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Conversation Between Hell_ping and Chaos2Frozen
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  1. Chaos2Frozen
    2013-03-04 07:22
    New Testament 7 confirm for May... Is Kamachi actually following my plan to release one volume every alternating month?!
  2. Chaos2Frozen
    2013-03-03 10:02
    The Index movie impressions

    "This language that conveys [moe] shouldn't exist in this world!!"
  3. Chaos2Frozen
    2013-02-25 10:06
    So that leaves Kizumonogatari as the next big contenter... if it ever decides to come out. Mikoto's position is solidified and Touma might actually get back his title... hell even Index has a chance to return back to top ten

    Too bad she played a doomed character
  4. Hell_ping
    2013-02-25 09:59
    KIHARA-KUN DE YO! Oops, sorry series, Rin.

    Anyway, it came out on 28th December. Not a lot of noise about it though.

    And as of season 2, KitaEri will become Kita/Eri...
  5. Chaos2Frozen
    2013-02-25 09:56
    ...Okay, I'm just going to count them all as the same class

    Has Ao no Exorcist movie come out yet? Should be around this time as well right?
  6. Hell_ping
    2013-02-25 09:54
    4 times. Index only has 30. Madoka has 43.
  7. Chaos2Frozen
    2013-02-25 09:53
    What the heck?! 137 cinemas ? Isn't that like double of Index or something?
  8. Hell_ping
    2013-02-25 09:52
    Looking at a 5-peat for Mikoto at the rate this is going...

    Speaking of which, to compare with another movie:

    K-On! 316,314,500 Yen in 137 theaters.
  9. Hell_ping
    2013-02-25 09:10
    Season 3! Season 3! Season 3! Season 3!

    Fans of such series are like the MISAKA Network, I suppose.
  10. Chaos2Frozen
    2013-02-25 09:10
    Hopefully, the money can fund a season 3
    Apparently that's on everybody's mind as well including the Japanese fanbase.

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