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Conversation Between Ascaloth and Ledgem
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  1. Ledgem
    2012-08-29 20:25
    In hindsight I had some fun but it was a waste of time, and something that removed some of my faith in humanity's reasoning abilities. To be fair, I'm sure they felt the same way about me. A rather pathetic situation all-around.
  2. Ascaloth
    2012-08-29 20:18
    So, what was your personal experience of arguing with a card-carrying deaf idiot like? We need to know these things.
  3. Ascaloth
    2012-08-28 20:43
    Well I guess all I can say is, now you've seen first-hand how being reasonable can only do so much against certain types who refuse to listen to anyone but themselves.
  4. Ledgem
    2012-08-28 20:39
    I'm not sure if I should feel good or bad about that
  5. Ascaloth
    2012-08-28 20:34
    Good attempt. For a while there I actually thought I might be looking at the first person saintly enough to not give a certain somebody the snark he deserves.
  6. Ascaloth
    2012-03-17 01:03
    Nor are these forums the place for rational discussion anymore either, I'm afraid. Only thing I know is, if another petition to reform the moderation of this place comes up, whoever started it has my signature guaranteed on it.
  7. Ledgem
    2012-03-17 00:52
    Ah... I guess we have to be careful these days. Can't disagree with anyone, I suppose
  8. Ascaloth
    2012-03-17 00:30
    Oh, the usual; getting into a scrap with a religio-nut, and somebody on the mod team taking the chance to give it to me. I'm pretty sure you saw it though, I could swear you commented on the News Thread while it was going on.
  9. Ledgem
    2012-03-17 00:21
    Hey, welcome back! I heard you got banned. What was that for?
  10. Ascaloth
    2012-02-08 22:17
    No, that wasn't what I meant, maybe I could have worded it a bit better. I was simply say I wasn't seeing much of either of the three ladies recently, and the 'conservatives' I was talking about are the type like justinstrife and the like. Good riddance, I'd personally say, but that's just me.

    If I'm not wrong, I think Mystique is still handling the effects of the quake? That may be why I don't see her much recently. I'm all for the email exchange, by the way.

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