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Conversation Between Altima of the Gates and Haak
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  1. Haak
    2012-12-24 14:44
    Lol, I came to say Happy Birthday and look what i find below.

    Also have a Merry Christmas.
  2. Haak
    2011-12-24 06:21
    Happy Birthday!
  3. Altima of the Gates
    2011-10-19 11:24
    Altima of the Gates
    No problem lol, I get tired when some people tend to just focus on their interpretations, rather than the facts in this fanbase, so I apologize for unloading.

    Hell, CL is usually so adamant in trying to defend a position he rarely actually talks about the topic at hand, and would be so much better off if he did just that.
  4. Haak
    2011-10-17 13:04
    Once again, I can only apolagize for my arsehole of a friend. Just ignore him.
  5. Haak
    2011-10-17 06:07
    Just ignore the dickhead below. (Can you believe I have to put up with him all the time?)
  6. Haak
    2011-10-17 02:26
    It's really nice an all to hear your opinions on FSN but really, does it have to be a personal message to me? I'm sure it would be better off in the Game discussion. As it stands I don't really have much to say or add to what. Yes that choice in Fate is retarded when he could've just wished to restore their bodies. Yes that wasn't what I meant about Sakura and I am aware of how much affect she had. I have no opinion of those who have an overtly negative opinion of HF or Sakura and as of yet I still have no opinion on just how much Rin's parents knew how much they screwed over Fukuyu and Sakura since I only ever read the first volume of Fate Zero
  7. Altima of the Gates
    2011-10-16 16:43
    Altima of the Gates
    Shirou was also very upset with the orphans as well and seriously considered going against his beliefs to save them as well. It's very debatable whether he will still consider Sakura a part of his family as Sakura becomes less and less a part of his life. Bonds can be gradually lost like that. Again, this is all assuming that Shirou doesn't find out about Sakura's true tragedy nor manages to save her. There's simply too many ifs to conclusively say that he loses her the same way he loses the other heroines (This is why I put a question mark over his loss of Saber in HF). The other heroines fates and what they meant to Shirou are made explicitly clear. Sakura's case is far more ambiguous.
    Had to answer at least this much since I've not been around. Although I am thankful I wasn't there for the shitstorm.

    This point was one of the wall banging things I saw no sense in the Fate route. Shirou would not really have had to go against his beliefs to use the Grail to help the orphans if he thought about it (let's assume we are the same as he is and don't know it was tainted at the time of the decision). Restoring their bodies wouldn't have needed him to "change the past" at all. When you think of it that way, the decision seems kind of retarded.

    Also, while you likely didn't mean to, as I agree with your statements, your answers to CL's comments did in fact assume Sakura was pretty darn ineffectual to both Shirou and Rin, despite numerous examples to the contrary. The fact is, there are lots of examples to assume that (Rin acts totally different when Shirou mentions her, gets overly emotional, and the whole nine yards). Obviously though, from a literary standpoint, she was not important to the plot, but she was important to the characters and effected their decisions, even outside of HF. I dunno if you meant to be rather blase about it, but you seemed to be saying, "well the girls were shown overtly to be important to him in their routes, so by that logic, she wasn't important" Which I know you likely don't mean, but it's written to sound like that.

    The point of this being that the Tohsaka family kind of owe her big, and since most members who tend to have an overly negative opinion of HF have a strict adherence to duty and all that, I would say she is more than owed reparations. Most people ask her to pay for the people lost in HF, which, she actually does try to make amends for in HF True(although no one noticed that).

    It was pretty much the biggest act of negligence I've seen from parents from the Tohsakas. The Non-Interference Pact, which CL talked about basically provided the Makiri with a child out of goodwill, but they were under no terms to uphold the bargain of training the child in this agreement, the only stipulation would be the Tohsaka would not interfere with their affairs henceforth. Which allowed the family to do whatever they wanted, with no penalty. Even if one wanted to say, "hey, that's just how magi are", you'd have to admit that is terrible business practice (although treating a child like collateral kinda makes me sick).

    Hell, as custodians of Fuyuki, they allowed a creature like Zouken to thrive for more than 200 years, and even allowed the citizens they were supposed to protect, as owners of the land, to be massacred by him and during the Grail War for all six generations. Why they would allow that, and still claim to be upright, I don't know. Seems to smack of incompetence. The fact that all this was allowed on their land should be the biggest embarrassment of the family, coupled with the fact they sold their own to a monster without safeguards or compensation.
  8. Altima of the Gates
    2010-12-24 09:24
    Altima of the Gates
    Thanks. Merry Christmas and Happy New Tear to you too.
  9. Haak
    2010-12-24 08:23
    Happy Birthday Altima and an early Merry Christmas while I'm at it!

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