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Conversation Between kenjiharima and usspaul
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  1. usspaul
    2012-06-26 06:18
    lol well they where all nice images XD ah man im such a perv. btw i cant wait for more horizon. i get to see my 4 wifes again lol and maybe add a few more depending on how i like the new charaters XD
  2. kenjiharima
    2012-06-26 04:06
    The one "spreading" her legs and pink flower is my fav.
  3. usspaul
    2012-06-26 02:42
    I knew u would like those pics lol. Which one was your fav out of the lot lol. I know I liked the chitanda ones .
  4. usspaul
    2012-06-18 06:09
    easier said then done man easier said then done. my god i got so pissed at those machines lol. i just dont know what to do to keep the machines from jamming i mean we did alright i guess . 23 finished pallets of work normaly we should do about 32 to 34 pallets but these new tear drop vials blow balls man.
  5. kenjiharima
    2012-06-18 04:37
    Will add you later on the PSN.

    Take at easy don't over stress yourself.
  6. usspaul
    2012-06-18 03:35
    Oh btw today sucks I cobalt got to go to lunch lol. A.d now my break is finished and I have to go back on the floor and everything is running like Shit. I'm so Danny tired to
  7. usspaul
    2012-06-18 03:24
    My psn name is usspaul I don't know when ill get the game
  8. kenjiharima
    2012-06-17 23:34

    My PSN is SakuraRanRyu

    My pawn is a loli elf we are at lvl 64.

    She's a mage that heals the party and gives defensive and holy attributes to the party.

    Btw in my new game + created a new Arisen. Made her look like Lady from DMC3. My picture made it front page in vol.21 of Soren Times.
  9. usspaul
    2012-06-17 06:02
    i see maybe ill get it then we can use each other pawns lol btw what plateform do you have it for ?
  10. kenjiharima
    2012-06-17 05:54
    When your online people can hire your pawn. Vice versa you can hire pawns of others as well but some cost rift crystals.
    If you got a high level friend their pawn is available for you to hire for free. Also your pawn gains knowledge and gets ranked by other players.
    You can also upload your epic screen shot in the Grand Soren Times page via facebook or twitter. Xbox360 though only works on facebook.

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