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Conversation Between 0utf0xZer0 and Triple_R
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  1. Triple_R
    2013-11-03 01:51
    I never expected Madoka Magica Movie 3 to air anywhere close to where I'm living, so that's no big deal. Once it's available to me in some fashion, though, I will be checking it out of course.

    I look forward to hearing your take on it once you've seen it.
  2. 0utf0xZer0
    2013-11-02 15:56
    Bought tickets for my girlfriend and I to go to the December 15th Madoka 3 screening since I can't make the one on December 9th due to exams.

    Still doesn't look like there's anything in your area though Aniplex seems a bit confused on their Canadian geography, listing one screening as "Saint John, NL" (following the link shows the theatre's address is in New Brunswick).
  3. 0utf0xZer0
    2013-11-01 19:48
    Spoiler for Infinite Stratos 2 to episode 5:

    I'm not going to drop just yet, but I feel like this I'm going to find the rest of this season rather unsatisfying on the whole.

    BTW, am I the only one who is surprised that Pocari thought Ai of all characters was cute in Kanata no Kyoukai 5?

    Edit: BTW, I like the direction they're taking in Golden Time though Koko personality is starting to feel a bit grating. I want more Chinami.
  4. Triple_R
    2013-11-01 12:55
    I thought you should know I've decided to drop Infinite Stratos Season 2.

    Spoiler for Reasons for my decision. Fairly long.:
  5. 0utf0xZer0
    2013-10-30 15:09
    Wow, is that bloodsucking scene in Strike the Blood episode 4 sexually charged or what?

    Usually in shows like this it's the girl who is the vampire, not the protagonist. I was going to comment that this seemed to have a lot more sexual subtext than most of the girl on guy vampire action I recall in anime, then I remembered the scene from 20:37 to 22:22 of this:
    It's not as explicit but I'd tend to say there's some subtext there.

    (Bonus: in the unlikely event if I haven't told you who the studio and director for the linked show is already at some time in the past, see if you can guess it based just on that clip.)
  6. 0utf0xZer0
    2013-10-26 00:29
    Spoiler for Golden Time episode 4:
  7. Triple_R
    2013-10-25 23:03
    I can see why you really liked Golden Time Episode 4, but I can also see why that episode made Pocari Sweat dislike Koko. So on the whole, I have mixed feelings about it.
  8. 0utf0xZer0
    2013-10-24 17:37
    Watched Golden Time 4... we're getting quite a few strong episodes this week. I'm glad for some of the story developments in the second part because oh man did I ever feel sorry for Chinami in the first half. I was wondering what role she would end up playing in this drama and its become quite clear.

    (Also, am I the only one amused by the fact "2D kun" also seems to be a Chinami fan? This show knows its audience.)
  9. 0utf0xZer0
    2013-10-24 01:06
    Yeah, I expected a young Tomoe to cameo somewhere, possibly as a newbie waitress... then I realized she's be just a little young for it (13) and decided to go back and check if she was one of the schoolgirls.

    For me, the "yep it's her" moment was actually prior to her walking past in that screencap, specifically when she's having a conversation in the background while Satsuki is on the phone. First, as you probably know, Noto Mamiko's voice is quite distinct and I was able to make that out even with the low volume. Second, it's just barely possible to make out that her friend addresses her as Tomoe. Of course, being background conversation the subbers didn't bother with it.
  10. Triple_R
    2013-10-24 00:46
    Teenage Tomoe walking by young mother Satsuki? That's what it looked like to me anyway. Well, teenage Tomoe and one of her friends.

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