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Conversation Between Hunter and monir
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  1. monir
    2012-01-04 01:50
    What have you been up to these days, sweet geezer? I have been yearning for your warm touch for a while now.
  2. monir
    2011-08-14 10:39
    What's up matey!!? I see I have been missed by you. If I wasn't in such a hurry, I would definitely try to find a room for us.
  3. Hunter
    2011-08-13 22:42
    Rurik was obviously talking about the manga you old vicious thing!
  4. monir
    2011-03-24 16:03
    I did say I would be gentle, didn't I? Pray tell how else am I to show my eternal devotion and unrelenting affection for you? With that out of the way, you've got to watch this episode when you get the time.
  5. Hunter
    2011-03-24 15:43
    You must have me confused with someone else, as far as I'm concerned dear Sasuke-kun is better off butchered by Raikage and raped by Mizukage, or vice versa for that matter, rather than the caricature of a character he has become.
    Beside I'm afraid that you holding my hand would make quite more difficult to escape the attention of your 2nd hand!
  6. monir
    2011-03-24 13:39
    At the moment it is Sasuke-kun hiney hanging from the roof of my cave at the hands of Raikage, Mizukage, and Tsuchikage in that respective order. I think he ran out of luck when Mizukage started talking dirty and spewing lava in the same breath. It isn't looking good for Sasuke. Let me know if I need to hold your hand. I promise I would be gentle.
  7. Hunter
    2011-03-17 22:33
    So, someone's finally home and this someone just so happen to be me.
    What's new under your cave roof the sun?
  8. monir
    2011-03-17 11:13
    Hey geezer!
  9. monir
    2011-02-24 19:32
    You son of a gun... You are mad just because I haven't been touching you lately. I promise we will go out later and buy you a lots of nice things. Stop pouting already.
  10. Hunter
    2011-02-24 12:08
    Hi, this is Hunter's answering machine. My God and master isn't at home at the moment and couldn't return your call but he will surely do so at a later date when he isn't so fucking busy doing god knows what -no, not that!-

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