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Conversation Between Koveras Alvane and Akiyoshi
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  1. Koveras Alvane
    2013-01-30 12:42
    Koveras Alvane
    Oh well, no matter how good she looks, she is absolutely useless as a fighter, anyway.
  2. Akiyoshi
    2013-01-30 12:27
    I can't argue with that i guess xD

    I'm torn in that aspect because i find Signum's shoulders very alluring but i also like the jacket of her knights clothing because the big shoulder covers make her look more imponent xD!
  3. Koveras Alvane
    2013-01-30 12:21
    Koveras Alvane
    Yeah, but when you're a costume designer, you bring out the best in your model to view.
  4. Akiyoshi
    2013-01-30 02:18
    Sometimes it's what you can't see what's more attractive than what you can xD
  5. Koveras Alvane
    2013-01-29 02:21
    Koveras Alvane
    Yeah, exactly.
  6. Akiyoshi
    2013-01-28 21:19
    Lol, married with children and trying to find out a way to vent out his hidden urges xD?
  7. Koveras Alvane
    2013-01-26 16:28
    Koveras Alvane
    Yeah, kinda. ^^
  8. Akiyoshi
    2013-01-26 15:28
    Cyclone is the guy who always does over-the-top rape doujin with very decent art and is kind of a Numbers worshipper (major part of his doujins are about Quattro and the others planning/doing nasty stuff o_o)

    ...rings any bells xD?
  9. Akiyoshi
    2013-01-15 02:29
    Told'ya ...beware the nice ones

    Now Fate wants to take the "Seme" mantle, run for your lives xD!
  10. Akiyoshi
    2013-01-11 16:48
    *reads the image thread*

    Believe it or not, i share your pain, damn lolicons T-T

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