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Conversation Between Sleep_ping and TJP1600
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  1. Sleep_ping
    2013-02-01 06:34
    ...Well, I did try to tell him, it was too late though. You know I didn't intend to finish it in the first place. No problems here (especially since you have more than half the volume done anyway). Just thought I should ask for confirmation from you before I take further action. Again, repeating what I said earlier on, I merely did it for fun. (Okay, maybe I should use the word 'should' instead of 'can' here.)
  2. TJP1600
    2013-02-01 06:30
    I'm not sure why part of Campione Vol 12 epilogue was even translated in the first place since Campione has an ample fanbase and translators and I registered for it (although I doubt your original intention was for it to be uploaded considering it was incomplete). Setting that aside, I did sign up for all of volume 12 and I wish to carry out my obligation to the end. It wouldn't feel right to have someone else taking over my responsibilities if I didn't legitimately need help. I hope you understand my intentions.
  3. Sleep_ping
    2013-02-01 04:55
    ...Darklor just uploaded vol 12 Epilogue, and I was too late to tell him...

    Well, can I continue with it?
  4. Sleep_ping
    2013-01-06 04:49
    I just did it for the lolz... no real intent of uploading it onto the wiki. Just a random TotD here: http://heretictranslation.wordpress....uary-4th-2013/
  5. TJP1600
    2013-01-05 13:09
    lol, no, I was just trolling people (someone has to do it in place of Kadi's vacation). Some took it rather seriously......

    On a more serious note, I was told you were translating the Epilogue for Vol 12 and have part of it done? I mean I don't really mind since I don't even have that portion done, but I want to know what you intend on doing with it since if you intend to finish it and post it on the wiki I'm not going to translating another version.
  6. Sleep_ping
    2013-01-05 07:10
    So, what happened there. Just asking if it's my fault here.

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