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Conversation Between Kirito and Fran
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  1. Fran
    2012-12-10 00:32
    oh the first one with the "birthday" is looking good. i can try that one out.
    i'll try that one out and put some Christmas stuffs: candy cane, green+red coloring?

    let me know which you want for that picture. i'll try looking around for some candy canes
    background and some christmas theme if possible. i'm not sure about the santa hat yet.
  2. Kirito
    2012-12-10 00:27
    Okay Xefi. Here's some ClariS pics for you to make a sig out of. Tell me which ones work for you and we'll go from there. If you have time, that is.

    Spoiler for ClariS Pics:
  3. Fran
    2012-12-10 00:13
    ah ok. if you have more of the Claris pictures, then i can try the other ones as well.
    they might be better. just send those images and i'll try them out when i have some time. ^ ^

    as for the wallpapers, i meant you picking the one that i made to make you the
    sig. i dont do request for wallpaper anymore because the time to make one takes
    a lot of effort and time. the best i can do for requests are sig right now.
  4. Kirito
    2012-12-09 23:57
    It's fine Xefi. You did great, it's just me not being to clear with my request. I'm at fault here so no worries. Just do what you can, and the ClariS sigs are amazing. I'm using one of them right now.

    I'll ask for wallpapers from you if I have something I want. I'm be sure that the next time I ask for a request, I'll be more clear and concise. The ClariS design feels awkward I know that too, and I can't write text under the sig it seems. I have other ClariS pics. We can try that if you're free that is.

    I think it earns the score I've given it. I'm not that picky you know and I do appreciate the work you do for me. Remember that dude.
  5. Fran
    2012-12-09 23:41
    i'll do better next time. you know my weakness. i dont do text that if you
    notice, i hardly put much text in any of my sigs beside my name and that is it. :P

    i'm struggling with that Claris model as well. maybe cause they're tall. and i'm usually use
    to BIG models. i do well with sigs when they're are also the model i use to make wallpapers.

    if it's not the model i use to make my wally, i'll struggle and might make the sig that's
    just me though.

    if you see any models that you like on some of my wallpapers that i made, i can
    easily use that to make a sig for you. but only if you wanted it.

    9/10 is kind of high. i'd would personally give it 8.4/10 pts.
  6. Kirito
    2012-12-09 23:18
    They look great, but I also wanted a green design you know with wreathes and candy canes mixed with a red design should've told you that, sorry. Looks difficult to shrink the font somewhat but none the less. Great work, It's fine I like what you've done here. 9/10.
  7. Fran
    2012-12-09 23:16
    anyways, hope you're doing good. one of my senior engineer is off for about 3 weeks. he
    is on vacation going back to Vietnam to visit his mom over there. i'm going to be taking over
    most of his jobs and mine, so i'm going to be dead tire before the

    hopefully i can survive the customers rampage. better yet, i hope not a lot of jobs coming in
    so that i can relax some (not gonna happen). :P

    well, enjoy your time and have FUN.
  8. Fran
    2012-12-09 22:54
    i hope this works. i use the old Claris picture because it saves me time.
    now that the forum can go 100k for sig limitation, the quality is much better...maybe.

    it's the same sig size, so you can add some fonts beneath if you like. acutally,
    if you can put some colorful "Merry Christmas" below, it'd also looks good. do as you like.

    EDIT: this sig isn't hard or anything, but the model is kind of tall. you know, the sig is can only go 160 pixels in
    height. that's not enough for me to work with. other than that, the sig would have been better. my editing
    skills are getting bad when editing for others. oh well, no one says that making a quality sig was easy to begin with.

  9. Kirito
    2012-12-09 20:02
    Okay here's the link.It's the same ClariS picture you've done, but this time I want a Christmas decoration this time, if you can do it. Can you replace the hats with a Santa hat if you can. If you can't that's fine.

    Spoiler for Quotes:

    So what do you think doable?
  10. Fran
    2012-12-09 19:17
    good to see you doing good now. i can see you need a new just send me
    the picture that you want done.

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