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Conversation Between Coldlight and Soverence
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  1. Coldlight
    2013-12-28 04:01
    Hi, just dropping by to say thank you very much for that surprise on Steam the other day.

    It's pretty challenging to say the least, but it's good, mesmerizing fun.

    Also, playing Touhou in the past has prepared me for that kind of "difficulty".
  2. Soverence
    2013-12-26 01:02
    I was sure that you would love it
  3. Coldlight
    2013-12-25 21:16
    Merry Christmas to you too my good sir!

    Thanks for the nice picture, I love it!
  4. Soverence
    2013-12-24 18:31
    Merry Christmas Man! I hope you have a great day with friends and Family

    Spoiler for Christmas Image:
  5. Soverence
    2013-12-08 15:48
    I am sure that I will be, a bunch of my friends still need to see it so I will probably be watching it with them around the same time I would assume. Yeah, I have seen that some camrip versions are out already, will probably be awhile before anything of good quality comes around. Yeah, it really was good, it sucks that there was no theater in your area that was showing it.

    Yeah, my backlog has been getting bigger as well, I have had so much work to do for college, although I will be done for winter break soon so I will probably be using that time to work and catch up on anime. Yeah, I waste too much time rewatching stuff I feel, I should actually get around to watching new series I think. Laptops are pretty nice, I have only ever had a laptop, I need to get a desktop so I can play some more games on it that I can't play on my laptop. What kind of a laptop did you get?

    I am sure that you will be able to keep it up till then, and I mean at least if you know a lot of work is coming in for your team there is no way your job is in any danger (well, unless you do something stupid that is ).

    Well I said earlier in this message how my backlog is looking, which is longer and longer . As for college life, my social life is going really good, my anime club is finished for the semester but it was really fun and I feel like it went really well. I am going to try to change some things up for it next semester, I feel like the club members are a little too distant from each other so I am going to try and change that if I can so it is a little more friendly of a environment.

    My grades are kind of eh this semester, I choose a bad semester to be unmotivated in my school work since all my classes are starting to get harder now. Have to try harder next semester in order to make up for the drop my GPA is most probably going to be taking.
  6. Coldlight
    2013-12-08 08:30
    Roger that, I hope you're still interested by then. I see some camrips are already out... but I'm going to hold out for a much better version months later rather than submit to watching a terrible quality version of a great movie. On the big screen in a theater is still the best option though (not to mention also legal), and for that I admit I am quite envious of all of you who were able to have that experience.

    Hmm. I'm doing... not so well regarding my anime and manga backlogs which have been piling up on me recently. Though my recent level of activity in that area has really dropped considerably (see: my MAL history), I'd like to say I have no intention of giving up the fight any time soon! I just need to find that sweet spot in my schedule for all the stuff I (still) enjoy... at least I'm able to watch one episode during lunch break on some days, and I really should make the most of my weekends too. Two months of saving up money from work has allowed me to buy my first laptop (I've been a desktop fanboy ever since I grew to like computers) which should also allow me to watch anime/read manga when out of town.

    This then leads me to office life: December is pretty manageable so far, but January is when a large amount of work is expected to come in for my team. I'm a bit envious of my other teammates who are now using up their vacation leaves in time for the December holidays. I don't have paid leaves yet since I'm still a probationary employee, but that should change in mid-January when after 6 months of employment I finally become a regular employee; assuming I can keep it up until then, of course.

    Enough about me for now, how about you? How's your anime backlog and college life going?
  7. Soverence
    2013-12-07 08:08
    It most certainly will be, once you get a chance to see it you better come and discuss with me in the future! Yeah, now that quite a good amount of people have seen the movie avoiding the spoilers will probably be even more difficult, I personally read the spoilers myself before seeing the movie, couldn't help myself . As I said though, I am sure that you will enjoy this movie very much, it was just too good for you not to!

    Anyhow how have you been anyhow? Hows the office life been treating you?
  8. Coldlight
    2013-12-07 05:22
    Well, I'm glad to know you enjoyed it - it gives me hope that my several month long wait will be rewarded when I finally get to watch it. Thankfully I haven't encountered any spoilers yet so far, though now that the movies have already shown in many locations worldwide, it's going to be a bigger challenge to avoid them all.
  9. Soverence
    2013-12-07 01:33
    the third madoka movie was so good x.x, I wish I could discuss stuff with you but I know you haven't seen it!
  10. Soverence
    2013-11-03 22:02
    Hmm really? For some reason I am not that surprised actually. It sounds weird but I had a feeling that the anime would get a sub par treatment. I can usually get over occasional bad art and CG usage (I mean I got through all of Attack on Titan) so that shouldn't be too much of a problem to me. Yeah I wouldn't expect them to really change any of the characters too much but I am glad to get confirmation that they are all the same.

    Ha, must be someone else that I know on here then, hard to keep track on everyone sometimes. Yeah, it will be a good movie but not good enough to go to another country to try and see it . Yeah, It will eventually get posted online for everyone to see I am sure but that is probably at least a year away from now. There is a lot of supposed spoilers already floating around but I mean this early on its hard to tell if any of them are true or they are all just troll spoilers based upon what has been show in all of the previews so far.

    Yeah, we are a small group, only around 15-20 people and we don't get that much of a budget but its not like I really need a big budget anyway. We are a part of the Gaming Society we have on campus so that helps us get more people for sure. Yeah that probably would be interesting but not exactly what you want.

    Yeah, its nice to find someone you can talk to about your interests at work for sure. It doesn't really shock me that most of the people aren't really that big into anime, we are kind of a small niche culture I would say.

    They are all interesting series, although Pupa still hasn't aired yet and I haven't heard anything else about it .

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