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Conversation Between kenjiharima and usspaul
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  1. usspaul
    2012-03-09 01:08
    hmm look at that yummie ass lol well if it isnt horizon herself lol
  2. usspaul
    2012-03-09 00:57
    im gonna see if there are other horizon goodies lol i wonder if there some nice kimi or futoya stuff lol
  3. kenjiharima
    2012-03-09 00:53
    Agreed with that.
  4. usspaul
    2012-03-09 00:34
    well akeno is whats really selling that dvd i mean cmon out of all the girls shes got the hottest bikini
  5. kenjiharima
    2012-03-09 00:15
    Man I can't wait to watch the OVA of HSDxD. From sexy underwear to bikini's! >_<
    Damn so hot!
  6. usspaul
    2012-03-09 00:02
    oh god that dvd is a must have just for the whole akeno in that string bikini hmmm, the other girls are nice too but oh man i want more akeno! there better be more akeno fanservice in the next episode. so you like tomo chan huh yeah shes got a great booty
  7. kenjiharima
    2012-03-08 23:58
    Oh wow! She's hot indeed.

    DVD/Blu-Ray special preview of HSDxD
  8. usspaul
    2012-03-08 23:53
    thats tomo asama from the horizon show i was telling you about. her and kimi and futayo and masazumi are my fav girls lol cause they are all so damn hawt and my waifus
  9. kenjiharima
    2012-03-08 23:47
    Whoa! Who is that sexy anime girl with the cute bootay?! O_O
  10. usspaul
    2012-03-08 23:33
    lol i would so love to get this mouse pad lol i get to fondle tomos booty lol

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