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Conversation Between Fran and Kirito
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  1. Fran
    2015-01-01 13:12
    Happy New Year to you too! ^ ^

    I've known her for only about 2 months though. her parents and my parents were ok for us
    to be together. I'm dating her right now and hopefully we get along, then we can marry if
    things go out right. she's pretty cute and pretty. she doesn't knows how to cook though, so I guess
    we have to eat out often. she's like a princess I both her parents kind of spoiled her a lot when
    she's small. they wouldn't let her cook and wouldn't let her do chores or other stuffs.

    she likes being independence, so she'll probably be working. so I guess i'll be stuck with the
    housework and cleaning up...and maybe some cooking. also, I just recently bought a
    house in Southern California for $449,000. houses here are super expensive. yep, I'm
    going to be very busy if not I'm already am.

    anyways, hope you have a great holidays! ^ ^
  2. Kirito
    2015-01-01 00:38
    Happy New Year, Xefi. Sounds like you're keeping busy. You have a fiance now? That's cool "sighs" I wish I have a special someone with me right now. I hope that things go extremely well for you and your fiance.

    I also hope that you get some gaming in 2015!
  3. Fran
    2014-12-28 21:26
    haven't been playing games much lately. I don't have much time to play it and
    when I do, I'm not motivated enough to play. I just watch some anime with my little bro.
    and go out with my fiancÚ.

    hope you're doing good as well. and have a great holidays! ^ ^
  4. Kirito
    2014-12-25 00:44
    Yo, Xefi. It's been quite awhile hasn't it. I never seen or heard anything from you in a long time. I guess you're either gaming or keeping busy since you told me you're always up and down all over the place. Well... I hope we can continue talking like we use to, but I know you have your schedule and your gaming in mind so do what makes you comfortable.

    Also. I'm here to also wish you Merry Christmas. I hope you have a safe and happy one!

    So until then dude, until then!
  5. Fran
    2013-12-28 18:22
    thanks, you have a wonderful holidays too!

    glad you like the Disgaea series. Disgaea 4 for vita will take some time before it's release for the
    vita in NA. I don't think it's even out for Japan yet. You can try Disgaea D2 as well if you like.
    it's a sequal to Disgaea 1. the story for D2 was kind of meh, but the gameplays are
    improve in D2 since it's the newest installment. the story was lacking compare to
    the other disgaea games though. and there are some issues with the game freezing
    in D2 while using certain skills. I'm waiting for them to patch those freezing before playing
    again, hopefully Nis fixes them soon.

    other than that, I'm just spending my holidays watching anime and play some games and
    did a wallpaper. nothing much happening here.
  6. Kirito
    2013-12-24 22:50
    Yo, Xefi. It's been awhile. Sorry for disturbing if I am dude, but I just wanted to wish you a Happy Christmas!

    Oh yes, I played Disagea 1-3 via PSN purchase and going to get 4 when I get my Vita. It's an awesome, silly, and creative series. Thanks for introducing me to it. I'll leave you alone now, so until then dude, until then!
  7. Fran
    2013-10-08 10:45
    oh and also, if you're getting Disgaea 3, try getting the Vita version cause it has the
    whole game + all the DLCs + 2 extra characters with extra story line. that and
    for some reason, Disgaea games look a lot better on portable.

    they're going to make Disgaea 4 for Vita as well. i'm also waiting for that game. i didnt
    buy any of the DLC on the ps3 for 4. when the vita version comes out for 4 (probably july 2014),
    i'll be buying it again for the Vita version. yep, i love the game that much that i'm willing
    to buy it again on portable.

    NIS usually add some more contents and some extra story line if you buy it again
    on the Vita version. i know Disgaea 3 for the vita was really nice with its extra
    contents and characters. but then again, if you have a Vita, Disgaea 3 is a MUST HAVE on it anyways. :P
  8. Fran
    2013-10-08 00:26
    thanks. i'm planning to make a wallpaper of her next when I have the time and mood to do it. got Disgaea 1 and Disgaea 2 for the ps2, right? I guess starting out @ Disgaea 1 is
    good start to the series. I like Disgaea 2 the most cause of its romantic story between the two
    main characters. my order of like in the series are 2 > 4 > 1 > 3 > and D2 (new one that just out).
    I like both 2 and 4 most cause they have romance. :P

    1, 3 and D2 doesn't have much romance if any, but they're still fun. I just beaten D2
    story mode in 28 hrs., the story was alright. i'm not really into the onii chan theme, but
    the post game is fun. i'm working on getting to level 9999 and getting all the best gears in the game.

    D2 is a sequal to 1 and continue on the story where 1 left off. D2 was kind of not as fun
    as 1 (story wise) cause of missing characters that are not from 1. but oh well, D2 is still a fun game if
    not very addicting when you get to post game and getting all your characters to more power.

    if you have the chance, also try out Disgaea 4. 4 is probably the most fun in the series
    + Artina (she is very beautiful angel couple with the main character; they're both very cute together @ the end).
    same goes for Disgaea 2. both main characters are cute together: Adell and Rozalin.

    but anyways, if you have any questions regarding the games, I can probably answer some...if I remember. :P

    NOTE: when I put D2, I meant Disgaea Dimension 2. (not disgaea 2)
  9. Kirito
    2013-10-07 22:05
    Sorry for the sudden visit, Xefi. I'm just here to tell you that I've got my copy of Disgaea 1-2 and I'm about to play them tomorrow or after when I'm finishing platinum-ing DMC - HD collection. I trust it'll be fun like you said and the character designs and stuff look cool and cute. Can't wait to see how this turns out.

    Oh yes, great new sig by the way. Totally sexy, you sure do know how to pick and make them... or either one of the two.
  10. Fran
    2013-09-30 11:11
    there was a weekend double drops for Tera. me and little bro. were going at it
    for a long run, so i didnt have time much for anything else. it was one heck of a
    grind and i gotten quite a lot of good loots.

    but anyways, Etrian Odyssey game and Disgaea D2. if you like strategy like Final Fantasy Tactics,
    you'll love Disgaea D2. that game if basically anime with really funny comedy and fun gameplays.
    you're more into fighting games, so i'm not sure if you'll enjoy either of them.
    Etrian is like a 3-d dungeon game where you explore area in 3-d through mazes; it's
    a 3ds game with some anime characters to the mix.

    but if you decide to get one of them, i recommend getting Disgaea D2. that game has
    a lot of contents and will last you for months if you want to beat the uber bosses in the game.
    plus, most of the characters in D2 are very CUTE and awesome. you'll probably like the sprites in that game;
    they're very pretty and nice.

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