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Conversation Between Urzu 7 and Liddo-kun
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  1. Liddo-kun
    2012-10-25 18:40
    Ohayou. Thanks for giving G and P a chance.
    Personally, I like Commie's subs because they have some german in their subtitles.
  2. Urzu 7
    2012-10-25 11:59
    Urzu 7
    I'll check out that anime. It might even be on Crunchyroll, which I'm subscribed to.
  3. Liddo-kun
    2012-10-25 07:56
    Hi. Just dropping by to recommend an anime.

    If you're looking for something else to watch, then I recommend Girls und Panzer.
    You might like it. ",)
  4. Liddo-kun
    2012-10-16 21:10
    A little update on the last convention.
  5. Urzu 7
    2012-10-15 19:56
    Urzu 7
    Okay. Although this is a little intriguing. : -p
  6. Liddo-kun
    2012-10-15 19:13
    It's.. a.. secret.

    Anyway, as I said it's not neessary anymore. So just forget about it ok. ",)
  7. Urzu 7
    2012-10-15 19:10
    Urzu 7
    What was it to be about?
  8. Liddo-kun
    2012-10-15 18:45
    Won't send the pm anymore btw.
    It's not necessary at this point.
  9. Urzu 7
    2012-10-15 18:38
    Urzu 7
    I just lumped it into 'cons' because it was simpler. : -p
  10. Liddo-kun
    2012-10-15 17:51
    It's not specifically a cosplay event. Cosplaying is just a side activity there.
    What happened a lot during the day are singing and dancing by performers on stage.

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