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Conversation Between Kyouka and AmeNoJaku
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  1. Kyouka
    2015-01-07 06:58
    my life is busy so busy
  2. AmeNoJaku
    2014-10-12 18:58
    Funny, I just watched on my way back home... and yes, both Himeji and Malkuth love it
  3. Kyouka
    2014-10-11 20:41
    whoa a show that Himeji would of loved T-T
  4. AmeNoJaku
    2014-09-26 16:34
    I understand, I had to study and work simultaneously too, and it rally sucked.
  5. Kyouka
    2014-09-22 03:09
    oh hi i saw your pm im super busy irl atm school sucks
    and um just watching the same 2 anime atm
  6. Kyouka
    2014-07-23 00:09
    i dont have time to pick up new anime but both of them doesnt really fit my art liking hehe
  7. AmeNoJaku
    2014-07-22 18:54
    read the manga then
  8. Kyouka
    2014-07-22 18:23
    i dont really watch older anime atm
  9. AmeNoJaku
    2014-07-22 18:09
    By the way, considering our tastes, why don't you try Tenjou Tenge and/or Air Gear, both have anime intros to get you going with the manga(s), and I think that you would like them, same author in between
  10. AmeNoJaku
    2014-07-22 12:14
    Not much fanart is available yet

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