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Conversation Between FlavoryFantasy and mangatron
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  1. FlavoryFantasy
    2013-09-08 15:59
    Hey Tron you have some free time for an avatar request?

    Kiniro Mosiac ep 8
    8:53 - 8:56 (pouty face --> >_< is what I'm hoping for...)
    100x100 ver. & 110x110x ver. If it isn't too much trouble. Also if it looks better with a black border then that too.

    If you don't have any free time, then sorry for bothering you!
  2. mangatron
    2013-09-02 01:40
    B-but I'm actually serious about that
  3. FlavoryFantasy
    2013-09-01 09:57
    Tron I just read your latest post in the Neptunia thread, and noticed your location description. I can't even....
  4. FlavoryFantasy
    2013-08-31 22:41
    Quite the mouthful...nice Iris Heart ava too.
  5. mangatron
    2013-08-31 13:16
    You must be discreet about these things! It's an animation of Vert's seashells, okay? It's not about her boobies! I swear, she sold seashells by the seashore, and I couldn't help but record a video about her seashells at her seashell store near the seashore
  6. FlavoryFantasy
    2013-08-31 09:22
    I don't know why I didn't think of Vert's breast becoming your new siggy, but I really shouldn't be surprised.
  7. FlavoryFantasy
    2013-08-25 09:08
    I'm pretty sure it is pointless to keep a secret like that from her. Also, it is impossible.
  8. mangatron
    2013-08-25 01:02
    SHHHHHHhhhHHhHHHHHH silence you flavory substance. She doesn't know! If she finds out I was secretly filming her glorious transformation for my own nefarious enjoyment, I'll be enslaved for a millennium
  9. FlavoryFantasy
    2013-08-24 21:53
    Tron what exactly did Iris Heart do to you, if you're allowed to have her breast as your signature?
  10. FlavoryFantasy
    2013-08-09 05:51
    Lol Neptune, I guess I can understand the reactions to her different selves...

    Why would that matter for Uni? I like both ponytails and twintails! Ponytail more though.

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