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Conversation Between Fran and Skyy
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  1. Fran
    2012-12-16 23:37
    i just made a new wallpaper for Christmas theme, Skyy. i posted it in that
    desktop thread. come and check it out.
  2. Fran
    2012-10-22 15:54
    i just started watching Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon. the show started out a little weird, but
    after episode 2, everything seems to get better and better. i really like the show now. i'm
    already on episode 11 of season 1. i'm gonna get season 2 as well. the action in this series
    is very awesome. not to mention some of the lovable characters. ^^;

    really good show if you havent watch yet, Skyy. my current avatar is Honda Futayo from that
    show as well. she is my fave. Nate is also my fave as well (i'm a sucker for loyal knight). i'm gonna finish watching season 1
    today, hopefully. looking forward to season 2!

    as for Disgaea 3, i'm a little burnt from that game,
    so i'm taking a little break from it. i already gotten my guys to level 2000 and gotten my first
    rank 34 legendary to floor 100 of the item world. now my magician can do up to 1.3 million damage
    with just the regular fire spell. ;p
    now it's plain grinding for more items and getting into the land of carnage. Disgaea 3 is getting
    old i have been doing this like since Disgaea 4 as well. it's almost the same thing.
    i quitted Disgaea 4 after awhile because of the too much grinding for legendard rank 40 weapons.
    i already gotten everyone to level 9999 and reincarnated several time in Disgaea 4. i got burnt
    from the grinding in Disgaea 4 and now i'm also burnt with Disgaea 3...

    anyways, i made a few more remixes for Royal Amythyst Blade. does the title sounds
    kind of cheesy? i'm not really good with titles lately. i just choose a few random
    words and place them together. only one more week until Ragnarok Odysses comes
    out. i'm getting the digital version of that game.

    EDIT: oops, nvm. i change avatar and sig again already.
  3. Fran
    2012-10-19 15:51
    yeah i just saw him back already. i guess it was like only a day banned.

    i ended up being a lurker anyways since there just not much anything interesting
    to post on this forum for me. i guess the only thing that is keeping me from staying
    on this forum at all is because Skyy is here. i like chit chatting with you since we
    like the same stuffs and all.

    i used to be very active on the other forum (, but 90% of the people
    there dont really like weaboo or people into anime much. they'll pick on you, troll
    or do a lot of childest krap to you if you even mention anime...silly kids.

    the maturity of that site is just pathetic, so i ended up just lurking there and only
    post like once in a month or never now. there's just no point. lol...ever since i left,
    that forum "off-topic" section is like a barren waste land. i'm like the only one with
    any source of contents. most of my posts have tons of contents and qualities. i
    usually dont post just to comments back, i give real explaination and videos and pictures
    and music to show my post. ;p

    somehow, i'm getting the same feeling with this forum now like the other one. i dont like posting much
    here either. i ended up just chit chatting with Skyy now. it's actually more fun and
    entertaining that way. anyways, i'll still keep you up to date with my walls and stuffs. since
    you're the only one interested in them.

    also, it's FRIDAY! it was pretty busy this morning with all the jobs coming in from
    customers, but now, it's slowing down...whhoooo. i can breathe i'm gonna
    continue with Disgaea 3 and get all the DLC characters and power level them up to
    9999 again! have a great weekend, Skyy!
  4. Skyy
    2012-10-19 07:12
    Yes these are exactly what I meant, they have some great songs every now and then Thought the Final Fantasy Remix you picked works well too and Royal Amythyst Blade looks great too, nice job I look forward to the walls! :3 And ahaha yeah I know what you mean, just like with Shuffle! and Asa and Kaede Mashiro-iro Symphony caught me off-guard too with Mio but after seeing the ending I'm happy happy with how things played out^^ As for SAO yeah the turns of events were rather surprising in episode 14 and 15 and it looks like SAO 2.0 got a elf-ear upgrade which yep x3 Though I really hope Kirito can resolve this messed situation with Asuna, they deserve to be with each other >.<

    Also I have no idea what happened to Kimidori but hopefully it wasn't anything too bad and the ban is only temporarily And uwaaa don't let me make you a lurker xD Well strict forum rules didn't make me one it's just that I don't have much to say most of the time and if I do I usually make my own topics but I never go banned anywhere so far^^;; But yeah I agree lurking can be fun!^^

    And I can imagine that replaying Disgaea 3 on the Vita is a ton of fun, sounds like you have a good time being a Disgaea god x3 Aaaand don't worry I'm fine, it's just the time of the year where most people of my family have their birthdays and such^^ So thanks and have a good day too :3
  5. Fran
    2012-10-18 10:55
    wow, do you know what happen to Kimidori, Skyy? i went on today and all of a sudden,
    he is on banned status? what happen anyways. >>;

    oh, i played some Disgaea 3 yesterday. i'm powering my guys up really rather quickly. i'm
    on chapter 4 and already level 50. i'm gonna use that rare weapons that i gotten from the DLC
    chapters i played early on in the game. the monsters in that weapon world is 255. sweet!
    i'm gonna just gonna enter that item world and beat up a couple of chest and i can update
    my gears like then, i can beat the game cake walk. havent played Disgaea 3 in the
    Ps3 for a very long time. and now, playing it again on the Vita is pretty fun. ;p

    i guess you're still busy. Skyy is so busy lately. hope you're not really stress out or anything.

    EDIT: i guess this forum is pretty strict with their rules. i find myself posting less and less, so that
    i dont get into random troubles with the mods. oh well, at least it way more fun to talking with Skyy
    rather than posting on the forum at this rate, i'll become just like Skyy and only
    browse thru this site and not post anymore! i dont mind being a lurker. lurking is FUN!
  6. Fran
    2012-10-17 01:43
    it's finally done, Skyy. i ended up picking a final fantasy 7 battle remix song for it.
    i guess i really am running out of i can finish everything, but if i dont have
    a theme song, i'll also be stuck for awhile.

    so yeah, because i have trouble picking a song for this theme that it was delay and stuck
    and stuck and stuck and stuck....for awhile now. took me about a week of losing concentration
    and confusion of which background and song for this theme, but it's done now. "Royal Amythyst Blade"

    i'll upload the wallies some other time. ;p
    Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?
  7. Fran
    2012-10-16 11:15
    Doujin Music Circles? are they like those C81, C82 types of songs? i think i got a few
    of them...not sure. lol, i ended up watching the whole 12 episodes for Mashiro Symphony
    yesterday. the main character kind of surprise me when he pick Miu as his lover.
    i always though it was that other blond girl from the beginning. this show caught me off
    guard with his decision.

    kind of reminds me of Shuffle, when the main character pick that green hair girl at the end instead
    of Kaede (orange hair) and the other blue and red hair girls. sorry, i dont remember their ^^;

    i saw some of SAO yesterday as well; episodes 14 & 15. the episodes were great. kind curious
    to see what's gonna happen next. looks like they're making Asuna and others look different
    again. they have elf ears now!

    anyways, hope your days are good! chao.
  8. Skyy
    2012-10-16 07:50
    That's nice to hear!^^ And ahaha yeah I know that especially Disgaea is a huge time-hog but it's worth it And I'm looking forward to Persona 4 Golden and Ragnarok Oddysey aswell, the Vite gets some real nice games lately and as of today you should also be able to download the Playstation Allstars Battle Royal beta for free if you like so you have even more to play! :3

    As for Mashiro-iro Symphony I watched it and it is a very good romance anime so I'm sure you will like it^^

    And hmm with the music... well maybe you could look into songs made by Doujin Music Circles, they usually have the one or other good song that might fit with your work >.< I really hope you manage to finish it, I know how frustrating it can be to get stuck like that
  9. Fran
    2012-10-15 13:24
    thanks, i'm doing alright. i know for sure that i'll have to spend at the minimum of 60 hrs.
    for each of those Disgaea 3 will probably end up with 100+ hrs. again from all
    of those grinding. i'm gonna be playing these until Ragnarok Odyssey & Persona 4 Golden
    comes out.

    i just downloaded another show call Mashiro Symphony. probably gonna watch that
    next and if i have some time, i'll finish up with all the other anime that i havent finish yet (still a bunch).

    still working on the wally previously mention. now, i have trouble picking a song
    to fit the theme.
  10. Skyy
    2012-10-14 08:37
    Alright^^ And yeah don't worry I'm fine and I hope you are too And ohhh how nice that you got a Vita with some of the best games that are out for it I own all of them too except Lumines and I'm sure you will have lots of fun with them

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