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Conversation Between Auxilism and RRW
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  1. RRW
    2015-02-17 10:33
    I forgot. I think one of those early episode
  2. Auxilism
    2015-02-17 08:24
    Which episode is from?
  3. Auxilism
    2013-05-09 00:44
    Just when I made a new 100x100 avatar the code changed back...

    Meh, not going to bother to change, it was too small when I previewed it in 60x60 anyway.
  4. Auxilism
    2013-05-06 08:29
    We could use the color picker to get the backing color and apply it to every frame for 'fake' transparency.

    Of course, assuming that the transparency was not needed to reduce the size.
  5. RRW
    2013-05-06 07:39
    but it still pity that they cannot make it transparent :c
  6. RRW
    2013-05-06 07:31
    Interesting. I thought there is limit of avatar gif to be animated
  7. Auxilism
    2013-05-06 07:22
    Well, the code changed; even 100x100 images get resized when displayed instead of saving a resized version so now all newly uploaded avatars will animate.
  8. Auxilism
    2013-03-23 10:14
    Short answer: the dimensions of the image have to be 60x80 or smaller; any bigger will cause them to stop animating. Of course, they have to be under 100kb as with any usable avatar.

    Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?
  9. RRW
    2013-03-23 09:59
    well let's hear your answer
  10. Auxilism
    2013-03-23 09:50
    I was extremely bored and started to read visitor messages on random people and found your question.

    Originally Posted by RRW
    How The hell you can get your avatar move in profile page?!
    Are you still interested in finding out how? Kudryavka's answer was misleading (not that I blame him or anything ) and I just cracked it.

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