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Conversation Between kct and TheShinySword
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  1. kct
    2009-12-20 21:13
    Harems are eh for me actually, maybe because hearing people screaming for HAREM END in their 2D waifu dating games is a turn-off.
  2. TheShinySword
    2009-12-20 21:11
    lol, mostly it's that I just really don't like harems.
  3. kct
    2009-12-20 21:08
    Maybe I was channeling my inner Sugisaki (the HAREM END guy from Seitokai no Ichizon) too much D: .
  4. TheShinySword
    2009-12-20 21:07
    Harems are yucky. Erio's a one woman man.
  5. kct
    2009-12-20 21:04
    He could have a HAREM END instead with the younger members of the cast.
  6. TheShinySword
    2009-12-20 21:02
    But he wuvs Caro :<
  7. kct
    2009-12-20 20:59
    Guy could have a threesome instead.
  8. TheShinySword
    2009-12-20 20:57
    Having safe sex with Caro probably.
  9. kct
    2009-12-20 20:56
    Poor Lutecia indeed ;___; . Where's Erio in all this?

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