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Conversation Between 0utf0xZer0 and Triple_R
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  1. Triple_R
    2013-10-08 09:05
    Both of those are great pics. The Kanade/Kuroneko one is quite fitting. The Hyouka one is a real stroke of genius for whoever came up with it (although Satoshi's son looks like a carbon copy of Satoshi, and it's hard to see what Mayaka contributed, lol).

    It is funny how you ended up voting for the Tiara Winner in the Tiara final match-up without even realizing it.
  2. 0utf0xZer0
    2013-10-08 08:49
    So I barely participated in ISML this year, but ended up voting in the last match without realizing it (I didn't look to see what match it was, actually). And yet somehow, it's the first year my girl won. (To be fair, I think a lot of fans were sympathetic to her after S2.)

    The final round made me think of this image:

    On a completely unrelated note, I think this is rather well done (Danbooru link, usual caveats about possible NSFW content (but not the pic itself)):
  3. 0utf0xZer0
    2013-10-07 04:10
    Had my season kick off screening today, though we didn't have time for a few shows (Strike the Blood and White Album 2 come to mind).

    Outbreak Company was surprisingly popular given that my group isn't the most easily pleased. I think the 90s throwback world design helped win some people over - one friend thought it had shades of Irresponsible Captain Tylor to it. I notice Enzo noted in his blog that the show has a bit of a humanistic side, and I'm kind of feeling like that's the other special ingredient - in particular, I'd cite the scene where he starts teaching Miusel to read as being one of the bits that keeps it from feeling like an also-run reference comedy.

    Though for stuff that's clearly intended to be heartwarming, there's Gingatsune. Genki miko playing off a grumpy fox spirit. Non-romantically, even.

    At one point, a friend and I decided it would be fun to force the group to watch a double header of fujoshi shows - specifically Diabolik Lovers and Megane-bu. Diabolik Lovers appears to be based on an otome game targetted at Twilight fangirls - specifically one aimed at the kind of girl who fantasizes about being stalked and harassed by brooding sparkly vampires. I found it rather amusing, but then again that kind of thing doesn't phase me much.

    Re: Mio in Walkure Romanze: whose brilliant idea was it to dress a shallow klutz in an obvious rip off of the garb of one of anime's most iconic strong female leads? Even for a veteran of guilty pleasure anime, I have to call that one out for being terrible, terrible taste.

    One the other hand, Mirai's klutziness didn't bother me nearly as much on a second watch of Kanata no Kyoukai episode 1. Since the show actually has a decent number of things I like in it, I see this as a good sign moving forward.
  4. 0utf0xZer0
    2013-10-05 18:01
    I really like that Outbreak Company has an otaku protagonist but he isn't portrayed as a jerk or one step away from molesting every girl he meets. Actually, the bits with him and the half-elf maid were kind of cute. (Also, as I mentioned in the thread, I also like that they portrayed being a "master" as kind of awkward, because I've attended enough maid cafes at events to say it actually can be.)

    The Charles charade was one of my favourite things about the first season but I actually have to admit I'm surprised that Charlotte can pull off a good reverse trap.

    Monogatari season 2 has been pretty solid in general but I personally feel like the Nadeko Medusa arc is one of the best anime I've seen in ages.
  5. Triple_R
    2013-10-04 21:42
    I'm pretty much with you on Golden Time. The Club Recruitment scene was definitely overplayed a bit. Still, I'm liking the show so far.

    With IS2, I liked the call-back in having "Charles" dressed as a butler. It's good to see she can still pull of a trap well. I've resigned myself to "Houki or nobody" being the almost certain end of IS romance-wise. My expectations going into IS2 were pretty low, but the show at least didn't fall short of them.
  6. 0utf0xZer0
    2013-10-04 02:53
    Quick takes:

    Golden Time:
    Pros: college setting, actually decent interaction between male characters, and what little I've seen of Chinami was adorable.
    Cons: The Latin dance club scene was just embarrassing, not sure how I feel about the lead girls stalker habits (especially given she's already at college).

    Infinite Stratos 2:
    Pros: Charlotte working at a butler cafe. Charlotte seemingly having more interaction with Ichika during the pool scene than the other girls. Charlotte in a pool scene. Oh yeah, the OP has Rin in a cheogsam. (See? I'm not just a Charlotte man.)
    Cons: Episode doesn't have Charlotte in a maid outfit even though Laura gets to wear one. ED seems to emphasize Houki more than other girls, threatening a slide back into late season one's "Houki wins, just because she's first girl" mode. A lot of the action scenes are cheesy and the serious ones clearly meant to foreshadow felt rather flat.
  7. 0utf0xZer0
    2013-09-25 00:30
    I wasn't offended about it. I was getting a bit frustrated at how some posters weren't addressing the points I had raised, which might have been what you're thinking of. And as you may recall, I have stronger opinions on HSI in general and that arc in particularl than about most anime I've watched.

    Since she felt so strongly about it, I think Minko should have put the onus on Yuki and her supporters to figure out how they were going to cook it given the equipment available. "Your objection is noted" is not really a good solution to this kind of thing (I seem to recall it didn't go across too well for Picard in First Contact either). So yes, good character development arc for Minko. (I also thought Tohru's eventual response at the wedding - writing "Love" on the Sashimi - was pretty hilarious.)
  8. Triple_R
    2013-09-24 21:37
    Sorry if what I wrote on the P.A. Works thread offended you. When I get deep into the weeds of a debate, I can get very technical with it, and lose sight a bit of the friends/personalities involved. That's a habit of mine that I try to curtail, but I'm not always successful with it.

    The irony is that I honestly liked the omurice two-parter in HSI. I thought it was great character development for Minko, and personally, I was with the girl who wanted to cook omurice. My own view is that Minko treated a school festival like a serious cooking competition, and so I felt she was the main one at fault there.
  9. Triple_R
    2013-08-28 20:17
    I really like Akiko. A very warm and soothing presence in the show. The family resemblance between her and her daughter is so strong that I think an adult Nayuki would basically be like her mother.

    Tomoe is a lot of fun. She makes me think of the adult version of a genki girl. Thinking back on it, I was probably too hard on that LARPers episode. It was a good episode for Tomoe and really let her shine a lot.

    iDOLM@STER's Azusa looks great. I really like the hime-cut hairstyle, particular for dark and/or blue hair. I also like how Azusa is very elegant and full-bodied. She's all-woman, shall we say. iDOLM@STER has so many major characters though that it's hard for either of them to stand out to me. But I do fondly remember the episode where Azusa is running through down in a wedding dress. That was simply a barrel of laughs!

    Honestly, I probably do like Akiko more than Sanae now that I think about it. It's just that, as you say, Sanae had more presence in Clannad than Akiko had in Kanon, so Sanae came to mind for me quicker.

    One of these days I might sit down and compile a list of my 10 favorite adult female anime characters of all-time. If I do so, I'll make sure to share it with you.
  10. 0utf0xZer0
    2013-08-28 03:10
    You missed the question about what you thought about Akiko and Tomoe... actually, would you mind if I added Azusa (the Idolm@ster one, not the K-On! one) in as well?

    Still not sure why I'm more of an Akiko fan than a Sanae one... particularly since Sanae gets more focus (ie. when she pretends to be Sunohara's girlfriend).

    Yumiko from Touka Gettan is the only one on my list I suspect would creep you out much, as she goes far beyond hitting on her adopted son. Though to be honest, that's one of the things that made her memorable for me... the series handles it in a way that's far less crass but also far more audacious than your typical ecchi flick.

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