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Conversation Between mangatron and Yui Is My Wife
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  1. Yui Is My Wife
    2014-09-12 04:55
    Yui Is My Wife
    It's just one of those days....

  2. Yui Is My Wife
    2014-09-09 20:54
    Yui Is My Wife
    NO, TOUMA. You should be HAPPY at times like this, you lucky jackass!
    Warning: Not safe to view at work or school!
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    Don't you know how many blokes would give their right-arms to be as "unlucky" as you, you bloody idiot!
  3. Yui Is My Wife
    2014-09-04 10:30
    Yui Is My Wife
    You take England, I take France. :3
  4. mangatron
    2014-08-22 09:58
    YAAAARRRR I want to be that rabbit

    Thanks, she's so cute
  5. Yui Is My Wife
    2014-08-20 11:29
    Yui Is My Wife
    Here's some lethal cuteness to brighten you day, Mighty Galvatron!
  6. mangatron
    2014-07-30 01:21
    Game Design class! How cool, they didn't have that during my time in school

    Looks like a funny game XD
  7. Yui Is My Wife
    2014-07-28 08:58
    Yui Is My Wife
    A Little Walk on The Light Side of Life, in Game Design Class....

  8. mangatron
    2014-07-12 10:04
    Now that is one really nice Sena pic
  9. Yui Is My Wife
    2014-07-11 13:07
    Yui Is My Wife
    Sena-chan looking unusually vulnerable and cute.
  10. Yui Is My Wife
    2014-07-11 11:16
    Yui Is My Wife
    You just might get your wish late 2014 or Early 2015, because SEASON 3 HAS BEEN CONFIRMED!! YAY!!

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