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Conversation Between Cari-san and Jean Claymore
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  1. Jean Claymore
    2011-05-03 06:48
    Jean Claymore
    Thanks. Actually, it's my first time having a profile pic Btw, don't get me wrong with the thingy... I was planning to use it as my AV, but Hell the pic wasn't very decent though. I'll PM you for the original size so you better save it or something 'cause the Photobucket doesn't allow those kinds of pics.
  2. Cari-san
    2011-05-03 01:25
    I see u got a new profile pic, nice and awesome (I mean the artist style, and not what really in the pic is).
  3. Jean Claymore
    2011-05-01 01:04
    Jean Claymore
    It doesn't matter. Damn but do I envy you been busy as hell these days....

    Sorry, this would be the last VM for today since I need to get some sleep (can't even make sense for this shorty conversations)
  4. Cari-san
    2011-05-01 01:01
    But I'll do it just next week (I'll have more time, 'couse I must not go to school).
  5. Jean Claymore
    2011-05-01 00:59
    Jean Claymore
    Thanks I owe you one^^
  6. Cari-san
    2011-05-01 00:56
    Why to need change that cool pic? But that's right, it's hard to find pics abaut Jeane.
    Anyways if u want I'll try to search some Jeane pics for u.
  7. Jean Claymore
    2011-05-01 00:51
    Jean Claymore
    Thanks...... I'm trying to collect gorgeous Jean pics though it's not that easy (can't find a proper one to change my AV)
  8. Cari-san
    2011-05-01 00:45
    Idk if I will read it or not. Usually I like to watch animes better than read mangas.

    Anyways I forget to say it earlier, but I like your Jeane avatar to.
  9. Jean Claymore
    2011-05-01 00:40
    Jean Claymore
    Let me know if the manga's much better if you read it later, would you? Am kinda busy trying to catch up with some stuffs and my PC's storages gonna explode
  10. Cari-san
    2011-05-01 00:35
    No, I didn't read the manga.

    If u like so that Laura pic, then I'll not replace it from my Profile.^^

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