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Conversation Between willx and RRW
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  1. willx
    2013-02-17 23:51
    Your fanfic annoys both S-chan and C-chan (for different reasons) so I approve.
  2. RRW
    2013-02-14 13:40
  3. willx
    2013-01-02 10:34
    Well, she read all the books .. so even though she understands that they're terrible movies, she wanted to see it "come to life" as it were. She loves muscles so she's definitely on team Werewolf..

    She also said the last movie was a vast improvement over the previous movies and frankly, that this last one might have actually been better than the book it came from!
  4. RRW
    2012-12-30 04:17
    What did you Fiancee say? or She is there just because of vampire and werewolf ?
  5. willx
    2012-12-30 02:01
    It was awful. It was really bad. That said, I had already seen the first 3 (skipped the 4th, Breaking Dawn Part 1) with my fiancÚ, then girlfriend, so .. it was actually a vast improvement over those ones! They talk much less in it cause there's a long extended action sequence, so that helps..
  6. RRW
    2012-12-29 23:40
    How is Breaking Dawn part 2 by the way?
  7. RRW
    2012-12-11 20:48
    Well basically he make "his joke" bit too much
  8. willx
    2012-12-11 20:45
    Oh, cause he went on and on about it? I didn't think it was a bannable offensive.. it was part of the thread topic?
  9. RRW
    2012-12-11 20:42
    read the page (& previous one). and you know why saintess banned
  10. willx
    2012-12-11 20:41
    I don't get it .. ?_?

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