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Conversation Between Yorae_paladin1 and Alhazad2003
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  1. Yorae_paladin1
    2014-03-24 19:32
    tomorrow we play as alucard in lords of shadow 2 bia revelations dlc
  2. Alhazad2003
    2014-03-09 05:22
    Glad you're enjoying it. I have to wait to get another laptop, so I can get the game through Steam. Or maybe get an HDTV, a used XBox360 for $120, and the game, along with the LoS Special Collection which has Reverie, Resurrection, and the LoS2 Demo.

    So Walter gave him an evil alter ego, lovely. Walter just loves causing trouble for people, regardless of what dimension he's in. A pity he doesn't get thrashed by one of the heroes in the LoS series, but oh well. He's gone, and none shall mourn his passing.
  3. Yorae_paladin1
    2014-03-08 19:02
    Got the game and i must say LOS2 is awesome fuck the reviewers
  4. Yorae_paladin1
    2014-02-09 22:04
    Toy maker curse was the evil personality it destroyed toy makers normally kind disposition he originally was brotherhood inventor like his teacher Rinaldo Gandolfi. His good disposition when he recovered his memory showed in toy maker boss battle vid he began to cry after gabe beat him and spat out the blood he knows Gabe and his story similar once good men driven to evil.

    It be cool if he knew akasha
  5. Alhazad2003
    2014-02-09 14:14
    Yeah, I remember that from Mirror of Fate. But I wonder how, and if, Walter's curse on him was broken? Hopefully it's explained in LoS2, I hate it when plot points aren't explained.

    Cool, I'd love to see him to put Zobek and Satan on ice, among others. The latter clearly didn't get enough, while the former has escaped retribution for too long. Time to pay for your sins, Zobek!

    Well, in a fic I'm currently doing, Gabriel doesn't know Akasha per se, but he does know Nene from Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka fame. You can find it in the Castlevania/RV crossover section on, titled Castlevania: Minuet of the Velvet Moon, a joint effort between Dimensional Records and myself. Last chapter came out three days ago, if you'd like to read it. Anyway, take care, and have a wonderful day.
  6. Yorae_paladin1
    2014-02-07 00:56
    Toy maker is cursed by walter bernhard LOS version an very evil human from a very evil family.

    also new trailer about the void sword shows some awesome attacks like a massive ice maelstrom.

    as for Gabe maybe you can do an rosario + vampire bit where he meets akasha perhaps she knew as both a human and vampire. I know your dissapointed with ending chapter but hell you cna write it off if you like
  7. Alhazad2003
    2014-02-06 14:30
    That's a real sucky way to live: having no say in your own life? Still, I can see some of them using the "fate" excuse as a means to avoid being held liable for their actions. Plan to have a few characters in my latest work doing just that.

    Hrm, did she get corrupted by the castle's blood before that happened, just like Toy Maker does in the LoS2 clip I saw. He's first revived by Gabriel, and looks... human. Then gets consumed by the castle's blood and becomes the more sinister Toy Maker we all know. Though after he's defeated, he vomits out the bad blood and returns to his former self.

    Oh yeah, I remember that. I wonder if that still applies, hrm, guess we'll have to wait and see.
  8. Yorae_paladin1
    2014-02-02 17:56
    I wouldn't say the brotherhood is bad the regular brotherhood is just as much a victim of fate as Gabriel is. There was nothing they could do for him what fate says goes no one can refute it just look what happened to Trevor and Gabriel.

    as for Carmilla i think its still the darkside of her rather than the full human remember the founders split there light half of there souls from the dark half of it. when these halves are split the being can no longer be called a human. Light part became angels dark part along with physical bodies became lords of shadow

    satan as the entry in LOS1 describes his powers were severely restricted in the mortal plane giving Gabriel an advantage
  9. Alhazad2003
    2014-02-02 05:29
    Crap... ola...

    Oh yeah, Gabriel's got more than his share of conundrums. But I'll say, if Gabriel finally kills Zobek, I'll be elated. I was royally peeved that Zobek got away, hopefully that gets rectified in LoS2.

    And Carmilla betrays him? Jeez, you just can't trust the Brotherhood for beans, can you?

    And a buff Satan? No surprise there, he clearly doesn't intend to lose to a "mere mortal" again. Definitely looking forward to it come the 27th.
  10. Yorae_paladin1
    2014-01-31 20:14
    seen the latest trailers of lords of shadow 2 one draculas destiny give some hints as too dracula perhaps near the end fights his own evil due a quote being spoken near the end also a reaper creature perhaps zobeks true form. Plus Its revealed Carmilla betrays Gabriel well kinda obvious since she may have her human looks but her behavior is still the vampire version.

    also satan acolytes revealed and they have advanced tech plus satans new look seems he hit the gym

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