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Conversation Between Cari-san and Jean Claymore
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  1. Cari-san
    2011-07-14 00:19
    just a little bit...
  2. Jean Claymore
    2011-07-13 09:22
    Jean Claymore
    Heh busy in life?
  3. Cari-san
    2011-07-13 07:18
    Yes i did read the new claymore chapter, it was good... and sorry 'couse i didn't answered u earlier
  4. Jean Claymore
    2011-07-02 08:32
    Jean Claymore
    New chap's out now. Did you read it? I just wondered cuz haven't seen you visit so often like you used to
  5. Cari-san
    2011-05-11 21:35
    Idk, just so...
  6. Jean Claymore
    2011-05-11 14:28
    Jean Claymore
    If you don't mind me asking....... wonder what made you turn into invisible mode?
  7. Jean Claymore
    2011-05-04 08:11
    Jean Claymore
    Yeah, it's sorta pain waiting a whole month to get a shorty chapter with 25~30 pages long.... I think the thread would be busier if they released it biweekly like other popular mangas (yet Claymores ranked on the top 10s). And as to the Images Thread being posted regularly... its because of this Forums good number of artists, besides we do hunt for images even visiting foreign websites

    So you watched until 77~78 then? That sure was quick
  8. Cari-san
    2011-05-04 00:52
    Btw I think the only prob with the Claymore thread is, that there r not much happenings... only the Image thread and that about the new chapter.
    (Anyways I watch now Claymore again, 'couse I finished FT.)
  9. Jean Claymore
    2011-05-03 14:41
    Jean Claymore
    Your welcome
    It's okay though..... I'm glad to see some nice fanarts again

    Btw, congrats on your 100th posts;D Guess am not really progressing since I'm only hanging on in Claymore threads....
  10. Cari-san
    2011-05-03 07:00
    Thanks for the pics.
    (To bad that I didn't find so good pics about Jeane for you)

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