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Conversation Between kenjiharima and usspaul
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  1. kenjiharima
    2012-07-25 21:20
    then it's settled! Will watch this spin off.
  2. usspaul
    2012-07-25 06:26
    as far as im aware none of the charaters from the actual game are in this series so you dont have to worry about that lol.
  3. kenjiharima
    2012-07-25 03:46
    Well if that's the case then I'll give it a shot then.
    Because I really don't like it when I don't see the H-scenes in the eroge and seeing it as a non-hentai anime.
  4. usspaul
    2012-07-25 01:27
    The story take place in that world but the charaters are different and its a different part of the story
  5. kenjiharima
    2012-07-25 01:08
    So it's not connected to the eroge?
  6. usspaul
    2012-07-24 19:59
    Lol well this is actually a light novel that was inspired by the game.
  7. kenjiharima
    2012-07-24 19:36
    As much I love to watch this made a promise not to watch animes that where eroge/H-game base. But man indeed she's hot.
  8. usspaul
    2012-07-24 01:04
    man i tell you what the only real reason im watching mul-luv right now is because i want to see more of this girl i mean yui is pretty hawt her self but shes to bitchy right now lol. But you know i kinda fear for this russian chick because i remember what happend to the first cast of girls in this show and they became lunch meat. sighs i hope this doesnt happen to this girl after all the girl i liked most in the first group was the first to die lol
  9. kenjiharima
    2012-07-14 10:53
    thnx for the pics
  10. usspaul
    2012-07-14 05:56
    if you want the nsfw ones of the second one just pm me lol

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