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Conversation Between 0utf0xZer0 and Triple_R
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  1. 0utf0xZer0
    Yesterday 03:08
    I'm not sure Kuon is going to be my favourite character in the show as Rurutie looks pretty adorable. But I'm highly impressed with her character so far. There were some really powerful woman in the original, but Kuon feels different - more like an ordinary woman who happens to be very competent in the face of danger. Her profession (traveling apothecary) makes it make a lot of sense too.

    (Come to think of it, that ordinariness also reminds me of Eruruu. They're both pretty down to earth characters.)
  2. Triple_R
    2015-10-07 17:09
    Thanks for the info. It might be fun to go back and watch the original Utawarerumono after I'm done the new one.

    By the way, I like how Kuon is a "woman of action". She feels well-balanced to me overall.

    And the tail-grab scene was really well-done.
  3. 0utf0xZer0
    2015-10-07 03:26
    IIRC you haven't seen the original Utawarerumono, right?

    As such, I can't help but point out that they're throwing in some shout outs to the original:
    Let's just say I knew what was about to happen the instant Haku noticed Kuon's tail. Kuon being an apothecary is another notable one. While Kuon is more of a "woman of action" than Eruruu was (from the trailer, I'd say Rurutie's personality will be much closer to Eruruu's than Kuon's), her profession hearkens back to Eruruu being an apprentice healer in the original (both Eruruu and Kuon are the first character the protagonist meets in their respective series).

    Just thought you might find that interesting.
  4. Triple_R
    2015-09-26 08:24
    Is that image of Umi making you think of a different particular character? If so, then I'm not quite seeing that. But am I seeing "magical girl outfit" here? Definitely.

    A large chunk of the Love Live! costumes are indistinguishable from magical girl costumes. I'm not sure the exact percentage, but it's at least 10% and it might be as high as 35%. In the anime itself, the Season 2 Episode 12 costumes truly make μ's look like a team of magical girls. And some of the costumes do make me think of specific magical girl characters. Eli's costume here, for example, definitely makes me think of Sayaka Miki's puella magi outfit.

    I hope you do go to Japan some day. Though I'll admit my hope is at least somewhat selfish. I'm sure you'd have some wondrous pictures to show from that trip.

    As for your Vivid question - Almost the entire StrikerS protagonist cast shows up in force for a short arc in the middle of Vivid. Caro is part of that, and has a decent-size role to play there. Frequently, Vivid feels like "StrikerS: The Sequel". It's not as much "Vivio's story" as I thought it would be. If you like Caro a lot, I'd definitely recommend watching through this short arc at least. IIRC, that would be about 8/9 episodes of Vivid, so you wouldn't have to watch the whole show to get it.
  5. 0utf0xZer0
    2015-09-26 02:52
    So about our discussion about Love Live and Madoka...
    It's not just me is it?

    BTW, a guy I know on another anime forum recently took a trip to Japan and decided to take a few days to tour locations featured in Tamayura, Non Non Biyori and One Off. Have to say I'm now tempted to do something similar (though overseas travel is a few items down my "stuff to save for" list right now and I suspect I'd also be tempted to get some new camera gear first...).

    Just remembered something I wanted to ask you about. How much of a role does Caro have in Nanoha Vivid? I dropped Vivid pretty early on, but I actually am pretty curious what she and Erio get up to post StrikerS.
  6. Triple_R
    2015-09-23 21:07
    I've recently caught back up on a few Summer 2015 anime shows. Enough that I feel informed enough to talk some about the season as a whole.

    So, with that in mind, what Summer 2015 shows have you enjoyed the most?
  7. Triple_R
    2015-08-10 21:10
    Nice reply on that thread I linked you to!

    Yeah, I see your point on Sakurasou. Factors like that definitely play in some to what name/title I use when referring to an anime.
  8. Triple_R
    2015-08-07 16:49
    I'm a bit curious to get your take on this.

    Granted, it's not the most intense anime topic around, but it's one of some value that surprisingly I don't think we've ever talked about before.
  9. 0utf0xZer0
    2015-07-17 02:40
    I haven't had a ton of free time lately but to an even greater extent it's been a matter of focus and attention. Those are finite (if regenerating) resources, and when they drop below certain levels I get really reluctant to get involved in much. I'm not even as up on current shows as I typically am right now.

    That, and these days I hand out here mainly to keep track of what people like you and Pocari are thinking (I lurked a lot of your posts on Euphonium, Seraph and Charlotte* among others), participating in the threads themselves has become more of a secondary concern.

    *I liked Charlotte's second episode a lot, Key humour can sometimes be a miss for me but I like the hunt for the archery club captain quite a bit. And I thought Euphonium was great last season, though I never got quite as into it as with Hyouka. The both had some fantastic artistry and drama, but I think they differ a bit in pace - Euphonium is very driven, Hyouka is a little more meandering and stops for a hundred fun little moments along the way, which amusingly seems pretty fitting when you look at the storylines. Those hundred little moments are part of part of what gives Hyouka it's edge for me though.

    Weekend will be busy as it's first of the two big, full weekend anime cons held in Vancouver each summer. And I'm not even done with the photos from the smaller events over the past few months...
  10. Triple_R
    2015-07-15 20:56
    Been busy lately? I have to admit I've missed your presence on the boards themselves lately.

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