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  1. What do you think about teacher student pairings?
  2. Strongest Anime Character? Coolest?
  3. Why do realistic anime elicit so much hatred?
  4. who are the most dysfunctional families in anime (spoilers)
  5. Favorite trap character in anime ?
  6. Favorite Rivalries in Anime
  7. Please don't create any more "Favourite/Best/Worst <x> in anime" threads
  8. Pitching Anime in America ~How to Phrase a Premise~
  9. Favorite "pervy" moments in anime
  10. Anime obession with swords
  11. Japan makes downloading pirated content a prison-worthy offense
  12. The General Ecchi Topic
  13. The Chains of the Adaptation: Is it easier to like original anime?
  14. Why are anime Blu-rays in Japan so expensive?
  15. Sakuga /MAD thread
  16. What do we call it? (A Slice of Life/genre label discussion)
  17. Does the artist's ability on what they draw detirmine the genre? (Light Novels)
  18. The Fandom vs Itself
  19. "Action Girl" Characters in Anime (Are they still sexist?)
  20. Anime and Tourism: Successes and Failures
  21. But it's a girls show...
  22. Why does most harem anime tend to have uninteresting male leads?
  23. Fall 2012 General Impressions Thread: Post Your Opinion and Grade...
  24. How can you tell what an original anime's demographic is?
  25. The "Execution" Effect
  26. Anime character's tendency to yell
  27. Non-Japanese characters naming convection
  28. Best Moe Tournament 2012
  29. Faithfullness of adaptations
  30. Animesuki Choice Awards Poll
  31. Opinions about Crowd Sourcing Anime
  32. Do mini-series not get the same respect as full length series?
  33. Is there a english dub of "Daily lives of highschool boys" ?
  34. That Awkward Moment
  35. would this be a weird poster for a guy to put in his room?
  36. Triple Crown of Moe: A Possibility...
  37. Why is hentai such a sketchy topic herE?
  38. Why watch a show you don't like?
  39. When a story get dragged on for too long.
  40. "Mob" Characters
  41. How to re-watch an anime?
  42. Winter 2013 : Your Expectations and Anticipated Series
  43. [SYD, MELB] Japanese Film Festival [SYD,14-25 Nov] [MEL, 29 Nov - 09 Dec]
  44. Favourite anime OP and ED of 2012
  45. Anime characters that would make the best allies in a zombie apocalypse
  46. Friendship: Why is this theme prevalent in anime?
  47. Most Disappointing Anime of 2012, Animesuki's Choice
  48. When will Japan go back to having Adults 25+ in Anime again?
  49. Pleasant anime surprises of 2012
  50. Are Some People Taking Sales Charts Too Seriously When Gauging Anime Lately?
  51. What's your favorite "Anime Hair"?
  52. "That's exactly what I thought it would be" anime of 2012
  53. Stats - Hexagon Question
  54. Retail Disk Gochas?
  55. Web Novel/Comic To Official Publication
  56. When is it time to sell your anime?
  57. Difference between Season 2 and Part 2?
  58. How do you watch an anime without getting attached to it?
  59. can someone awnser this?
  60. We will stop watching anime, when we stop dreaming?
  61. What visual novel or manga would you like to be made in to an anime?
  62. Epic scenes in anime.
  63. Why are girls used for portraying tragic characters so much?
  64. What happened to animation in Anime?
  65. Will there be a Rosario + Vampire capu3 or season 3?
  66. The problem I have with some awesome MCs...
  67. [Nomination Phase] AnimeSuki Choice Awards 2012
  68. International Saimoe League 2013
  69. Name? Surname? Nickname? (and Discussion)
  70. 50th anniversary of "anime" on TV: "50 Masterpieces for 50 Years of TV Anime"
  71. what makes good open/ambiguous ending?
  72. The OEL/American Manga/Webcomics Thread
  73. Why do so few little sister characters have a brother who is not the protagonist?
  74. I'll respectfully explain what bothers me about todays anime
  75. Eroge does equal porn?
  76. Need help in finding specific scene in anime movies...
  77. Anime has fallen off in recent years
  78. Winter 2013 General Impressions Thread: Post Your Opinion and Grade...
  79. What's with adults watching kid's shows?
  80. The Blend of Serious Action and Sexual Fanservice in shows like Strike Witches
  81. "Rub a dub dub, thanks for the grub" (Translation Liberties)
  82. The self-evident nature of opinion about anime
  83. Will Kadokawa Group Holdings make a LN crossover project?
  84. "I can't possibly believe that this light novel series' title is so long!"
  85. Your favorite "Best Friend" character?
  86. Anime Comedy Roundtable
  87. What's going on Animax-Asia?
  88. Anime Animation Laziness
  89. How to avoid being attached?
  90. [Voting Phase] AnimeSuki Choice Awards 2012
  91. Slow Bread. NEED
  92. Crunchyroll General News Thread
  93. Memorable Anime Speeches
  94. longest speech you have heard in anime?
  95. Spring 2013 : Your Expectations and Anticipated Series
  96. Your top 5 anime with Japanese swords?
  97. AnimeSuki Choice Awards 2012 Winners
  98. How are Adaptation Anime Made?
  99. What were your gateway shows?
  100. Director & Seiyuu Connections
  101. Anime Voice-Acting Classes with Industry Professionals
  102. Do you agree?
  103. Capitalization Anime Titles
  104. The death or evolution of the sci-fi and mecha genres
  105. live streaming anime
  106. Greatest Romance Couple
  107. Backlog Thread: Having a massive list of anime to watch
  108. Overrated Anime
  109. Cities with an abundance of anime stores?
  110. Just finished watching DearS
  111. Psycho-Pass and Shin Sekai Yori comparison (spoilers ahead)
  112. To what extent do commercial factors affect the plot?
  113. the depth of evaluation and interpretation of an experienced anime is
  114. Where can I find...
  115. School Rumble Season 3 anime remake possible?
  116. Shockingly Great Anime
  117. Art/animation and sound in anime: "fanservice is tl;dr."*
  118. How much money do LN/Manga writer make?
  119. Overhype vs asspull - is there a perfect balance
  120. New Anime Trend? ("Female-oriented" shows)
  121. "Kadokawa to Merge 9 Subsidiaries Into 1 Company" - From ANN
  122. Dog Days Fictional Letters
  123. Shows Within A Show in Anime ~A Few Clips and a Song~
  124. Character Design Fails
  125. Tatsunoko Anime
  126. Loli Undertones in Anime
  127. ZEXCS: studio discussion, speculation and whatnot
  128. The Uncanny Valley of Anime Character Design
  129. Anime in 3D?
  130. Who is your current Anime crush?
  131. Under what circumstances is anime accepted by a more mainstream audience?
  132. "The Middle East's first anime"
  133. Why do delinquents in manga and anime wear surgical masks?
  134. Anime Adaptations of Key/Visual Art's Works
  135. Childhood friend romances
  136. Guillermo Del Toro to turn Monster into HBO series
  137. Disturbing anime scenes
  138. "Gap moe": does it exist?
  139. Anime airtimes in Japan
  140. So what would be your reaction if a favorite anime was made into live action?
  141. Best or worst anime cliches
  142. "Badass" moments in manga/manhwa
  143. Anime Website Design
  144. Progressive Portrayal of Gender and Sexuality in Anime
  145. Fighting & Romance anime
  146. 3rd girls in harems,are they really useless ?
  147. In the Medium Best Suited to Telling It
  148. International dubs of anime?
  149. Has this depression sank into the Japanese Soul?
  150. Death flags in anime
  151. Anime with memorable next episode preview dialogue?
  152. Ecchi: The most hated genre of all time?
  153. Aren’t Fictional Languages in Anime Interesting?
  154. Liking 'broken' characters.
  155. Do you Agree that Anime was invented in Russia and not in Japan?
  156. possible new law who can affect animes/mangas/ln
  157. Anime Saimoe Tournament 2013 (Japan)
  158. Good use of recap episodes
  159. You know you're an otaku when
  160. Whats the deal with people hating Nana Mizuki?
  161. Why are there only thirteen episodes for anime nowadays?
  162. Cultural reactions to sexual portrayals in anime
  163. Plot holes(s) you missed in first time watching (spoilers)
  164. Summer 2013: General Impressions Thread: Post Your Opinion and Grade...
  165. A-1 Pictures: Studio discussion, speculation, and whatnot.
  166. On Character/Plot Development Fueled by Character Deaths [Series Specific Spoiler]
  167. What differs cartoons from anime?
  168. Two common types of anime, which do you prefer?
  169. That One Special Character.
  170. Homosexuality in Anime
  171. Odd finger positioning in many anime.
  172. Something cool, but also not sure what to do...
  173. Reexaming the Anime Industry
  174. The lasting value of an Anime.
  175. If your life was an anime
  176. "Alternative universe" (Omnibus) format in anime series
  177. Need some help with research, spec. graphs and trends etc
  178. Which anime pushed you to the edge of emotion?
  179. Buying Blu-Ray Anime - Making Sure It's Worth It
  180. Anime and the 2020 Olympics
  181. Heartbroken over what's happened to the Berserk franchise :(
  182. Hard to find, inaccessible, out of print short films
  183. Housing in Japan vs anime/manga
  184. Make up a British voice cast for any anime
  185. The use of flashbacks in anime.
  186. Madoka Magica vs. Pretty Cure: At the Movies!
  187. Anime characters that speak English well.
  188. Rebelling against demographics, and it pays off
  189. Laws regarding pornography in the US
  190. How much of steins gate has been dubbed
  191. What are you currently watching? What will you watch next?
  192. Can I get into legal trouble for an ''To Love Ru'' artbook ?
  193. (Mis)perceptions of fanservice/ecchi/hentai
  194. Status of comic depictions (including lolicon/shotacon) in US/Canada
  195. Buzzfeed type anime Site?
  196. Opinion of what makes a good tsundere/yandere characters?
  197. Autumn 2013: General Impressions Thread: Post Your Opinion and Grade...
  198. Where are the yuri anime...
  199. Absurdism, Surrealism and Anime
  200. Newbie to Bleach anime needs some advice
  201. Most Disappointing Anime of 2013, Animesuki's Choice
  202. Buying habits (no need to post collection here)
  203. Most Surprising Good Anime of 2013
  204. Favourite anime OP and ED of 2013
  205. if you friend is a monster. what you do
  206. RIP Geneon
  207. Diseases in Anime
  208. Anime Director
  209. AnimeNEXT 2014
  210. DVD to Blu-Ray : worth it ?
  211. Manga in different languages ?
  212. [Nomination Phase] AnimeSuki Choice Awards 2013
  213. International Saimoe League 2014
  214. any new News about Go Nagai
  215. Have the last 2 seasons(Summer/Fall) been an utter disappointment?
  216. Every American 80s/early 90s sitcom could be a modern anime
  217. Favorite Thing from an Anime that wasn't the Anime
  218. JSDF Applications increase with adoption of mascots
  219. Sentai Filmworks eventually really dubbed/subbed collections after a while?
  220. ''Noir'' Blu Ray : anything special about it ?
  221. Why Do You Like Anime?
  222. [Voting Phase] AnimeSuki Choice Awards 2013
  223. 2013-14 Winter Series Initial Impression and Reaction
  224. Pets in Anime
  225. Advertising and Anime
  226. What does Anime/Manga Mean to You?
  227. Blu rays with inferior functionnality than DVDs...
  228. AnimeSuki Choice Awards 2013 Winners
  229. Speed vs. Quality, what matters more to you?
  230. Hayao Miyazaki talking about "otakus"
  231. How long can you see yourself still watching/reading anime/manga?
  232. "Defeat" in Romance Series: When Your Chosen Girl Loses [Spoilers Ahead!]
  233. Anime references to Malaysia
  234. Does anyone know why tsubasa chronicle anime was canceled?
  235. Anime with masterpiece ending (Spoiler guaranteed)
  236. My further dealings with Canadian Customs
  237. What makes an anime memorable to you?
  238. Recent Doraemon Film Censored on TV Asahi Broadcast
  239. Foreshadowing vs. "Surprise!"
  240. He's dead Jim! Premise Sniping and the Self Fulfilling Prophecy
  241. The exaggerate of male and female characters in male-targeted anime
  242. 3D in anime (view mode )
  243. Infrequent imports VS Frequent licensed anime purchases
  244. Best anime fights of all time
  245. Japanese and PC questions
  246. The irony of a critical community: do elitists dream of electric moeblobs?
  247. How long would the art style change?
  248. Further trouble with customs
  249. Spring 2014: General Impressions Thread - Post your Opinion and Grade....
  250. Manga/LNs/VNs you most want animated.