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Conversation Between Ascaloth and Ledgem
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  1. Ledgem
    2013-08-20 20:53
    Things are going well. Busy for the most part, but with some lulls.

    I'm glad to hear that things are going well with your lady, although I don't know if the stance on marriage is supposed to be a good thing or a bad thing As long as the dynamics are going well, that's what counts. You two have been together for quite a while by now!

    I hope that you find a new job that is satisfying to you. I know there are all of those sayings about how we should "work to live, not live to work," but your job is an important part of your life. Ideally you'll find something that is enjoyable and fulfilling in some form.
  2. Ascaloth
    2013-08-20 09:02
    Oh hey, it's been a while indeed. How's things going with you?

    Me, well, could be better when it comes to work. I'm currently looking for something new, so here's hoping something good comes up.

    As for my girl, things are going quite swell actually. Funny thing is, she no longer wants to get married as soon as possible; now she wants the opposite, in fact. I've figured out the best way to treat her is to let her do what she wants, go with the flow, and see where she takes me.
  3. Ledgem
    2013-08-14 21:09
    It's been a while. How are things going?
  4. Ascaloth
    2012-10-09 05:16
    LOL, oh wow. You getting banned? I thought I'd never see the day.

    Lemme guess, somebody did it to you for the lamest reason? Tell it to me on PM if you don't want to make it public.
  5. Ledgem
    2012-10-09 04:38
    Well, it looks like I can join your club: a few days ago I received my first-ever forum ban. It was only for 24 hours so I don't think that anyone noticed, but I figured I had to share my new criminal credibility with someone

    That aside (and not related to the above), I'll be massively cutting back on my forum activity again, but this time probably for the long-term. You have my email address if you need to reach me! I hope all is going well for you.
  6. Ascaloth
    2012-08-29 22:16
    I know, right? It even covers the one loophole current non-lethal defense equipment suffers today; you can use it against a entire mob of people, which is more than can be said for tasers or the like!
  7. Ledgem
    2012-08-29 22:11
    Hey, that's not a bad idea!
  8. Ascaloth
    2012-08-29 22:08
    Just stay safe, and wear your kevlar, dude. It'll be a waste for someone with the potential to make an actual difference like yourself go down to a random gun nut.

    I wonder if ninja smoke bombs would be an acceptable non-lethal defense.
  9. Ledgem
    2012-08-29 20:51
    In my true opinion, it's not worth the fight (offline, that is - online verbal scuffles are fine and fun). If they feel so strongly about their guns, let them keep them. As long as they don't go off the deep end and try to subjugate the rest of society to their whims by force, it's fine. Sure, we'll have to put up with more armed criminals, and we'll have to tolerate the occasional blow-up when a person loses it and goes on a killing spree... I don't mean to downplay those events or how tragic they are, but they're not so prominent that guns are an absolutely critical issue.
  10. Ascaloth
    2012-08-29 20:33
    I know, right? You'd think such people could only exist in fiction. Well thanks a lot, reality, you're stranger than fiction sometimes.

    Personally, I feel that if they want their guns so much, they're free to have them; the sooner they qualify themselves for a mass Darwin Award, the better. I can only think that way because I'm ultimately quite removed from the situation though; in your case, your position is a bit more perilous.

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