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Conversation Between Xefi and Amoiro Nguyen
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  1. Xefi
    2013-07-10 01:23
    onii chan is BAKA. I can not denied that. that is what I am. if I'm ever
    smart, the world will EXPLODE! ^______^

    *sleep on imouto chan's laps* hue hue...I guess that is where I belong. I feel more relax and relief.
    I wish I can stay like this forever. the only way I can calm my heart and soul. I don't wanna go
    any where else.
  2. Xefi
    2013-07-10 01:18
    onii chan needs to go to the mountain and train his spirit and soul. i'm
    getting too weak in the mind lately and my spirit just not getting much
    motivation. i'm out of spirit! does it anything onii chan says even make sense! lol.

    by the way, imouto chan. "I like You a LOT!" can I say that at least? can I say it everytime?
    can I always say that to you? onii chan is soooo fond of you! <3
    heh heh...i'm being a little too silly, am I?
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  3. Amoiro Nguyen
    2013-07-10 00:21
    Amoiro Nguyen
    You made me worried, you know. Onii-chan no baka~~~!!!
  4. Xefi
    2013-07-09 19:55
    heh heh...oni-chan's whine fest!
  5. Xefi
    2013-07-09 18:53
    *sleep on imouto chan's lap*

    i think i'm getting more and more lost with myself. lately, i dont even know what
    i'm doing anymore. my actions were getting to the point where people around me
    were getting uncomfortable. i've no excuse for what i'm doing little sis.

    i guess my body is reaching it's limit and i'm getting WAY too stress out. i dont this life
    is holding out for too long. i'm getting tire. i'm getting out of control. my family just not
    making things any better. maybe i'm just thinking things too much and gotten myself
    into a deep thoughts that i gotten lost again.

    i'm just afraid that my issues will make others uncomfortable. i isolate myself away from
    people. i think i'm getting a little better, but i might go out again. i'm not sure what to do anymore.

    *takes a deep breath*

    yeah, i think i can be ok...i think. it's so sad of me. i dont want imouto chan listen to me cry.
    but i just can't hold it in any longer.

    by the way, oni chan always love you! <3
  6. Xefi
    2013-06-20 01:44
    imouto chan calling "onii chan" is great, super, cool. ^_______^

    but this will send me to the MOON!
    I love you, onii-chan.
    it's in English now. I think the English one is much better. <3
  7. Amoiro Nguyen
    2013-06-19 21:55
    Amoiro Nguyen
    Oh, onii-chan likes when imouto-chan calls him onii-chan? That's so cute.
  8. Xefi
    2013-06-19 14:52
    ahhhhhh....looks like a lot of jobs coming in today. onii-chan going to be very busy again.
    no relaxing for me!

    Welch showing that men like being call Onii-chan.
    for imouto chan's amusement.
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  9. Xefi
    2013-06-19 11:19
    imouto chan is tire?'s time for you to lie on my laps now, huh? lol.

    work will always be tiring no matter what, Amo chan. maybe if you get lucky and
    win the lottery (but dont count on it), you can just have fun until the day you die.

    my day is just starting. right now i'm at work and working on customer jobs if they
    come in. not a whole lot until after July 4th, thanks goodness. everyone is preparing
    for the holidays, so not too much jobs kicking my butt, imouto chan!

    also, tomorrow will be my company's fiscal end year, so my boss will be making us
    some food (maybe more steaks, and fry rice...i guess). my boss is Japanese, but
    he doesnt speak any Japanese, funny, huh?

    please take a nice nap, little sis! and enjoy your days off. i hope you dont stress yourself too
    much. your not yourself when you're stress!

    onii chan will cheer you up, ok?
  10. Amoiro Nguyen
    2013-06-19 11:11
    Amoiro Nguyen
    Today I had a pretty tiresome day. I worked a lot and had to stay on the street watching the traffic for more than 4 hours. I couldn't be happier when I arrived home and could finally lay down for a while...

    Tomorrow I'll go to my fence training and, afterwards, I'll take the day off. it has been quite some time since I had a good rest.

    But, enough about me, how was your day, onii-chan?

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