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Conversation Between kenjiharima and Kirito
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  1. kenjiharima
    2012-06-23 22:41
    Well it was way back in the PSone days, the graphics and gameplay weren't my taste and got bored leveling, but hey who knows you might like it, haven't played the PSP remakes P1 and P2.

    Though 3-4 nailed it on my case. Iam also awaiting for the new fighting game. Also Iam torn to get a VITA if Persona4 Golden comes out locally, with more gameplay and added storyline.
  2. Kirito
    2012-06-23 22:34
    Thanks for the heads up. I'm planning on buying the RPGs because the 2D fighter is getting released in a month and a half from now. I'm really interested in the series, and I want to play the other games to understand the universe better.

    You didn't like 1 and 2? Well, it's a risk I'm going to have to take to understand the series.
  3. kenjiharima
    2012-06-23 22:31
    Yes I played Persona 3-4. My personal favorite is 4. the first 2 I really didn't like them and got bored and sold them. lol.
  4. Kirito
    2012-06-23 22:25
    No I don't. There's the Mayonaka Midnight forums, but that deals with the Persona and Shin Megami Tensei and Under Night/In-Birth series. There's a couple but they're fighting game forums, nothing more. Sorry, I couldn't be of help to you.

    PS. The Persona series is RPG based. Just in case you didn't know that.
  5. kenjiharima
    2012-06-23 22:13
    Hey Kirito know any other good RPG or any other gaming forums? .
  6. Kirito
    2012-06-21 01:02
    I said the exact same thing. First a Twilight makeover, and now taking ideas from TV shows. Very "original" ideas Ninja Theory/Capcom...-_-. This game has screwed itself over even before the release date. And it's funny to the point where I want to puke. This is seriously getting more pathetic and sad.

    LDC or DLC on day one, called it! -_-!
  7. kenjiharima
    2012-06-21 00:55
    Oh yeah btw just saw the AngryJoe interview on DmC

    Man Poison boss seems to be the one giving the drinks. That's taken from one of the episodes from Futurama where there is a slug that her feces is the drink Fry likes alot, but it's still feces...eww...
  8. Kirito
    2012-06-20 23:08
    I know the feeling "shudders".

    Capcom is way behind making good ideas to make and manage games and have to use "hype" tactics to draw people in to make their income even though they're definitely going to be crap hidden or left out of the games themselves.

    Me too, I'm glad he left and like I said earlier - it was only a matter of time before he did. Capcom has no ways of defending themselves with the nonsense they've been doing. We know how they are so you're right when their maintaining of damage control is making it obvious that there are people being paid to back them up even though they're at fault.

    It getting really pathetic and sad -_-!
  9. kenjiharima
    2012-06-20 22:46
    imho popular trends today are "not that popular" with the other gamers. Just look at twilight it might be a success for some teens, but gamers it's not and it's hated by most people I know.

    Now I know why the great minds in Capcom left, they know it's a sinking ship in terms of management and dlc ideas, it's not a good practice. Locking contents of something you already have. No wonder there are so many hackers today because we're not getting anymore quality product.

    Imho as well Iam glad Seth left Capcom, I really don't want a true and real guy be blemished by Crapcoms corporate greed and I think he knows it too well because of working with them for a long time. Capcom's last good game would probably be RE6 and Dragons Dogma as for Street Fighter there is little to no news.

    Also btw now Iam currently just lurking in Capcom, seeing that I was banned and others in the DmC thread there, now Iam seeing little to no activity at all. Means all those other supporters are just paid trolls. Proves me right all along.
  10. Kirito
    2012-06-20 21:44
    No kidding, well it's to be expected because most of their other creative staff like Hideki Kamiya, Inafune, and Mikami have left. There's running out of ideas and have to resort to use "popular trends" in their game and they're not even successful at doing that -_-. They updated their games with left out content and expect us to pay more when they know we have to use our money for importants things like paying bill, groceries, mortgages etc. It's sad that they're using their most popular franchises to keep them afloat instead of bringing back old faves and invented fresh new ideas.

    In some odd way I knew that Seth was going to leave. Time seemed right, Crapcom f'd up, there's no other explanation whatsoever. They're on the verge of losing all their loyal supporters and it's be interesting to see what kind of excuse or insult they'll use to back up their pointless claims.

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