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Conversation Between Kunagisa and kuroishinigami
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  1. Kunagisa
    2015-01-20 20:58
    Biblia ending volume 7 ...
    ビブリア古書堂の推理劇 when?
  2. Kunagisa
    2015-01-16 16:53
    Can't be worse than the drama!
    Gonna go pick up my Biblia next Tuesday I think.

    I really want to see 今はもうない animated though. It wasn't possible to do that with LA so ...
  3. kuroishinigami
    2015-01-16 02:40
    Still need to finish biblia and the rest of SM series that hasn't been adapted yet. In fact, I picked 笑わない数学者 along with my copy of biblia On another note, they're going to adapt SM series as anime too. I wonder which one will end up being the better and more faithful adaptation, the anime or drama
  4. Kunagisa
    2015-01-16 00:01

    I should watch the last 2 arc. I wasn't going to watch the last arc until I finish the book actually.
    My Biblia order arrived at kino like 2 weeks ago, and I still haven't got time to go pick it up ;__;. I think I will try 神様の御用人

    You know what this means though. You can start G series
  5. kuroishinigami
    2015-01-11 11:03
    eh? Saikawa's sister? they do have her in the next arc though, the one with the cosplay. I think the last arc was pretty horrible. It's very anti-climatic and the trick is very easy to figure out.

    On another note, finally picked up Biblia vol 6!! can't wait to read it out in my spare time XD
  6. Kunagisa
    2015-01-11 03:48
    If it's the bread one it should be, I still haven't finish it =(
    The ratings were absolute horseshit near the end, I think they butchered the story hardcore. I was very unhappy they axed out his sister from F, who's supposed to show up again in Bread ...
  7. kuroishinigami
    2015-01-02 11:47
    Finally finished with the drama series. The last case of the drama, is that also from the novel?
  8. Kunagisa
    2014-11-17 13:12
    You know that part where he kinda goes into this zone and he's talking to himself? I refer that as CPU overload. Saikawa's been hinted to have MPD in the novel too so. It was just very dumb way to present it, imo.
  9. kuroishinigami
    2014-11-15 21:12
    Saikawa MPD? CPU overload? which part is that again? Didn't notice any CPU overload in this arc, and Saikawa has Multiple Personality Disorder? or do you mean Saikawa's actor acting?
  10. Kunagisa
    2014-11-15 12:47
    The novel goes more into how fanatic the family heads are about their work. The whole theme with Mori is that these people are not normal in the sense that they are either prodigies, have MPDs, or other crazy thoughts and what not. Since the whole family do buddhist drawings, the act of suicide is part of the ritual for their work. The problem with Mori characters is that they are borderline chuuni (I really abhor using this term to talk about Mori's work, even indirectly) IF they aren't presented well, which is the case here.

    The mom gave away the box at the end cause nobody draws Buddhist art this generation anymore. The part about the dad killing himself but failed as part of the "trick" is more believable than this ... gag type of thing we got in the drama. I really don't like how they handle Saikawa's MPD with this CPU overload thing.

    I mean the group doing the stage props is great, but the actors and actresses obviously only read the script and not the book. This is unfortunately yet expected, so the fault lies mostly with the scriptwriter.

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