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Conversation Between Coldlight and Soverence
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  1. Soverence
    2013-06-24 18:17
    Well I am glad to hear that! Congrats But sorry for the late reply, I was a little thin on time and also being extremely lazy about wanting to reply to this message x.x

    Well that is good I guess, time off to sit back and relax and all that fun jizzy jazz .

    I want to watch Gargantia, I just haven't had the time or feeling to sit down and watch it yet. I am sure that I will get around to watching it eventually, it is on my to watch list. I have not heard of Hataraku, or at least I think I haven't. I know premises better then I know series by title, I know its weird. I have heard that about Valvrave, even so most people have also said they still enjoy it even if it is somewhat stupid at the same time. Yeah, that is the main reason I thought about watching Aku no Hana myself, I just decided I really only read it to see how weird it go so there is really no need for me to read/watch the weirdness again. Crime Edge seemed silly from the premise and just went beyond weird after the first episode. I hadn't even heard about that show before you mentioned it so I really have no opinion on the matter .

    Yeah, those two languages are the only two that I have been taught so far as well. I kind of had the feeling that C wouldn't be all that useful, I think my professor even said that it isn't really used that much anymore due to other languages out their being more versatile then it. I have thought about learning Ruby and Python as well since they both seem to be popular, I just can never get myself to sit down and actually just learn them x.x.

    Hmmm, I have never actually done any sort of web development yet so I really don't know much about it. I am sure that I will do some sort of work in that field before I graduate, it is just that I haven't yet myself. I will keep C#.NET in mind though if/when I start doing work there.

    Yeah, my roommate next year is also a computer science major and he is insisting that we work on Projects outside of class. I will probably take him up on that offer, makes it really easy to work with someone when you have to live with them, big question is though what he wants to program/make.
  2. Coldlight
    2013-06-13 07:40
    We just finished training last Tuesday. Well... I survived and got a job offer!

    Starting July 15, I will be starting my job as a developer in one of the R&D teams of the company. Meanwhile, we were given 1 month reprieve after 2 months training (though the actual reason is that there is no space in the office for us ex-trainees yet, until the ongoing construction in an upper floor is finished by mid-July to accommodate the growing dev teams there.) So... time to catch up on all my anime and manga!

    I see you've picked the best of the best shows for this season. Lots of very good shows indeed, and among those you haven't seen I'd recommend Suisei no Gargantia and Hataraku Maou-sama! the most. I'm finding Valvrave the Liberator more of a mixed bag with some moments that make me go facepalm, but for some reason it still has me hooked. I'm really only watching Aku no Hana because I've already read the manga. Crime Edge doesn't have very impressive visuals or sounds, though it gives off that Mirai Nikki feel with its murder game dynamics - although again, I picked it up because I was already reading the manga beforehand. Leviathan, well it's a lighthearted show that has more silly fun than story; though I do confess that I picked it up because of the seiyuu cast.

    Some useful advice for a Computer Science major, hmm. I'd start off with learning other object-oriented programming languages. This should make you more versatile - I finished university knowing only C and Java to go with mostly conceptual com sci knowledge... and I realized that it was not nearly enough, since C++ is still widely used in the industry, and that was one language we studied during training.

    C#.NET may also prove useful for you if ever you find yourself having to do ASP.NET web development - during my university-required job training last year I had to learn some of it because the company I where I did my OJT last year used ASP web dev't, but I only learned JSP for web dev't in college.

    My professors used to tell us that self-study goes a long way in this field. In retrospect, I should have heeded it myself more often.
  3. Soverence
    2013-06-12 10:44
    I hear yeah, we all go through those busy times that we just can't do much.

    That is about the response I expected, some go bad, some go okay, none ever really go good. Well at least you got the chance to train at one of the companies, even if you don't make it into the company the training will be useful in the future for other uses I am sure.

    Nice nice, they are all very good shows that you are watching right now. I am only watching 4 (OreImo, HenNeko, Railgun, and Titans) but there are at least 4 others from this season I want to watch at some point in the future.

    So you work in computers as well ha? Well I don't work in computer's yet I am a computer science Major in college so it is safe to say I will be doing some work in that field in my future. Gotta ask, what do you think is the best thing I can do to help myself in the future for this field? (Besides finishing my degree). If you have no idea, that is a acceptable answer .
  4. Coldlight
    2013-06-01 07:54
    Sorry for the very, very late response. I was busy to the point that I couldn't even play games on Steam as much as I used to like in the past months.

    To answer your previous question, some of the interviews didn't go so well, but now I am doing training along with a few other people for jobs as software developers. The downside is that I won't know until two weeks from now if I'm getting a job offer at the company where I'm doing training. The upside is that we're getting paid to train for the job so even if we don't get hired, we don't leave empty handed.

    To answer your current question, yes I am watching shows from this season. 10 of them, in fact. All listed in my updated 'About Me'. Although I couldn't really watch more than an episode or two during the week until the weekends 'cause I didn't have the time (or energy).

    Now that we're done with all those refresher courses in programming, training is a lot more relaxed so that I've begun to regain much more free time at home (yes, we've even had to sacrifice some weekends to meet deadlines). So, what are you watching this season?
  5. Soverence
    2013-05-22 11:08
    Hiya there, how have you been? Been watching anything from the new season?
  6. Soverence
    2013-03-09 12:16
    Wow, this is a late response that is for sure x.x . Anyhow, how did your interviews end up turning out? you get a job anywhere?

    I did notice that after you mentioned that crunchyroll was a little overpriced, their stuff seems to cost like a extra 5-10 dollars on almost everything then anywhere else even after including in the member's price, only time it is cheaper is if their is a sale going on. Ebay in general has a lot of bootleg stuff on it which is why you just have to be careful when buying from there.
  7. Coldlight
    2013-02-22 19:11
    Well, not sure how my interviews this week went, but I received the usual "we'll call you" line at the end.

    By Sayaka figure, you probably mean GSC's 1/8 scale Sayaka Miki Movie version. Well, I already have GSC's 1/8 Sayaka Miki which is practically identical save for her movie-only ff hairpin. My gratitude for letting me know, however!

    Figures on Crunchyroll seem to be rather overpriced, however. On AmiAmi, which is one of the big 3 stores for anime figure collectors, her movie version's price is only equivalent to $~62 compared to CR's $95/$140. It's good to know they sell figures now too, though. Added to my list of alternative stores so I don't have to resort to the dangers of buying figures from eBay. (eBay is notorious for the many bootleg figures going around)
  8. Soverence
    2013-02-22 12:01
    Hey! how you doing? Wanted to let you know there is a Sayaka figure on sale on Cruchyroll right now since you collect them, not sure if it is actually a good price or not but I thought I would like you know
  9. Soverence
    2013-02-11 10:39
    Being productive, I like it Hope all your interviews went well!

    Yeah, couple of my friends from college have me playing a game called C9 with them now, its fun but nothing great. I actually think its because of my computer, I have to run games on the lowest settings which usually aren't terrible but for DOTA 2 they are actually pretty bad. I saw DOTA 2 being run with good graphics and it looked fine then. Yeah I was like "where did coldlight go?" when I no longer saw a Sayaka pic on my steam friend list

    I have been doing pretty good myself recently, nothing too exciting has been happening on my end just normal college stuff and what not. Classes for me got cancelled Friday and today because of the Blizzard that just hit us which is kind of nice since I didn't really feel like going to class today.
  10. Coldlight
    2013-02-10 04:49
    Hmm. I've been going to exams and job interviews during some of the weekdays. The reason I was busy a couple of weeks ago was because I went to my university's job fair. When free, I either do the usual stuff or I get pulled into a Dota 2 game with those other Internet friends of mine.

    I do see you online on Steam from time to time, though. It's a shame you didn't seem too fond of the game's graphics; I can't do anything about that, but there is a setting to display player names above the heroes. That should help a bit during chaotic team fights. Oh, and I changed my name & pic there temporarily to follow up on an inside joke if you were wondering.

    So, how are you doing?

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