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Conversation Between FlavoryFantasy and Kanon
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  1. FlavoryFantasy
    2015-11-17 12:24
    I'll take that as a compliment of the sort.

    Surely though, even in a different kind of danger it can't be as bad as say them being with Saintess. Right? I'm sure Mikan is about 500 % more safer with me than him!
  2. Kanon
    2015-11-17 10:54
    That's nic- WAIT A MINUTE

    My waifu would be in a different kind of danger with you.
  3. FlavoryFantasy
    2015-11-16 13:05
    Ahh okay. But never know.

    In light of that, I shall offer to take your waifu's into my safety! No need to thank me for such a generous offer.
  4. Kanon
    2015-11-16 10:31
    Thank you. I think I'm relatively safe where I am since I don't live in a very big city (it's #14), but you never know with the nutjobs out there.
  5. FlavoryFantasy
    2015-11-15 14:12
    May you, and those close to you there be safe Kanon!

    The events in Paris (and the other two events in other parts of the world) on Friday are such a tragedy to have happened...
  6. Kanon
    2015-10-23 09:27

    Yeah, surviving in this world is tough, especially with all those people trying to steal my waifus.
  7. FlavoryFantasy
    2015-10-22 18:36
    Happy Birthday!
    Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?

    To think. One more year. One more year, and you'll have survived 3 decades in this world filled with parasites like us humans! Rejoice!
  8. FlavoryFantasy
    2015-10-19 14:31
    Yeah fair enough.

    Tokyo Ravens eh? Still got to get around seeing that one myself, have been told I would enjoy it quite well... And really huh? Did not know she was in it.
  9. Kanon
    2015-10-19 09:33
    Yeah, never noticed you weren't on my list either. I actually never use it.

    I'm going to watch some older anime with her that I haven't seen. Tokyo Ravens seems like a good start, she has a major role in this apparently. Was hoping she would appear in Owarimonogatari, but Nadeko's story is done so few chances.
  10. FlavoryFantasy
    2015-10-18 17:13
    Oh thanks for the eggcept! Realized we somehow didn't have each other added. then again I am usually not one to bother with sending out invites either

    I look forward to enjoying (more of) your despair & suffering in the future, comrade of the sorts!

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