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Conversation Between Cherry_Lover and careph
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  1. careph
    2011-02-18 19:26
    You're much farther into this than I am, and you even seem to know that guy. I can judge only by what information I have put forward.
    As a trivial aside, it would really be helpful if people signed their negreps so that you can actually contact them and ask what you did wrong or what you did to upset them so that you can clear it up.
  2. Cherry_Lover
    2011-02-18 17:43
    It has sod all to do with you talking to me, the problem was asking a blatent troll if he had any more Zouken pics in a Sakura week, and then compounding that by trying to defend the guy when I responded unfavourably.

    It seems to me that the neg-rep was not for your response to me, but for feeding the blatent troll in the first place, so there's no reason for you to think you can't talk to me just because someone neg-repped you for doing so....
  3. careph
    2011-02-18 16:54
    I didn't accuse you of neg-repping me, if you read my VM more closely. I was punished for a comment responding to one of your posts. So if you really neg-repped me for that, well ... actually now that you bring that up, the message did sound like you, only the italics were missing ... in any case, what I tried to convey in a roundabout way now again I shall say:
    I'll probably refrain from responding to your posts in the future, even if they're directed at me. I really don't like conflict. To me it's just about posting pics and enjoying other people's contributions.
  4. Cherry_Lover
    2011-02-18 15:55
    I don't recall neg-repping you over that (I hit the guy who posted it, because it was quite blatent trolling, especially the last pic).
  5. careph
    2011-02-18 12:39
    Talking to you is dangerous. Got negrepped for feeding a popular fantasy creature an indignant forum member identified to be you. I'll be careful what sustenance I provide in the future ^^
    Nevertheless, apologies for my deviating the main subject. Asking for Zouken in a Sakura week of all possible constellations could probably be regarded as tactless, and I know how much you care about her by now.
  6. careph
    2011-01-10 03:52
    I see what you mean, thank you for clarifying.
  7. Cherry_Lover
    2011-01-09 20:54
    That's how the forums work. We don't spoiler-tag information that can be obtained from the anime once it has been aired. There's no point, because no-one is going to post on here without seeing the anime first, and if we were forced to put spoiler-tags even if the anime had mentioned something, then there would barely be a single post without a spoiler-tag....
  8. careph
    2011-01-09 15:54
    "Any information given in the anime is assumed to be known by anyone visiting the forum."

    Excuse me for asking, but where do you draw this information from?

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