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Conversation Between Kunagisa and kuroishinigami
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  1. Kunagisa
    2014-09-02 11:18
    Hopefully you'll be interested in the series to keep reading his work. G series' mystery's kinda meh, but the characters are amazing. Might've said this before already though (✿◡‿◡). It's nice that SM's getting a prime time slot too.

    PS: Totally random and unrelated

    UPDATE: I'm only guessing base on the teaser, but looks like it's going to be 10 episodes (2 episodes per book) in the order of
    • 冷たい密室と博士たち
    • 封印再度
    • すべてがFになる
    • 数奇にして模型
    • 有限と微小のパン
    Some of the books can't be done cheaply and other reasons, so these are actually pretty good choices. The 3rd and 5th episodes are important if they ever want to do other Mori series, but I would say 2 and 3 are most representative of the Mori's style. I actually haven't read #5, which is the last one in the series; I'm 100% sure 1-4 are those books, however.
  2. kuroishinigami
    2014-09-01 19:08
    ooh! I hope this time it will be a good adaptation unlike biblia's one XD. I've finally finished reading biblia 5(and what an ending it is, such a tease from the author with that near kiss XD), and in the middle of reading The Perfect Insider. I have to admit though, the author of S&M series has a much better technique of starting his story compared to QED's author. Can't wait till I reach the juicy part of the story :3
  3. Kunagisa
    2014-09-01 16:40
    理系ミステリーという新しいジャンルを定着させた同作からはじまる「S&Mシリーズ」を初映像 化。今回は「冷たい密室と博士たち」を皮切りに、一連のシリーズをそれぞれ2話完結の形でドラマ化します
    I'm SO HYPED!!! Finally!!!!1111111one!!!
  4. kuroishinigami
    2014-08-19 11:53
    True that, but I think they're the last studio that make quality anime with hand-drawn animation instead of mixing CGI. It's kinda sad that even though it has its own charm, Studio Ghibli "closing" proves that in the end quality full hand-drawn animation is just not a viable model nowadays.

    Thanks for the recommendation. I'll try to read it ASAP ^_^
  5. Kunagisa
    2014-08-14 12:27
    Try this, so funny.

    Spoiler for images:

    The entire story's basically Marsil bullying in an extremely hilarious and appetizing way.

    Also, regarding Ghibli, I thought they aren't dying and just moving their base to elsewhere in Asia? Either way, the studio dying is a double edge sword. The studio alone accounts for 50% of all the good animators, except most of them don't even get to draw the "good stuff" (like human animations) and are stuck doing intro work like drawing backgrounds. According to Hosoda, while it pays them good salary, it's also place where talents gather to die. With the studio gone, these talents get freed up, but they probably can't adapt to the standards outside and probably will be out of jobs. Those that can adapt though will help the improve the standard of the industry actually (animation quality wise). I thought this is why one reason why Miyazaki didn't want Hosoda at Ghibli, cause he knows his talent will be wasted there.
  6. kuroishinigami
    2014-07-21 02:51
    Wow, if studio ghibli indeed will stop producing anime(and in all essence disband) after this, that will be a really major blow for the animation history as a whole >_<. If that article is true though, I guess it can't be helped if they need 1 million dollar revenue alone every year just to survive(and Kaguya hime seems to be a major flop with "only" 500k dollar revenue).
  7. Kunagisa
    2014-07-20 23:51

    I wonder how much truth is there in this; for the record,

    順位 販売数 座席数 回数 先週比 映画作品タイトル名
    *1 58540 204700 *644 ****** ポケモン・ザ・ムービーXY『破壊の繭とディア ンシー』 同時上映:『ピカチュウ、これなんのカギ?』
    *2 57521 194539 *928 *72.3% マレフィセント (3週目)
    *3 50550 316992 1098 ****** 思い出のマーニー
    *4 22743 104125 *563 ****** 劇場版仮面ライダー鎧武 烈車戦隊トッキュウジャー THE MOVIE
    *5 13889 *79107 *494 *62.4% オール・ユー・ニード・イズ・キル
    *6 12335 *60628 *425 *57.5% 好きっていいなよ。
    *7 10066 *74501 *508 ****** プレーンズ2 ファイアー&レスキュー
    *8 *7764 *37865 *274 *61.8% アナと雪の女王
    *9 *7400 *32026 *254 *76.7% 超高速!参勤交代
    10 *4136 *31044 *252 *57.7% 渇き。
  8. Kunagisa
    2014-06-04 12:57
    >Playing MMO
    I used to play WoW with no moderation. Was Main Tank for the guild, literally cleared all content back Wrath of the Lich King. Easily played at least 10 hours a day. Glad I quit and never looked back. I can totally relate how much a time sink MMOs are. Hopefully you have more self control than me.


    I actually don't recommend buying DanMachi before trying the series. You can read Volume 1 to 3 online first (pretty easy to google 'em --> (一般小説) [大森藤ノ]) The thing is Volume 1 and 2 aren't THAT good. They ARE interesting, but not groundbreaking. 3 and 5 on the other hand are excellent, very hotblooded and lots of fun antics.

    You know with Oretueeeee type stories (which DanMachi is one) the protagonists are usually too powerful/intelligent, so I can't really get excited with fights since you know they're going to win this pretty effortlessly? Well DanMachi you know they're going to win too, but at the same time there's no pretentious aura around the character. He's 14 and not a genius, but he just really like heroes in legend and look up to/in love with this girl; this is the simplicity that I enjoy a lot as there is nothing forced about the situation. He's not a hidden badass or anything. He gets so much power-ups but he's still on the shit-tier ranking when compared to the other characters.

    This sounds kinda lame on paper but the fights really gets you hyped so you actually enjoy reading them. I kinda teared up a bit near the end of volume 3 cause the authors really know how to write honest characters who openly cry and piss his pants when in fear (ok not literally piss). This is the same reason why I like One Piece; they really want that one thing so they're willing to put their life on the line, and they have to start risking their lives from the get go.

    DanMachi is the only LN so far that gives me that same feel (when the story is not in intermission mode that is)! This is why I can't openly recommend this even though I personally enjoy the series a lot since volume 3.
  9. kuroishinigami
    2014-06-04 03:04
    Danmachi is Dungeon ni Deai? I've read the manga and it seems quite interesting(and the prodigy girl looks cute XD) so it is in mu radar, but my backlog keep growing because of the evil game called FFXIV, not to mention all the new volume of my followed tite, overtime work, and exams T_T. I might pick it up for holiday break reading though if you recommend it that much XD
  10. Kunagisa
    2014-06-03 23:07
    Read DanMachi with me! There are quite a number of people who can read Japanese on AS, but none seem to follow DanMachi. Feels ronery . I asked Cosmic Eagle before, but I don't think it's his cup of tea. The detail are not as refined as Log Horizon, but I like the characters a lot. Not to mention the plethora of mythological neta.

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