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Conversation Between mangatron and DXMichael
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  1. mangatron
    2012-10-19 10:50
    I can't really say. I'm 2-3 weeks behind on everything except for Oniai I'm catching up though! Although I have to admit, besides Oniai, I haven't seen any pantsu in other shows *runs*
  2. DXMichael
    2012-10-19 09:58

    Any specific anime that have caught your attention this season?
  3. mangatron
    2012-10-17 21:26
  4. DXMichael
    2012-10-17 16:44
    That signature...I must ask what anime it's from
  5. DXMichael
    2012-08-22 11:40
    HEY! *Throws a harpoon at your leg* You wont get her that easy
  6. mangatron
    2012-08-22 10:14
    You didn't see much Goemon in episode 07 because she was with me *runs*
  7. DXMichael
    2012-08-21 18:07
    I was slightly disappointed in the lack of Goemon in Oda Nobuna this episode That shot to the chest must have taken more out of her than we think. So what you did mangatron?
  8. DXMichael
    2012-08-15 07:47
    Brave enough? mangatron, I would be honoured to have this in my signature
  9. mangatron
    2012-08-15 02:21
    LOL it's fate I tell you, that made the episode right there

    Are you brave enough to use this sig?
  10. DXMichael
    2012-08-14 16:50
    It must be fate or something, because mere days ago when we talked about what we like in women, Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon delivered to me what I like best in episode 6

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