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  1. The Speculative Ending
  2. Help getting something at Comiket 80
  3. The Newtype Best anime awards
  4. Mangakas that have disowned the anime adaptations of their creations?
  5. Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention
  6. Mokona from Magic Knight Rayearth / Tsubasa Chronicles
  7. The Criticism of Pandering, and Unoriginality
  8. Most underrated anime?
  9. Reasons to watch Anime because of Music
  10. Most romantic scene in anime
  11. Shounen heroes vs Female opponents
  12. Pre-airing Popularity/Hype of Fall 2011 Anime in Japan and the West
  13. Beloved anime characters that may hated in real life
  14. Why don't "normal" people like otaku anime?
  15. Aspects of anime series and why we like what we do....
  16. Anime that need remakes/reboots or continuations
  17. Netflix has some Hidden Anime in the Instant Watch
  18. Series that Should Have Stayed Without an Anime Adaptation
  19. 2 Anime/Game character that look Similar
  20. Crunchyroll, TV Tokyo sue YouTube users for illegal anime uploads
  21. I want your opinion about watching anime
  22. Anime Festival Asia
  23. Sterile Animation and Art in Anime
  24. Summer 2011 Final Impressions: Post your opinion and grade
  25. Utility for compiling anime collection list?
  26. Race in Anime
  27. Animesuki Choice Award Poll
  28. japanese-english subs
  29. learn japanese with anime?
  30. Where does this symbol come from?
  31. Anime that matched the hype machine, or even outclassed it
  32. anyone here try to fan dub and put it on youtube?
  33. Does anime affect your life?
  34. Opinion: Anime-only TV channel is not as cool as you thought
  35. How do you Internalize an Anime?
  36. Yamakan news/Yamamoto
  37. Opinion about Anime Giveaways
  38. Kadokawa Purchases Manga Publisher Media Factory
  39. Do Anime Girls/Guys Turn You On?
  40. Tokyopop Confirms Intent to Publish Manga Again
  41. Funimation/Niconico Joint Venture
  42. Anime you didn't like but have a good OP/ED
  43. Is the term 'slice of life' overused now?
  44. Wishlist: Anime Series That Would Benefit from a Modern Remake
  45. Fall 2011 General Impressions Thread: Post your opinion and grade
  46. Anime or not?
  47. S.A.V.E Edition Anime
  48. Americanized version of Akira green-lit by Warner.
  49. Reliability about Buying on Amazon? (A bootleg topic)
  50. Otaku Vs Otaku
  51. Views On Mecha Anime
  52. NYTimes article on anime streaming on Hulu and Netflix
  53. Trying to remember the title of this manga/anime!!!
  54. I Love Anime That's Why ....
  55. Akamatsu: Warns against changing Japan's copyright law
  56. Rare Anime?
  57. Does Sony Music own all anime in Japan?
  58. How do you approach moe competitions?
  59. How much Japanese do you know from watching anime?
  60. Cutest Anime Girl?
  61. Most disappointing anime of 2011 (in your opinion)
  62. Pleasant Anime Surprises of 2011 (in your opinion)
  63. Anime Girls You Love And Hate At The Same Time?
  64. Huh? Problems with customs when ordering online?
  65. Tired of Long Running Animes? [Spoiler Risk]
  66. Winter 2012 : Your Expectations and Anticipated Series
  67. Characters you like that everyone(or most people hate).
  68. Moments in anime/manga that literally scarred you for life (spoilers)
  69. Is anime getting ruined by the whole "Moe" craze....
  70. Beyond Moe: has anime really changed at all?
  71. Animation drawing eyes
  72. Favorite Supporting Protagonists
  73. [Interview] Why the next KEY works didn't get anime
  74. Does Japan have a service similar to Crunchyroll (for anime)?
  75. Perception on Japanese Otaku.
  76. Things in anime backgrounds that bug you
  77. What are your top Romantic/Ecchi Animes?
  78. Welcome To The NHK!!!
  79. The most extravagant anime swag you've ever encountered...
  80. What's your thoughts on critical analysis of anime?
  81. How to best handle audiene surrogate protagonists?
  82. Official Artwork Releases question.
  83. Spanish customs and r15 doujin
  84. Unique anime terms for fan quiz
  85. Anime/Manga Tropes in Current Cultural Context
  86. Least attractive Anime/Manga character
  87. A thought exercise for the board's moe fans
  88. Favourite anime OP and ED of 2011
  89. the state of voice acting as an occupation
  90. What are your favorite anime Christmas/holiday specials?
  91. Why girls doesn't like harems ?
  92. It seems that a lot of girls read more shounen than shoujo
  93. Some examples of the most influential anime characters for you personally....
  94. The anime industry's problem of excessive fanservice
  95. Hard-to-find anime?
  96. Why are the romantic situations shown in anime so unrealistic?
  97. Anime in 2011: Looking Back and Looking Ahead
  98. Anime 2011 Final Personal Impressions and Series Ranking
  99. Top 10 Anime of All Time.....
  100. Most disturbing anime scenes? (SPOILERS!)
  101. Who has the most unique and distinguishing appearance (discuss, DON'T list)
  102. International Saimoe League 2012
  103. AnimeSuki Choice Awards 2011: Nominations
  104. Any good Harems/Ecchi anime 2 watch?
  105. Bandai Entertainment: No New BDs. DVDs, Manga after February
  106. Characters that kept you watching an anime you otherwise wouldn't have
  107. Anime: Lost in Translation
  108. Steins;Gate Obsession.
  109. Has anyone here ever noticed... (crow noises in anime)
  110. Winter 2012 General Impressions Thread: Post your opinion and grade
  111. What determines if a show will be around 12 or 24 episodes long?
  112. Most Beautiful Anime?
  113. English Grammar in Anime
  114. What if... (American Singers/Celebrities as Anime Voice Actors)
  115. [Vote] AnimeSuki Choice Awards 2011
  116. Best Story Arcs In Shonen Anime (spoilers)
  117. Doraemon Toyota CM 4 - screw you doraemon
  118. Watching the anime: innocence VS experience
  119. Martial Arts in Anime/Manga
  120. Voice actor's highlight role
  121. most hated anime couples
  122. Dubbing Scene in Other (non US) countries
  123. Blue Submarine No. 6 (Ao no Roku-go) OVA
  124. AnimeSuki Choice Award Winners 2011
  125. Where can you get informed about anime, manga, games, hentai, VNs, etc.
  126. Podcasts, Youtube channels etc
  127. The Best PreCure Series
  128. The Good and Bad about Licensing
  129. Anime subscriptions
  130. Eroge Seiyuu who make the jump to Anime (and vice-versa?)
  131. Gurando Sponsoru OP Announcement
  132. Is the (English/American) Anime Industry Dying?!
  133. Why male characters often push away willing girls?
  134. The skirt rule
  135. How would YOU design an anime character?
  136. How do people enjoy romance anime?
  137. Most wanted Anime sequels by Japan in 2012
  138. Animation Technology News?
  139. [Live Action] Suugaku Joshi Gakuen (数学♥女子学園)
  140. Dropping series; how often does that happen?
  141. Do you prefer 80s chara designs over current ones?
  142. Anime rubber ball ecchi sound effect
  143. Problems with watching certain anime?
  144. Ecchi Fanservice: Does it really add anything to a show?
  145. I am a Japanese. I would like to hear what an overseas person thinks of anime.
  146. AMV vs MAD
  147. Dengeki Girl's Style Otome Games Awards
  148. Post-Anime Depression?
  149. Would anyone be interested in an "Anime Book Club"?
  150. Guys Loving Anything Cute (Anime Series to Cute Collections)
  151. Moe Imouto is gone?
  152. Ye Olde OVAs
  153. Good Opening and Ending Songs: Does it really add anything to a show?
  154. Light Novel trends in recent years
  155. "it gets better. I swear!"
  156. In shoujo, why the girl ignores nice guys?
  157. Moe vs Kawaii
  158. Anime List help
  159. When japanese look western and westerners behave japanese
  160. Favorite Anime Licensing Company?
  161. Why shows like Baccano, Samurai Champloo etc. not produced anymore?
  162. Spring 2012 General Impressions Thread: Post your opinion and grade
  163. Cartoon Relationships You Thought Should Have Happened
  164. Favorite shonen and why?
  165. [Poll]What do you think of Anti-Magic?
  166. SUNRISE: Studio discussion, speculation, and whatnot.
  167. Satelight: Studio discussion, speculation and whatnot
  168. Restriction on Blu-Rays: Is this true?
  169. Thought exercise for AnimeSuki's harem/reverse-harem fans
  170. Question about a specific visual style in anime
  171. Discovering Anime!
  172. Favorite Male Lead?
  173. Summer 2012 : Your Expectations and Anticipated Series
  174. Design your own anime/manga/light novel
  175. Urobuchi Gen: Discussions on his Stories and Style (spoilers ahead)
  176. Super crazy facial hair are us!
  177. Death note!
  178. Your History and Future of Fandom
  179. Most moe girl + her pet combinations
  180. The current state of Media Blasters...
  181. Shonen Action Anime (Like it or Hate It)
  182. Definitions
  183. Rooting for the villains?
  184. What Makes an Anime Series Deserving To Be Called a Mystery Anime?
  185. Mahou Shonen: How would it work?
  186. Anime LaserDisc rental in Japan
  187. Looking for Japanese anime discussion boards...
  188. Would you rather...? (Localized Manga vs. Learning Japanese)
  189. When shounen is no longer "shounen" anymore...
  190. "Anime" behaviors and expressions
  191. Websites like AniDB,MAL but the one made and rated by Japanese like this?
  192. Japanese Pop Culture and the Critical Thinking Therein
  193. The Anime Heroes of 2011: Where Are They Now?
  194. Mari Okada discussion
  195. Anime Saimoe Tournament 2012 (Japan)
  196. OMG, this is Naoto(P4)!
  197. What do you love about anime?
  198. Magical Girl Equivalent of Super Robot Wars.
  199. "We'll do it better on bluray"
  200. Split Cour vs. Traditional Two Cour
  201. Questions about magical girl genre
  202. Harem Vs. "All Girls" Anime Debate
  203. The Relevance of Suffering in Character Development
  204. Anime - 720p vs. 1080p
  205. Law Penalizing Downloaders, Criminalizing Ripping Passes in Japan
  206. the Richest!
  207. Why is the ideal "Yamato Nadeshiko" very rare in anime?
  208. What is "mainstream anime show"?
  209. Classic Anime vs Modern Anime Place your Vote!!!
  210. Brain's Base: Studio discussion, speculation, and whatnot.
  211. Which anime are masterpiece?
  212. Hype and Anime Culture (A Force For Good or Bad or Neither)
  213. Best ways to Support Anime Industry?
  214. Former Anime Staff Member Writes About Working Environment
  215. What Makes An Anime or Character(s) "Identifiable"?
  216. Shonen and Shoujo Romance protagonists
  217. Summer 2012 General Impressions Thread: Post Your Opinion and Grade...
  218. Can you identify with angst free character?
  219. Mounting wall scrolls?
  220. Engrish In Japanese Media (Anime/Manga/etc)
  221. Polarizing anime characters: What's your take on them?
  222. Anime figure care help
  223. Fall 2012 : Your Expectations and Anticipated Series
  224. Valid argument about anime and cartoons?
  225. i wish anime was real
  226. Pictures of people in anime style?
  227. Question on a vehicle in SRW OG: The Animation
  228. Do you prefer watching anime alone or with someone?
  229. is there a place to discuss hentai on this forum?
  230. Anime becoming too mainstream
  231. The most "baffling" ending in anime/manga (SPOILERS)
  232. Are there any good anime e-magazines?
  233. is avatar the last airbender considered anime
  234. The most underrated and overrated series writer?
  235. How much anime do you have?
  236. Is anime becoming more about boobs then the story itself?
  237. what got you interested in anime?
  238. Live2D - Interactive 3D animation of 2D images
  239. Best Anime Character
  240. Some questions for AnimeSuki's mo fans
  241. Kokoro Connect Bullying Incident
  242. Anime-influenced television series
  243. Ever find a anime you watched when you were a kid?
  244. favorite sappy anime love quotes
  245. [AUS] REEL ANIME 2012 [Sept 13-26]
  246. In terms of romantic love, which anime guys loved the deepest?
  247. How do people feel about mecha anime?
  248. Subtitled VS. The English dubbed debate
  249. Anime characters with the most VA's behind them?
  250. Do you think anime sequels guarantee full adaptation of original media?