge
  36. Character(s) that have funniest name
  37. Riaa
  38. Yaoi Con 2008!
  39. What anime genre(s) needs a reinvention?
  40. Farewell AnimeOnDVD
  41. tite kubo coming to comic con
  42. Question about licensed animes
  43. Dreams of Anime
  44. shonen jump contest
  45. Female Anime Character Personality Archetypes
  46. Anime Writing (Those Who Come Up With the Original Idea)
  47. The best currently running anime that gets no attention.
  48. Anime sites that compare dvd vs tv releases?
  49. Anime Fandom: Quality or Quantity?
  50. Why do you like Anime?
  51. Japanese Anime Studio Embraces YouTube Pirates
  52. BayTSP using crawlers in order to obtain ip's from torrents and to send DMCA....
  53. Swords in Anime
  54. Favorite ero-anime discussion
  55. Naruto's sales finally slip to No. 2! Who takes the #1 spot?
  56. When did you First Watch Anime?
  57. Why the American industry is useless and fansubbing is low scale damage
  58. Live Action or Animated
  59. foreigner stereotypes in anime
  60. Anime BGMs During the Olympic Games
  61. FUNimation sends C&D notice
  62. Favorite/best Anime Swordsman
  63. Whats the Deal with Weak Anime Characters???
  64. Akira's popularity in Japan
  65. Your Opinions on OEL Manga (Original English Language Manga)
  66. Manga Publishing Companies
  67. Your favourite cliffhanger?
  68. hentai turned mainstream
  69. What kind of romance polygon interests you the most
  70. Stylized Animation Styles?
  71. Marvel goes anime...teams up with Madhouse
  72. Do you judge an Anime by its opening
  73. Neverending animes...
  74. Anime popularity in America/Europe...
  75. Are the tags "shounen" and "shoujo" still valid?
  76. Who is your fave character designer in the world?!
  77. Autumn 2008: Your Expectations and Anticipated Series
  78. Any anime characters you find attractive?
  79. Showing to the Public
  80. State of Anime on US TV
  81. Cartoon Network cancels Toonami Block
  82. Overpowered character
  83. Scorpio-Signed Anime Girls
  84. Fanart sites/official artwork
  85. What anime made you go "WTF?!" the most?
  86. Genshiken and Welcome to NHK
  87. Girls slapping guys
  88. Animes that were/are extremely hard to just finish.
  89. DFC (Petite) vs Oppai (Big Bust)
  90. How do you feel about cross-marketing?
  91. Twilight Anime anyone?
  92. Have you watched a series that has or made you consider giving up anime.
  93. how much of an anime fan are you on the outside
  94. Anime moments that made you cheer or jump with joy
  95. Overloved and overhated characters
  96. Thread of Anime Podcast Awsomeness
  97. nicest/most badass car that you wish that u have in real life
  98. Anime that got so boring You just started Skipping episodes
  99. Favorite Anime Character Personality
  100. General Mecha Thoughts
  101. Animesuki Top 100 Character Popularity Rankings
  102. Romance where "back up" guy / gal wins in the end?
  103. Episodic animes, how do you like them
  104. Do you watch previews?
  105. Edits in anime and manga
  106. Japanese viewers missing English/Latin/Etc references
  107. Autumn 2008 Anime Review Thread: Post Your Opinion and Grade
  108. Ever been discriminated against as an otaku?
  109. Anime Festival Asia '08, held in Singapore 22 - 23 November.
  110. manga or visual novel scenes that should've been included into anime
  111. Acen 2009 Rosemont IL
  112. Email Interview with May'n - Anime Festival Asia 2008
  113. If R1 Anime companies were Moe characters
  114. Great sequels/remakes/prequels/spinoffs
  115. Yaoi vs Yuri Discussion!
  116. Anyone else find themselves avoiding "sad" anime?
  117. Identical Animes
  118. Character development and Character Expansion
  119. Good/Popular Japanese Anime Message Board?
  120. Is the status of anime moving up in the world?
  121. Best anime insults
  122. A tribute to Toei Animation
  123. Anime style being used in other countries?
  124. If you could merge two anime series together, which ones would they be?
  125. comedy relief characters
  126. The most fluidly animated anime out there...
  127. Older woman with much younger man
  128. Final Fantasy Movies
  129. 4Kids to End Its Fox Programming Block in December
  130. Universal acquires Geneon
  131. Need help defining a subset of moe personalities
  132. Making new characters?
  133. Itasha (cars with anime graphics)
  134. Crunchyroll Promises to Get Rid of Fansubs, Signs Deal to Stream Naruto, Gintama...
  135. Nippon TV partners with Dentsu (Geneon) to stream Kaiji and Buzzer Beater on Joost...
  136. hottest mama
  137. Fansubs got 20 years old, let's celebrate!
  138. Dreamscene (Anime) Vista\XP
  139. Best of the Best of the year(s) Awards?
  140. Anyone else finding it difficult to make time for anime?
  141. Need help on list and details of anime cons around the world!
  142. 2009 Annual Seiyu Awards
  143. How do you feel about spoilers?
  144. Your taste in anime women/men vs. real life women/men
  145. Coolest weapon for murder
  146. International Saimoe League 2009
  147. Manga processor app for the Kindle
  148. Winter 2009: Your Expectations and Anticipated Series
  149. Is it hard to romanize characters' names?
  150. AnimeSuki 2008 Choice Awards nominations
  151. getting the downlow on anime... What do you do?
  152. Vjump 2008
  153. Depiction of Evil in Japanese Anime
  154. Anime Names
  155. Anime on Hulu: Do you watch?
  156. Yandere/Yangire Anime Series
  157. Winter 2009: Anime Review Thread
  158. 2009 New Animes/Seasons
  159. Winter 2009 Anime Review Thread: Post Your Opinion and Grade
  160. Japanese Otaku girl needs your advice.
  161. 2009 Best Moe Tournament
  162. Which socioeconomic class do anime fans/otaku come from?
  163. The future of fansubs (5 years from now): Same as today? Less? Significantly less?
  164. "instant watch" a good way to get anime?
  165. What is acceptable in anime and what is not
  166. I want to be a voice actor, but I have no clue how!!!
  167. Most absurd fight scene in an Anime
  168. What good unlicensed anime (out for 1 year or more) should Crunchyroll try to get?
  169. Anime available on crunchyroll (legal) and fansub: What do you use?
  170. [Vote] AnimeSuki 2008 Choice Awards
  171. most hours of anime in a single sitting...
  172. Kyoto Animation: Studio discussion, speculation, and whatnot.
  173. Firefly similar to Cowboy Bebop?
  174. Article: Anime's Road to Survival (some DVD sold less than 400 copies)
  175. Animated Heroism
  176. Fave waff?
  177. Best name?
  178. Marvel Anime
  179. Which game(s) should be adopted into manga/anime (no visual novels)?
  180. Aya Hirano fans or no fans, please read.
  181. Pink Hair (And Other Unconventional Hair Colors)
  182. Can anime negatively influence society?
  183. Spring 2009: Your Expectations and Anticipated Series (was: Spring 2009 releases!)
  184. Most Memorable Scenes?
  185. B-rated anime?
  186. Dere Battle 2009 ~ A battle between Tsun VS Yan VS Dan VS Kuu Dere
  187. Kadokawa pulls a YHBT
  188. Anime Partners
  189. Bestbuy says sayonara to anime
  190. Worst costume design
  191. Japanese Animator Wins Oscar for Best Animated Short Film
  192. Anime compared to classical animation
  193. Characters with a 'past'
  194. AnimeSuki 2008 Award Winners
  195. Surface Tension: The Threat of a Animation Bubble Burst
  196. Does anime have any holiday's or any special celerations throughout the community?
  197. The most important anime of all time
  198. Identical Classrooms???
  199. Manga in the library
  200. Anime similar to Lust?
  201. Anime Careers
  202. Romanticism in action anime
  203. Are there any animation studios in trouble?
  204. School nurse in animes. Do they exist?
  205. Is anime a "lonely" hobby?
  206. What is the most confusing things that you have seen?
  207. Do Defeats in action anime truly mean Friendship?
  208. Muslims in anime?
  209. Things in anime that may not be acceptable in real life.
  210. You've gone Hollywood in my Anime - Quick Cuts and Photoshop!!!
  211. Crunchyroll Has Nearly 200,000+ Paid Subscribers
  212. Anime fans types
  213. Ten Best Recent Anime?
  214. Anime Hairstyle Lists?
  215. The most beautiful skill ever
  216. Spring 2009 Anime Review Thread: Post Your Opinion and Grade
  217. Which Casting Type do you Prefer?
  218. How well do general audience anime perform (Miyazaki..)?
  219. How many shows are produced in 720p? 1080p?
  220. Games vs. Anime, which should come first?
  221. If you could influence making animated version of Lord Of The Rings?
  222. What is the difference between Shonen and Seinen?
  223. Japanese viewers vs non-Japanese viewers
  224. the history of anime
  225. K-1 fighter performs Haruka Nogizaka ending theme before bout
  226. Deep and Insightful anime
  227. ACen 2009 -- Industry / Fansubbing Panel
  228. Moe fans: what attracts you to romance anime?
  229. Accurate episode titles?
  230. Anime North 2009
  231. AnimeNEXT 2009 NY/NJ/CT/PA
  232. Summer 2009: Your Expectations and Anticipated Series (was: Summer Anime 2009)
  233. Old Character Designs
  234. Minori Chihara Interview coming up, questions from fans needed
  235. Funimation survey
  236. Cheesiest anime ever
  237. The Use of the Term Otaku
  238. [Spoilers] The saddest anime death for a VILLIAN!
  239. Is the Music club in your school like K-On! ?
  240. Most Annoying Anime Mascot!
  241. Unpublished ANN interview with fansubber/Funimation/Aniplex
  242. sexism/feminism within anime
  243. Saimoe Japan 2009 (not started)
  244. what do you like in female anime characters
  245. Does nudity in anime have any symbolism?
  246. Anime Saimoe Tournament 2009 (Japan)
  247. Why is Ambition evil in anime?
  248. Essay: Why magical girl villains suck at strategy
  249. Tabacco and Alcohol Use Vs Character Alignment in Anime
  250. Anime of the Day - Any User Can Choose It!