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Conversation Between Urzu 7 and Fran
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  1. Fran
    2015-06-06 21:45
    I don't really have much time to play either myself. I just play a little bit every now and then. Tera
    is free, so there is no harm in just playing when you feel like it as well. the combat system is what
    make the game fun to play. and if you have a friend to play with, it's more better
    than playing alone.

    but yeah, Tera does have a bit of grinding and running dungeons over and over so
    that you can get your gears and then you need the materials to enchant them as well.
    the grinding to get the gears at end game can be time consuming...
  2. Urzu 7
    2015-06-06 20:49
    Urzu 7
    Your Elin's are cute. Heck, all Elin's are cute. ^^ I've seen that game before. I'd play it for the cute characters and solid gameplay, but I just don't do MMORPGs. Take up a lot of time and you sometimes schedule game play time with other players. I like to be able to play games whenever I feel like, and also, currently, I don't have a great deal of time to play video games.
  3. Fran
    2013-06-23 00:44
    this is the fullest you can get. I don't think there is a bigger version. Horo is the BOMB!
  4. Urzu 7
    2013-06-08 16:46
    Urzu 7
    Lawl, I never thought of you as being a lolicon. It is just that, with SaintessHeart, so many regulars here know he is a big lolicon. Well, being in the military...that is gar! But I really like your happy-go-lucky self at the animesuki forums, so continue to be like that!
  5. Fran
    2013-06-08 01:29
    Wha? You were in the armed forces? It's just are so mirthful and happy-go-lucky.
    ha ha, yeah. i'm just enjoying life and having fun. life in the U.S. Army kind of change me a bit. from indecisiveness and clumsiness
    to very dependable to cool.

    I left the service about 2005, somewhere around there...its been kind of long now.
    i'm a bit happy-go-lucky because my life is stable and I have a job to keep me busy.
    I don't really have to think too much about the bad in life and such. just keep on
    living the normal life and have fun. ^_______^

    btw, my personalities still the same when I was still in the military. and i'm not like
    that Saintess dood. I hope you don't think of me as a lolicon task force or something now
    just cause I was in the military.
  6. Fran
    2012-08-14 00:09
    yeah, Tsundere is even more popular. Yandere is hot since they're not
    much of them out there. Yanderes are cool, but you might not want to
    see one in real you might end up dead. :P

    EDIT: thanks for the add!
  7. Urzu 7
    2012-08-14 00:03
    Urzu 7
    I thought tsundere were the hot of this modern day.
  8. Fran
    2012-08-13 23:33
    pretty much...nya ha haa! they are the HOT of this modern day. ^^;
  9. Urzu 7
    2012-08-13 23:25
    Urzu 7
    Yes, I recall now...yandere's are usually terrifying moe chicks, right?
  10. Fran
    2012-08-13 22:43
    lol...i didnt have her avatar up because she was cute. it was actually my mood during that
    time. and a yandere is someone that is madly in love and violent...i guess.

    if you ever watch Mirai Nikki, Yuno Gasai is a perfect example of what a yandere is like. ^^;

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