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Conversation Between Kirito and Fran
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  1. Fran
    2013-08-19 22:21
    I beat Xillia the other days. so much for Jude's there's like really no ending.
    So Milla becomes Maxwell and then it didn't even show anything about her afterward. I guess
    maybe playing her side will let you see her ending?

    i'm just grinding for some grades now. and that EX dungeon boss...he is quite annoying. you
    have to beat him like 3 times. I kind of don't know what to do to kill him yet. I guess i'll have to
    level up a bit and come back.

    only about 2-3 more weeks for DoA 5 ultimate. cant wait for it. I like playing that One Piece Pirate Warriors 2
    cause it's somewhat similar to Dynasty Warriors. I guess you're not into those type of game, but
    they're my faves. just going around and hacking and slashing.
  2. Kirito
    2013-08-15 11:25
    I'm sure you'll enjoy the ending. It's an amazing JRPG and my fave Tales game. Jude and Millia were amazing protagonists and I liked how you can pick one of the two and see their side of things. I wish RPGs can do this, but in a way that doesn't ruin the natural flow of the game's story and overall outlook. Gameplay is fun since it combined the play styles of past Tales games and Graces. I wonder what they've done to Xillia 2 to make it difference than its predecessor.

    I plan to get DOA 5 Ultimate myself. I know I keep asking, but would you like to play a few games online? One Piece... I thin I'm going to pass. DOA's on my list because you know I'm a big fighting game enthusiast right?

    It's fine, right now you have little to do in Xillia behinds finishing the main story. Maybe a few side quest or two and that's pretty much it. I need to get the Tera Rising online thing working, but will probably need to update my game and graphics card. Have the money to do it, but carrying my comp on the bus can be a real pain.

    I know the feeling dude. Right now I'm so hyped for the PS4. Xbone not so much, MS can suck my "ahem". Anyways... yeah, right now I other games that I haven't touched yet because of playing BB and Persona, and I've been playing two much Pokemon Black and White and their respective sequels/update.

    I'm going to make the Killer Instinct thread either today or tomorrow depending on my mood. I'm having issues right now, but wish me luck and do please visit the thread if I do make it.
  3. Fran
    2013-08-15 11:09
    sweet, i guess i'm almost at the end of the game. Xillia is definitely up there with Vesperia
    for me. the combat is good and easy to play around with. if only it's longer, but i thought it
    was more than long

    i just read on gamefaqs that they're going to release One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 on September 3.
    that's the same date that Dead or ALive 5 ultimate releases. i guess i'm going to take another
    day off to play them. :P

    i'm currently taking my time on Xillia cause Tera Rising just recently gotten a good chunk
    of updates and contents to play around with. well anyways, from August till the end
    of the year, there just going to be WAY too much games coming out. and WAY too little
    time to play them all. i'm going to have a heart attack!
  4. Kirito
    2013-08-15 10:49
    I've already beaten Xillia and it was totally worth the wait! Best Tales game I've even played. My current fave after Symphonia than Vesperia. It was short in some aspects, but I did a few side quests for some money and to do some leveling; so maybe that way the game felt longer to me compared to others. No worries, I've beaten Maxwell (old geezer) and cleared the rest of the game and won't spoil it for you. Alvin was a prick for his betrayals, but he had his reasons. Sure the reasons can't be justifiable at times, but if you were in his situation and your world is slowly dying what would you do? I won't betray my friends, but I think he should've came clean and things would be smooth sailing from there, but of course these Tales games seem to follow the tradition of the party member being a spy or a mole to the group.

    I'm finished Jude's story and it was so incredible, and I will start Millia's after I finish work today (I'm on break right now). I got good amount of grade due to leveling and Millia's arc looks like it'll be a breeze. I have plans to platinum this game. I'm 45% finished so it'll take some time, but I think I can manage.

    You're about maybe 4-5 hours left in the game. You're on the home stretch dude, so hang in there. Xillia 2, I so can't wait for that to. I think it's coming earlier next year I believe and we're getting close to the end of 2013 so... I guess we better hold on a little bit longer.

    One more thing: The number one gripe with the game is that Jude and Millia's romance doesn't really get built up that much. I'm so a big fan of this pairing, but I wish the romance between them were a little more constant, but wasn't really consistent due to situational events getting in the way of romantic development. The scenes between the two were great and romance was there, but wish it could've built up as satisfying as I had hoped. I hope in Xillia 2 that it gets explored more, but I heard that most of the main characters in Xillia 1 become side/supporting characters in Xillia 2.
  5. Fran
    2013-08-14 23:58
    Xillia is actually pretty long. i'm already 30 hrs. in the game. i'm at the part
    where I just fought this old geezer (not going to spoil for you if you're not that far)
    and I was taken to another world (Elympia...whatever it's name; Alvin's world). this game
    has already fool me 3 times already. I keep thinking it's like near the ending already, but
    the game continues on! lol. I have been fool.

    and here people were complaining about how this game is super short. after I beat Jude's story,
    i'll start on Milla's story next or grind a little for grade points. this game is longer
    than I expected.
    I'm starting to like the Alvin dood a little bit now. he's seem like a cool guy once
    you get to see more about him. he was annoying at first and betray you a lot.

    i'm not even sure how far I have left until the end. maybe i'm close to the end.
    can't wait when they release xillia 2 now, but it's going to be another long wait.
  6. Kirito
    2013-08-12 10:24
    Me, I'm 14 hours into the game myself. Glad to see you're enjoying, but which story mode are you doing? Judes or Millia's? Depending on the two the story and the build up changes. I'm on Jude's story and not on Millia's yet. The reason why it's slow is because one story is more of a introduction and the other a tie in. Maybe that's why things were slow for you. Or maybe not, who knows?

    Jude is simplistic, but can get the job done. He's the Yuri, Asbel, and Lloyd of the game. I always use the main character just to get use to the game's mechanics. It's similar to Graces and the old titles, but sort rewards you on movement and how you position yourself in battle. I'm not that far into the game because I'm still leveling. Boring, but doesn't hurt to be safe than sorry, right?

    I haven't seen any ToX 2 videos yet because I want to finish one before learning about the second one. I get the feeling too, but Raven sort of has a reason for that because his life was practically held "hostage" by someone, but Alvin I'm sure will probably be a different case.

    As for the Japanese voice, I'm borrowing a port from someone, that has the Japanese voices. He comes over to play games so he helps me understand the scenes abit more since it's Japanese subtitles, plus I wish to challenge myself to read Japanese characters. I have the NA release, but the voices sort of turned me off. Despite that I'm playing both the NA and JAP evenly just in case my friend wants his version back. Sorry for the confusion, but in short: I'm playing the Japanese port currently and playing the English one when he takes his game back. Hope that clears that up.
  7. Fran
    2013-08-12 01:03
    i'm already 14 hrs. into the game now. it seems to get a lot better now with
    more party members. the game gotten a lot lively when Leia joins the

    so far, i tried using all the characters and i like playing as Jude. he is quite easy to use
    and does nice damage. + he can knock enemies down easily for Leia to steal items/materials.

    i always pair them up for items stealing. the beginning of the game was a little boring and slow
    to be honest, but now it's starting to pick up and i'm starting to enjoy the game more.

    i saw a few videos of xillia 2. the game looks very interesting and saw a couple of
    old faces in 2. also, i somehow gets this feeling that Alvin is probably going to betry
    me later. it's kind of obvious since he kept on doing weird stuffs. i guess he's going
    to be like Raven from Vesperia; a double agent.

    and i don't know how you turn the game into Japanese voice. i only see English and no option
    to change at all. NA version of the game here.
  8. Fran
    2013-08-11 00:02
    game is alright. I didn't get much coolness that Vesperia did for me in Xillia. the characters
    in Xillia just not as funny. the combat is decent, but I find myself skipping through a lot of
    enemies. I know Xillia was a rush game, so i'm not expecting much of it. I hope Xillia 2 will
    be a lot better. i'm ok with the English voice. I like the English voice more actually. maybe
    i'm just use to it already. Japanese voices are usually high pitch and I don't seem to like it as much as the English.

    overall, i'd give Xillia like an 8/10 so far. still wish they brought Vesperia over as well.
    I heard Xillia 2 will be much better. 1 is just kind of decent for me right now, but just not that great as I thought.

    EDIT: now, i'm just waiting on Dead or Alive 5 ultimate. I always like buying fighting games even though I don't
    really get deep into it as ^__^
  9. Kirito
    2013-08-09 18:21
    Xefi, it's been awhile. Have you played Tales of Xillia yet? I'm really enjoying it, the combat is fun and the story keeps getting interesting. My only gripe so far is that the English voices aren't that good, so half-way I changed it to the Japanese dialouge, no regrets.

    Right now I'm currently level to get new skills. I'm not struggling with the game, but doesn't hurt to level in the long run. Sorry to take up your time dude. I'm off to play more Xillia. See you later dude and I hope you're enjoying the game...if you still bought it that is.
  10. Fran
    2013-08-03 10:14

    i'm also waiting Xillia as well. it's coming out next week, dood. I also will be buying
    Dragon's Crown, which is also coming out next week. haven't done much lately but
    working and playing Tera when I have time.

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