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Conversation Between mangatron and Yui Is My Wife
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  1. Yui Is My Wife
    2015-04-23 20:32
    Yui Is My Wife
    How could you leave that Poor Kitty in the tree, you Human Betraying Alien Lover!!

    Then again, you are still The Father of The Year.

    By The Way, Tron: What Anime is that Bone-Shatter Aerial-Fistfight From?
  2. Yui Is My Wife
    2015-04-02 10:55
    Yui Is My Wife
    Aww, that's so cute!

    Don't you wish your girlfriends loved you this much?
  3. Yui Is My Wife
    2015-03-25 00:31
    Yui Is My Wife
    Written by the Lovely People who brought you "Senran Kagura" and a VERY drunk Mangatron....

  4. Yui Is My Wife
    2015-03-16 20:02
    Yui Is My Wife
    This is what happens when you hire Hyoudo Issei to sing the opening-song to a Children's TV-Show, written by Mangatron....

  5. mangatron
    2015-03-14 04:22
    Hi, Mami-chan!

    Thanks for all the pics, pal
  6. Yui Is My Wife
    2015-03-10 06:37
    Yui Is My Wife
    Hi Mangatron!

    Mami-oneechan says Hi!

  7. Yui Is My Wife
    2015-02-21 22:38
    Yui Is My Wife
    Looking seriously sexy there, ladies!
  8. Yui Is My Wife
    2015-02-21 21:04
    Yui Is My Wife
    Some cuties from My Homeland Taiwan to wish you a Happy Chinese New Year (of the Goat), Mighty Mangatron.
  9. Yui Is My Wife
    2015-02-14 07:13
    Yui Is My Wife
    Sigh, Galvatron.
    Are you amongst the many who are sighing "Look, why do I bother watching this NOW when they clearly want me to wait *half a year* for the un-butchered Blu Ray."

    I set aside 30 precious minutes I'm never going to get back for sexy cuteness, and THIS safe-for-work nonsense is what they do to us?

    At least you can see how sexy and cute Yurie-chan, Lilith, Tomoe and Miyabi-chan are meant to be, even through the steam in Absolute Duo, even if it is not as crisply animated.

    Boy what a let down, eh?
  10. Yui Is My Wife
    2015-02-03 05:04
    Yui Is My Wife
    Ah, no wonder this series is called Absolute Duo, eh Mighty Galvatron?

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