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Conversation Between Kirito and Fran
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  1. Kirito
    2012-08-17 00:13
    True, but sometimes things need to change plus I had that Yukiko avatar for 2 months now, needed a new one to use for more variety, so to speak. Great if there's any requests I might have in the future, I'll let you know!

    Going to bed already, huh. I haven't told you about my P4A casuals today. I'm definitely interested in Naoto, I might second or main depending on how well I do with her. In case if you're offline or whatever, have a goodnight, Xefi. Once again thanks for the sigs, I love them!
  2. Fran
    2012-08-17 00:09
    any time, Kirito. hmm...maybe if you have your Yukiko avatar, it might be
    a matching set! lol.

    i'll be preparing for bed soon. if you need anything, just let me know. Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ
  3. Kirito
    2012-08-16 23:22
    I love them!

    No kidding dude, these are beyond awesome and what I've expected it to be. You've done a phenomenal job, pat yourself on the back.

    I just got home from P4A casuals and seeing this really makes me happy. Great sigs and P4A, what a great day!

    Thanks again, Xefi. You rock!
  4. Fran
    2012-08-16 21:42
    now i remember why i dont make siggies for others often. it's actually pretty
    but here are the results. hope you like! they are in two sizes, whichever you
    prefer. they are all within forum's regulation size. choose your victims. :P
  5. Fran
    2012-08-16 11:29
    sure, i'll talk with you once i get home from work.
    see you in a bit then.

    *off to work for now*
  6. Kirito
    2012-08-16 00:40
    Crap there was more I wanted to say to you, but I'll tell you tomorrow if you're on that is. Have a goodnight yourself, Xefi. See you later dude!
  7. Fran
    2012-08-16 00:31
    anyways, time for bed. got work tomorrow like always.
    good night, Kirito. :P
  8. Fran
    2012-08-16 00:16
    well, this is certainly new to me. you are quite specific with what you wanted,
    so i dont think there'll be any problems. i'll make you sig when i have some free time.
    i'll look around my pictures and see if i can get a moon and sun to fit your description.

    the text might be a little difficult, since i'm not familiar with making good texts. but there
    is nothing that cant be done when i put my mind in action.

    okie, i'll have the sig the same size as mine. i guess you also wanted some room to input some
    texts down below too, huh? lol. overall, it shouldn't be too hard. let's see how
    it'll turns out...
  9. Kirito
    2012-08-16 00:03
    Thanks it truly means alot! Anyway on the sig I want:

    Spoiler for Requests!:

    Just to make sure. Are these requests doable or did I over did it a bit. Just let me know.
  10. Fran
    2012-08-15 23:50
    it's doable. so what you wanted added? also, you dont have to put stuffs like
    "sig made by Xefi" on your sig. i rather not have my name on other's sig even if i'm
    the one making it.

    i dont need anymore attention to me. that's all. :P

    EDIT: i like calling them "Cashcow". you can call them whatever you like it. lol.

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