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Conversation Between Sleep_ping and Kunagisa
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  1. Kunagisa
    2014-04-15 15:12
    As long as the MC just likes one person I can deal with harem (>Horizon, Danmachi etc.). Yeah, I'm interested in 777, which turns out to be a rather low profile series, suits me just fine though. As for Marida ... I don't know, I tend to be quite irrational when it comes to characters. Makes me want to tear books when characters die , which really is just a sign of well-written character anyway . Hence, why I will rage ultra hard with mystery novels where the narrator is the murderer though and they get caught at the end. Grrr.

    Either way, prob will pick up BB. Will hold you responsible if they don't both live to the end and live happily ever after!
  2. Sleep_ping
    2014-04-12 23:07
    1. She has a hint of Lady Macbeth in her.
    2. I thought you hated the harem aspect XD? Nah, it was pretty much OTL right from the get-go.
    3. I see that you like the start to the Nanana anime.

    No way is Marida going to be left alive after this. At that point, she's more of a plot device than a character because of how she is the driving force between so many people's actions, most notably Alberto, who I feel deserves to have his comeuppance after all the mistakes he made before. It's tragic, but what's left for Marida to do after the war?
  3. Kunagisa
    2014-04-12 14:10

    So tempted to pick up Black Bullet just for these few pages.
    1) Why is Kisara so the best girl (and voiced by Hocchan to boot)
    2) Why didn't you tell me about Kisara when we were talking about B.A.D./BB/Mahouka etc. I probably would've picked up the series then.
    3) There is no 3.

    Also, UC7 PV's out, Marida's deader than dead. All my tears.
  4. Sleep_ping
    2014-04-04 09:48
    I got my copy. Haven't touched my copy of Volume 2 though

    Nobody I know of for the latter.
  5. Kunagisa
    2014-03-19 13:21
    Spoiler for .:

    is coming out. Did you read volume 2?

    Also, have you tried this? Or know anyone who has?

    Spoiler for .:
  6. Sleep_ping
    2014-02-16 08:05
    Seriously, that cliffhanger...not good for my heart.
  7. Kunagisa
    2014-02-06 02:29
    It's ok. I looked at the wrong place on the jacket, answer's stupid simple ... (ビブリア古書堂) Orz. Nice avatar btw. 高尾山 best mountain girl.

    Excellent volume as usual btw. You'll like it. Not as good as 4 obviously (kinda hard to top a long story), but wraps up quite a bit. Ends with a big ass cliffhanger though ... also, from the afterwords, Mikami implies there would be more than 6 volumes at least. Here's hoping 10, though probably 7 or 8 will be last ...
  8. Sleep_ping
    2014-02-05 23:10
    Mine's supposed to come along with Magdala 5.
  9. Kunagisa
    2014-01-27 20:04
    Do you know the answer?

    My local Kino doesn't stock this volume until Wednesday
  10. Sleep_ping
    2013-10-19 08:51

    I planned for Talleyrand to be the follow-up to Biblia, and it certainly is more light-hearted. With Biblia 5 though, I don't know when I get the chance to pick it up.

    For Magdala, I prefer the worldbuilding in this story. Certainly, volume 1's end was underwhelming, but 2 and 3 really picked up the slack in my opinion. I like how Kusla's character is built from past experiences more than his inherent personality, the latter more prominent than in Lawrence's case, and this allows him to be the 'parent' to Fenesis (the parent-child dynamic between them is something I find refreshing), though I do like Lawrence's character as well. Both Kuroi and I agree that Holo > Fenesis though.

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