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Conversation Between Kirito and Fran
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  1. Fran
    2012-08-16 11:29
    sure, i'll talk with you once i get home from work.
    see you in a bit then.

    *off to work for now*
  2. Kirito
    2012-08-16 00:40
    Crap there was more I wanted to say to you, but I'll tell you tomorrow if you're on that is. Have a goodnight yourself, Xefi. See you later dude!
  3. Fran
    2012-08-16 00:31
    anyways, time for bed. got work tomorrow like always.
    good night, Kirito. :P
  4. Fran
    2012-08-16 00:16
    well, this is certainly new to me. you are quite specific with what you wanted,
    so i dont think there'll be any problems. i'll make you sig when i have some free time.
    i'll look around my pictures and see if i can get a moon and sun to fit your description.

    the text might be a little difficult, since i'm not familiar with making good texts. but there
    is nothing that cant be done when i put my mind in action.

    okie, i'll have the sig the same size as mine. i guess you also wanted some room to input some
    texts down below too, huh? lol. overall, it shouldn't be too hard. let's see how
    it'll turns out...
  5. Kirito
    2012-08-16 00:03
    Thanks it truly means alot! Anyway on the sig I want:

    Spoiler for Requests!:

    Just to make sure. Are these requests doable or did I over did it a bit. Just let me know.
  6. Fran
    2012-08-15 23:50
    it's doable. so what you wanted added? also, you dont have to put stuffs like
    "sig made by Xefi" on your sig. i rather not have my name on other's sig even if i'm
    the one making it.

    i dont need anymore attention to me. that's all. :P

    EDIT: i like calling them "Cashcow". you can call them whatever you like it. lol.
  7. Kirito
    2012-08-15 23:40
    Okay thanks dude, don't worry, I've seen your work on the link on your sig and I have faith that it'll be good.

    Here's the image and tell me what you think? I want things added on it but I just want your personal opinion first.

    Cashcow...okay I'll use that when I'm conversing with your regarding "them" so to speak.
  8. Fran
    2012-08-15 23:14
    sure, but dont expect it to be too great. i havent done much sig for
    others before...maybe 2 or 3 in the pass 2-3

    if you have the picture in high resolution, i can do that. or a specific model from
    an anime where i can find that one if possible.

    and also, CASHCOW! lol.

    EDIT: just let me know when you get your model's name or picture, Kirito. i'll try my best to make
    it good for you.
  9. Kirito
    2012-08-15 23:02
    Sorry dude, how about a change of pace to take your mind off of Cashcom?

    Can I make a sig request if that's okay with you?
  10. Fran
    2012-08-15 23:00
    man, talking about Cashcow just making me more angry! lol.

    gosh, i dont remember hating them soooo much. Cashcow is killing me here! nya ha haa!

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