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Conversation Between Kunagisa and kuroishinigami
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  1. Kunagisa
    2014-03-23 22:49
    Well hopefully you like すべてがFになる enough that you would keep reading the rest of SM. Also, it's ok that you haven't pick up Biblia yet. Next book won't be around for at least another 6 months at the current speed so ...
  2. kuroishinigami
    2014-03-22 10:42
    It's only the first book, so not that fast w. The sparks are there though.

    As for mystery, frankly, I'm a little disappointed with it. After opening with a murder scene right away, I was expecting the murder to be the main topic of the mystery, but instead I got 1/3 of the book concerning the murder, and the other 2/3 containing mystery of hyakunin isshu orz. The book itself is entertaining and educating, and the characters are charming, but for someone who knows zip about hyakunin isshu, I'm mostly left with "what are they talking about" instead of "oh, this interpretation of hyakunin isshu is interesting". I don't know if I'll buy next volume or not, but even if I do, it will be after I read several reviews next time what's the main topic in the book.

    For mystery book, Higashino is still king(and his book is interesting IMO) currently, so it's no wonder so it's a little wonder that his book is in Oricon charts alot.
  3. Kunagisa
    2014-03-21 02:19
    Oh wow you finished QED!?!? Did Tataru and Nana end up together?!?!ww

    How are the mysteries in QED compare to the other books? I actually spent all my time reading Danmachi ( and V-series (Mori). Just started reading Sakurako-san actually (, so no idea how that'll go at all. Alpha-series (Matsuoka) book 5 just came out, but my progress with Q hasn't move a single bit. Talleyrand book 3's coming out as well, but I haven't read book 2.

    I actually like having a backlog (even though I also complain about it just as often), always make me feel giddy that there are books waiting for me (which is insanely creepy and nerdy according to a friend ). This is why I tend to binge read a series (like 7-8 books), then try to find another author. I also tried getting back into Nisio with the Densetsu series, but got completely spoiled so I don't want to read it anymore (let's say Nisio went back to his Zaregoto habit of killing off everyone ...).

    Looking at Oricon, the top sellers are always Higashino, Minato, or Miyabe etc. I don't think there are much choices nowadays for mysteries ... Light mysteries, on the other hand, have quite a bit but most suck. I have good hopes for Sakurako-san (not for the mysteries but for the characters). Hence why I kinda went back a little bit with Danmachi on the light novel side of things instead; I was going to try 博多豚骨ラーメンズ, but BOTH Dengeki Taishou winners have such terrible reviews on Amazon that I don't even want to try to read them.

    Anime-wise Sidonia is probably my top pick too actually (and Captain Earth cause of this ), Kindaichi would be cool too, though I wonder how many people will watch that (doesn't even have a thread here on AS Orz). Everything else nothing really sticks out at me. My favorite show from winter is D-Frag (and Gundam BF continuing), I don't really think anything from Spring can top that. Mostly a cold season for me.
  4. kuroishinigami
    2014-03-20 10:52
    Been busy with exams and overtime this past month, so haven't been been reading as much as I want. I just finished reading Q.E.D, and while it's very interesting, why do they have to take Karuta as the main theme of the opening volume T_T. I don't understand karuta and hyakunin isshu T_T. Plan to pick up Biblia 5 and Subete ga F ni naru next(I know, it's blasphemy that I haven't even touched Biblia ><).

    For next season, I'm definitely picking up Kindaichi if it indeed air. Beside that, I'm not really sure yet. Will probably pick up 1 or 2 episode of Mahouka to see how much it fail, and maybe 1 other mecha shows, probably Sidonia no Kishi. How about you? Pick up any good book? Have any show you're really look forward to next season?

    P.S. I agree "the-leader-that-only-exist-in-flashback" is best girls :3. She's even better in the (free) side stories centering around her journey to Japan
  5. Kunagisa
    2014-03-20 02:33
    But it's not a shooter game! it's a dodging game!! I was just teasing you anyway. The screenshot was taken from the 3rd screen of the game. Yes, I already died over 600 times within an hour and didn't even finish the 3rd screen ...


    Anyway, I did end up watching Log Horizon, was pretty fun, though don't think I'll read it. Princess and "the-leader-that-only-exist-in-flashback" are best girls. I haven't even finish the goblin arc yet though so~ Any interesting books you reading or look forward to? What you watching next season anime wise?
  6. kuroishinigami
    2014-03-19 18:53
    I'm really bad at shooter game like this so I'll pass XD. Beside, I have so many book to catch up T_T
  7. Kunagisa
    2014-03-19 15:31

    Play lovetrap with me.

    I blame this on my shitty keyboard. That and I'm just really bad at this.
    Spoiler for .:

    This is Kamilia 3's last boss (Influka)
    Spoiler for .:

    Better quality

  8. Kunagisa
    2014-02-14 21:29
    April it seems, taking over Space Bro's time slot (Saturday afternoon), which means it might be pretty long.
    Wonder what arc it would animate wktk
  9. kuroishinigami
    2014-02-14 08:58
    R-Really!?!? New Kindaichi Anime !?!?!? @#@!@#$#@#$@#$. When will it starts to air!?
  10. Kunagisa
    2014-02-14 03:13

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