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Conversation Between Fran and Amoiro Nguyen
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  1. Fran
    2013-06-10 15:57
    i'm actually feeling a little better now, little sis. that one old lady at my working place
    has Tylenol for me. i ask her for one and she has them. after drinking one, i'm feeling much
    better. i'm having no headache and my body kind of feeling relaxing for now.

    you seem to be having fun. keep at it! wish i can play some videogames or watch anime with imouto chan!

    yay! *cheers* ^_______^
  2. Amoiro Nguyen
    2013-06-10 15:35
    Amoiro Nguyen
    Mine was pretty good. I took some rest, played games and watched a movie with an old friend yesterday. ^_^
    It's sad that yours was this way, but I'm sure next weekend you'll have a better time, onii-chan.
  3. Fran
    2013-06-10 11:09
    *sleep on imouto chan's lap*
    awwww.......that felt a little bit better.
  4. Fran
    2013-06-10 10:56
    i'm feeling a little sick at the moment, Imouto chan. i think it was the KFC chicken i ate over the weekend.
    i'm working today, but not feeling well. if i cant take it anymore, i'll head home.

    i should have brought some tylenol or something. my body is feeling all achey all over the place.
    i think i should also play MMO less as well. i think i played a little too much and now i'm tire.

    by the way, how's imouto chan's weekend? i hope yours isnt as ridiculous as mine.
    oh yeah, i was feeling pain all day yesterday. i couldnt even sleep and have a bunch of nightmare.
  5. Amoiro Nguyen
    2013-06-10 08:42
    Amoiro Nguyen
    Hello, onii-chan, did you have a good weekend?
  6. Amoiro Nguyen
    2013-06-06 19:09
    Amoiro Nguyen
    Yum, it looks great. I wish i could try some. ^_^
  7. Fran
    2013-06-06 15:32
    Fran little imouto can't be this CUTE! :P

    have you eaten Canh Chua before? it's our Vietnamese sour soup. it's one
    of my fave because it's very tasty and smell very nice. i love the fragrant smell
    of that soup; it's very addicting.

    my mom can cook Canh Chua very good. i love most of her cooking!
    i usually eat Canh Chua with salty (fish sauce) cook fish fillet with it. hmmm....yummy.

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  8. Amoiro Nguyen
    2013-06-06 13:03
    Amoiro Nguyen
    Please take care of me, then, Onii-chan.
  9. Fran
    2013-06-05 18:18
    awww....i want to watch some anime while laying down on Amo-chan's lap.
    i'm already day dreaming thinking of it. nya ha haa!

    i'll let you be the onee-chan for today. please take good care of me, onegai-semasu!

    my mom is home today, so i'm wondering what's she cooking for dinner...yummy.
    Amo-chan can dig in if she wants. my mom will take good care of you as well. :P
  10. Amoiro Nguyen
    2013-06-05 17:00
    Amoiro Nguyen
    Work sure is tiresome. I know how it is. A good way to feel better is using your free time to rest and forget about work. Lying down, watching some anime, etc. And I'd love to let you sleep in my lap.

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