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Conversation Between Vallen Chaos Valiant and RRW
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  1. Vallen Chaos Valiant
    2013-05-02 10:03
    Vallen Chaos Valiant
    Sorry, haven't see any of these shows. I am not as prolific a watcher as I once was.
  2. RRW
    2013-05-02 10:02
    What is your opinion of these anime

    Denpa Onna
    Meiro no Croisée
    Oda Nobuna
    Kamisama note
    High School Boy
    Usagi Drop
  3. Vallen Chaos Valiant
    2013-04-18 17:11
    Vallen Chaos Valiant
    Don't know. I barely remember any of the poster's personalties from the posts they make.
  4. RRW
    2013-04-18 04:43
    animesuki chart V0.017
    Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?

    anything can be add/change?
  5. Vallen Chaos Valiant
    2013-04-07 13:22
    Vallen Chaos Valiant
    That's up to Koreans to decide. As a Taiwanese, I don't advocate unification by force. If NK as a population doesn't want to join SK, that's their choice. But the matter of Un threatening war is a separate matter that needed dealing with. I leave that to China.
  6. RRW
    2013-04-07 12:18
    What you think about Korea reunification
  7. Vallen Chaos Valiant
    2013-04-07 00:22
    Vallen Chaos Valiant
    No stance, it is not me who is risking my life. But if NK can just modernise with the help of China we would all be better off.
    Only if Un is desperate.
    Only if Un strike first.
    Collapse and modernise. But it can be tomorrow, or two hundred years from now.
    NK would use a nuke only with great difficulty so either initial strike or not at all. No one else would bother to nuke them because it is not need. Conventional bombs would do.
  8. RRW
    2013-04-06 17:28
    So what is you stand in NK crisis?
    Will NK attack SK?
    Will NK invaded by US&SK (or china or other country)?
    What is the future of NK?
    Do you think NK or US (or other nation) will use their nuclear arsenal?
  9. Vallen Chaos Valiant
    2013-02-15 10:50
    Vallen Chaos Valiant
    My Avatar is from the Masamune Shirow Intron Depot 2 artbook. My sig is from Sora Kake Girl.
  10. RRW
    2013-02-15 10:36
    I always wondering where you avatar and sign come from

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