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Conversation Between Urzu 7 and Liddo-kun
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  1. Liddo-kun
    2013-10-23 06:30
    So far, I haven't seen rechargable Duracell or Energizer batteries here. The only rechargable ones I've recently used are the green colored batteries that I forgot the name, and Enerloop.

    Have calculated the costs, if I've used rechargable batteries right from the start.. could have saved more than 3,000 pesos. That's enough to gas my car full tank 3 times going to a con.
  2. Urzu 7
    2013-10-22 19:21
    Urzu 7
    Are there any good rechargable batteries from Duracell or Energizer? Or are there specialty brands that are better (like Enerloop)?
  3. Liddo-kun
    2013-10-22 05:57
    Yes, I'll notify you. Will post the pics at the Animesuki cosplay thread.

    Hmm, and do you know a good brand of rechargable battery?
    Right now, I use Enerloop rechargable batteries. There might be others out there that I don't know about. :3
  4. Urzu 7
    2013-10-20 18:28
    Urzu 7
    Well, let me know when you post your story, and let us know how your friend got so lucky. Are you going to post it in the cosplay thread?
  5. Liddo-kun
    2013-10-20 09:09
    Just got home from Octo Con. I have a new story to tell.
    And one of my friends so lucky..

    For now, badly need some rest. Goodnight.
  6. Liddo-kun
    2013-10-12 11:16
    Hi, the report for Cosmania 2013 is finished. ",)
    Here it is, just in case you want to see.
  7. Liddo-kun
    2013-10-07 20:28
    Thanks. I was close to my grandma, so this really came as a shock - though I know it's coming because she's very old (93). Yesterday is the first day of grandma's wake (done in my paren't house). We did some prayers, and some friends came to visit.
  8. Urzu 7
    2013-10-07 13:22
    Urzu 7
    I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. May she be resting in peace.
  9. Liddo-kun
    2013-10-07 01:46
    Attended Cosmania 2013 on it's second day. I'll post pics later on the cosplay thread.

    However, yesterday was also sad because..

    My grandma passed away.

    Me and some cosplay friends greeted her in her room. I introduced my friends to grandma. Then we told her that we're off to a con.

    1/4 of the trip. My mom phoned. Told us that grandma has already died.

    It was a sad day, I didn't realize that the greeting we did to her was actually a goodbye.. ;_;
  10. Liddo-kun
    2013-09-23 05:09
    Hi, the report for Best of Anime 2013 is finished. ",)
    Here it is, just in case you want to see.

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