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Conversation Between Kirito and Soverence
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  1. Soverence
    2013-07-06 12:03
    Yeah, well I remember a couple big games from last yeaars E3 like Watch Dogs looks really good to me, but besides that last year was a little slow. I like some JRPGs, I have never been a fan of final fantasy just because it seems to drag on but that is its style I guess. Hmmm if you say so, I only play one fighting game so I can't really say how fighting games in general are in each console. Microsoft might have actually thought what they were doing was a good idea, trying to move consoles in a different direction. Problem was, they were making it like a PC in which case I might as well build a actual Gaming PC that has a wider library, cheaper games, and can do other things on top of it.

    It is not a inconvenience at all, I usually just reply when I have the ability to. The delay for a reply was longer this time cause I have been busy with all the 4th of July festivities that have been going on over the last week or so. My family is putting on a firework show tonight so I have had to help get ready for that with planning and set-up so I have been a little more busy which is good in my eyes.

    Cool beans . I would like to invite other people that I know from this site, main problem is most of the other people I know well on this site live somewhere in Europe or Western Cost U.S. / Canada which makes it a somewhat expensive trip just to come over for a convention of this size. As do I, As do I .

    Yeah, I can never really get into those teenage stories that all basically come about because the teenager makes a series of insane/stupid choices. I can't really relate at all myself, I was the goody-too-shoe so I didn't make too many stupid choices myself.

    Well if you want to be spoiled, I will be happy to spoil you . Who do you think he is going to choose? I won't tell you if you are right or wrong, I will just argue with you as if I don't know.

    I will have to take a look at his work sometime then, I don't see him that often, I usually see him on the NHL thread.

    Reading the light novels is usually a good idea, they usually give the best and most detailed story. Although I have noticed that Manga usually cut out very little from the light novels compared to anime, probably because Manga get a lot more time to run I am guessing. You should read HenNeko if you enjoyed the anime, it is slightly different from the anime, the overall story is mostly the same but a lot of the humor is different.

    The main reason I liked Chiwa x Eita is because the pairing between the two makes the most sense. Eita's whole motivation for trying hard in school is to try and help Chiwa, he has the longest history with her, and I think they just look cute together . A Saori fan ha? Not too many of those since she seems to be more of a secondary character in the anime but she is a cool character because of her attitude and such. My favorite character from Oreimo (as my avatar might tell you) is Kirino with Ayase as second I would have to say.

    I would assume the thought would scare you but I had to throw that idea out there I felt. Just sitting back and enjoying there good music while supporting them is the best thing a music fan can do . Wooo for early album releases! Let me know how the overall album is when you have a chance!
  2. Kirito
    2013-06-24 10:11
    E3 was good compared to last year. Nothing at last years E3 besides Persona 4 Arena interested me, but The Sony conference was better than expected. I'm a huge Sony fan and I love that console because of the JRPG titles myself. Yeah, I'm a big JRPG fan and have been so the longest time. Got my PS4 pre-ordered and also fighting games feel more "relaxing" to play on Playstation than Xbox. I don't care for MS anymore after the crap they pulled, if they think a 180 will get back to their side well they can just blow themselves as far as I'm concerned. Playstation>Xbox enough said.

    It has nothing to do with you being busy all the time. I'm saying whether or not you're busy you don't have to reply if it's a inconvenience for you. I'm just respecting your time and personal space. I don't know what to think because I'm trying to make a compromise with you, but I think you're not understanding what I'm saying here.

    No worries. I already started putting money away and keeping a close eye on the convention date. Let's get discussing that whenever the time comes. Is there anyone else on AS you've invited? I still know our friendship will still be great from now until that day. I don't know what you think of me, but I really respect you and I think of you as a friend on here.

    Sorry spelling error, I was tired from work that day. Well, the kid from Aku no Hana reaped what he sowed. More like, he planted the seeds himself and let it blossom. He made his choice and at the end of the day he has no one to blame but himself. He had a good girlfriend only to overlook her for the lesser of the two evils.

    August until the final episodes. I hope I can hold out until then because I'm sort of anxious to know how it ends. If I can't hold out till then, let's discuss it. I'll let you know personally if I'm ready to listen. I have a "theory" on who Kyosuke chooses and why, but won't go into detail right now.

    I don't talk to Triple R much and I see him around here from time to time. I agree since most good fanfiction should have compelling character charm while keeping the flow of the series and characterization they represent intact. It varies from person to person, but the one thing that make a fanfiction good is how natural the characters sound and feel, and a appropriate setting to accommodate that. Triple R is great at doing that.

    Some adaptations or the OSM can be better than others if you look and analyze things at its context. I haven't read the the OreShura manga much because I'm trying to read the novels, HenNeko I've seen it around before the anime aired, but didn't take the time to read it. Going for the first girl, huh? I respect that since Chiwa x Eita is my second option, and I personally think that Himeka x Eita could become most unlikely because I think people can see her as a good potential friend similar to how Saori is to Kyosuke from Oreimo. Saori is my second favourite character from Oreimo btw.

    I'm just buying my time waiting for more ClariS news to come regarding their plans for anime, events, and music etc. They've just started to get immensely popular so it's best to let them tackle things at their own groove and pace. It's true they could give up music after high school, but such a thought scares because I adore ClariS with all my heart, but if it's something they wish to do I'd 100% support them. I'll wait for news on either they have plans to reveal themselves and how they'll evolve as musician during the lifespan of their career. For now I'll just enjoy their music, artwork, and other things that make them who they are; the awesome pop duo that they are.

    Spoiler for Alert!:
  3. Soverence
    2013-06-20 15:35
    Well E3 was certainly entertaining this year like always, loved how the PS4 kind of just blew the Xbox One away in terms of the actual console. I find it kind of funny that just yesterday the xbox basically went back on everything they said and made it like the old consoles because they knew they were fucked when they started to look at pre-orders for the consoles. If I get a console it will still probably be the PS4, not because I hold a grudge to xbox but just because most JRPG imports I realized only go to playstation now so I think it is time to switch over.

    And like I told you, If I didn't want to reply I wouldn't. I had just been busy during that length of time kind of like the amount of time between your reply and this one, it had no other meaning then that. You really shouldn't over think the things that people say sometimes, you seem to almost be analyzing everything I say looking for something that indicates you are disturbing me or annoying me. I have said it a lot but I will say it again, that has not been the case so far and if it becomes the case you will know.

    Yeah, that would most likely work the best from what I can tell. Yeah I am sure we can discuss this more around when the time comes, be easier that way because as you said a lot can change in that amount of time between now and then.

    I will assume that first "me" is meant to be a no and I would agree with you on that point. He made the decision to go after her and walk the "deviant" path so you really can't feel sympathy for him, maybe pity because of how things turned out but sympathy would be misplaced. Also I am surprised that it is just becoming painful and brutal to watch, I thought the manga was hard enough to read right from the start

    Yeah, well at least they announced that they will be doing a worldwide simulcast of the final OVA episodes in August (they said the date, I just forgot it at this moment) and that it will be streaming on CrunchyRoll so we will have a very easy place to watch them .

    I have seen Triple R around the forums, never really had a discussion with him on anything but I certainly know that he exists. Yeah, I have read way too many fanfiction where the work changes the overall characters way too much in order to fit the scenario that they want. A good fanfiction should keep the character mostly intact well changing little about them (unless of course you are drastically changing the setting, then you have to compensate for that as well). At least that is how I feel fanfictions should be written.

    Yeah, he was okay at the start but eventually just became a tag along piece for the girls. I still enjoy the manga for this series better, its kind of weird, I liked the OreShura manga better then the HenNeko manga, but I like the HenNeko anime better then the OreShura anime (I started reading the two around the same time so I have always associated them together). I am a Chiwa x Eita supporter myself, always felt like those two had the best chemistry together.

    Yeah, if they are going to reveal themselves it most likely won't be until after they get out of school in order to get through that part of their lives peacefully. Well in the end it is going to be their decision on how they move forward. For all we know, they could stop making music after they are done with high school to aim for different goals in life, they wouldn't be he first people to do this. As you kind of hinted all, all we can do now is wait and see.
  4. Kirito
    2013-06-12 19:48
    Alright. Now that E3 has slowed down a bit, I can finally reply back to you. I won't go as to say sorry for the late reply, but I think you know where I've been coming from during the past few days. Oh yes, I just pre-ordered my PS4 today at EB Games during my lunch break at work. Now all I have to do is pay it off bit by bit and it's all mine!

    Alrighty, I finally got the time to reply to the big message that you sent me awhile ago now, hopefully you still have the patience to want to read such a thing .
    It's like I told you! You don't have to reply back if you don't want to! It makes me feel like you were "forced" to, and that sort of makes me feel guilty and at the same time upset because you could be doing better things with your time, and I'm disturbing you. Makes me feel like the bad guy here, and if I'm disturbing you, just say it. I like honesty and the last thing I want from you is dishonesty. I hate dishonest people just to let you know.



    March 20th 2014, huh? Sure, I'll put that date on my Iphone calendar and be sure to come at an earlier date. I'm be sure to inform you on what day when the time comes. I'll be sure to stock up on clothes and food, and thanks for lending a hand in terms of a place to stay so I can save money. It's as I said before: if we're still friends by that time I'll gladly go, but thing could change from now until then. Just being realistic.

    Aku no Hana is becoming so painful and brutal to watch, but we got a couple of weeks left before it ends. That kid seriously messed up. All because he couldn't make a choice and went down the "deviant" path. He deserves me sympathy from me whatsoever.

    As for Oreimo, I'm not going to drown myself in the discussions because I wish to know its conclusions myself in person. Some people told me that their feelings about the ending was "mixed", but didn't tell me why and that's enough. Other than that, I'm anxious to hope what that "mixed" feeling could mean, but only time will tell.

    My feelings towards fanfictions are mixed, but I do enjoy them if it's done right. You know Triple R, right? I really love his Puella Magi Madoka Magica fanfic he does, and I enjoy reading. Fanfiction can be enjoyable as long as the person can write the characters and still keep the overall theme intact. Triple R and his work is good example to this.

    It's quite weird for MC's who have potential to suddenly lose face value when the heroines seem to develop more in characterization. Eita was likeable but felt like towards the end he got strung along abit due to him dealing with his "girlfriend" and the hassles dealing with the other girls who want to get close to him. I'm a Himeka x Eita supporter by the way. Totally irrelevant I know, but wanted to throw that out there.

    I don't know you personally enough to judge your character fully considering that we've just began to start talking. I'm a genuinely accepting person. As long as the person is nice and doesn't cause mayhem for others, I welcome them with open arms.

    Spoiler for ClariS/Idol Reply:
  5. Soverence
    2013-06-12 11:04
    Alrighty, I finally got the time to reply to the big message that you sent me awhile ago now, hopefully you still have the patience to want to read such a thing .

    Hmmm well if you are serious I would mark March 20th for the date, it is easier to settle in for a convention if you get there a day early and get your ticket early as well. That is assuming your money situation gets better and it is possible for you to come, if that happens we would love to have you . Well you wouldn't have to pay for a place to stay, just food and transportation. I got a friend/s with a apartment/dorm in Boston and he lets us stay there free every year that we go. If worse comes to worse my dorm is a hour out of Boston, one year we did commute from there but that was just because my friends in Boston were away that weekend.

    Yeah, having weekends off are the best, just get to sit back and relax and not have a care in the world. Yeah, even if things get really bad in a anime, I hate not finishing what I start. Some anime have really horrid starts and turn out to be okay, sometimes the opposite is true as well so I like seeing things through.

    I won't really comment on the whole OreImo section, I think I touched up on that in my other post to you. I will say though I loved how the most recent episode was mainly comedy after the very serious episode that came before it.

    I have never personally been a huge fan of fanfiction, not because it isn't you know Canon or anything but I feel like so much of it isn't written that well and having to find something that is written well and fits the scenario that you were looking forward to reading is a hard find.

    Well it was obvious that in the OreShura anime they moved all the character's more towards a cliche in order to sell better, it was obvious to me be half way through that this was the case. Honestly though, the character change that annoyed me the most was the male lead. In the manga he actually has his own desires, purpose, ideas, etc., and in the anime I felt that they moved him greatly towards the blank slate male lead so people can project themselves on to him which really hurt the story for me.

    Hmmm I have heard that before, I am not very good at being "mean" to people, I am good at being blunt when needed but that isn't really the same as "mean". Nothing wrong with being pessimistic as long as your pessimistic about the world and not yourself (well that is my personal belief at least).
    Spoiler for Claris:
  6. Soverence
    2013-06-09 13:51
    Yeah, the bike ride was really amusing (and touching later on if you don't think about it too much). Yeah, as I said I thought we would get to see them as well but as you said, hope's too high I suppose.

    I felt when she said that you were out there slightly raging at it . It goes with her cocky character though which is of course why she said it and hey, for all we know in the Oreimo universe she actually could be .

    I will do it when I get the time, I haven't had a lot of free time in the last couple days and as I had said I have spent all of it spoiling myself with the final volumes of the novel. You will have to be very careful when moving around the internet then, the spoilers are basically everywhere.
  7. Kirito
    2013-06-08 13:33
    The overall episode was okay. The part where Kyousuke had to pick up Kirino on the censored Meruru bike was really amusing. The rest were good, but I'm really sad that ClariS were mentioned and they didn't show them! I was hoping that they'd sing an insert song, but the price of getting one's hopes up can really slap you in the face in the end.

    Oh yes, when Kanoko said, "I sing better than ClariS.", I was like laughing and saying "Get the f**k out of here!". I know it's an anime, but as a dedicated ClariS fan I just can't forgive that.

    You don't have to respond if you don't want to. As for the final volume I'm avoiding threads, spoilers, pictures and anything related to that because I want to see the conclusion in person.
  8. Soverence
    2013-06-08 13:25
    Well what did you think of today's episode? There was some mentions of ClariS at least it seems, I honestly was kind of expecting to see the concert at the end there with them doing the OP.

    Also I will respond to you eventually, over the past 3 days I have only been on Oreimo related forums and the like since the final volume of the novel was released.
  9. Kirito
    2013-06-01 21:51
    Sorry for the late reply. Just got back home and I saw what you've written, but needed to go over what I wanted to point out and try to relate and understand your opinion on things. None the less, let's get started.


    Sure, I'll mark March 21 2014 on my calendar. If we're still friends by that time I will definitely love to go attend a convention with you. Better start saving up. I've been to the States once and since I pay rent and not that much, I'm sure I'll be able to pay for a play to stay during that time...hopefully.

    I love having weekends off because I have the time to relax and enjoy my gaming and anime experience. The anime is really getting awkward, but it's a weird anime in the first place and I'm always the time to finish what I start.

    I know that S2 of Oreimo has a more "serious" direction while at the same time holding a bit of the comedic value of the past season. I think the drama and situational circumstances between the character have been going better than I thought it was going to be. After looking at the bigger picture, my faith in S2 has gotten better. It's like I said: I love Oreimo and I will faithfully follow this from now until its end. Next week is the wedding dress episode, I hope to see ClariS! Impossible dream, I know, but won't stop me from hoping.

    I'm definitely faithful to the characters and artist's that I love. Most of the characters I pick in anime never win in romance, but thank Buddha for fanfiction. I know it's not canon, but it's easier to drown your mind in some things rather than accept a crushing reality at times.

    OreShura was cliched in terms of character and story, but don't most harems use familiar personality and story tropes just to "sell" characterization while at the same time the series tries to maintain its own sense of entity. I never read the OreShura or HenNeko manga or novels because I'm focusing on series that hardly get noticed, and hopefully garnish attention.

    It's good that you're nice, but sometimes being a little too kind can be painful at times. I still don't know how to handle it so I can come across as pessimistic or socially inept in that regard.

    Spoiler for ClariS Reply:
  10. Soverence
    2013-05-27 14:09
    I don't mind, long posts are fun to respond to.

    Spoiler for Long Reply:

    I don't mind people being overly excited about their fandoms, its fun to see people talk about something they passionately like. Don't worry about it, if I was looking for a professional response to anything, I wouldn't be posting on a internet forum .

    Spoiler for ClariS:

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