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Conversation Between Chaos2Frozen and Sleep_ping
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  1. Chaos2Frozen
    2014-11-20 00:13
    No idea, not in SG.
  2. Sleep_ping
    2014-11-19 22:35
    When exactly is AFA Singapore anyway?
  3. Sleep_ping
    2014-06-07 09:59
    Summoners though. I think it's a free-for-all for a loli again or something. The term 'blood sign' does sound ominous to me, and if we're talking chuu2, we're talking about a lot of people...

    Bah, any better way to talk? I need a break.
  4. Chaos2Frozen
    2014-06-07 09:57
    Could this possibly be his next proper Chunnibyou-ish main series?
  5. Sleep_ping
    2014-06-07 09:20
    Looks like it's an all-out war ...for a certain girl (presumedly the goddess). Only the magic side will come into play, it seems.

    Illustrated by the manga artist for the Mahouka Tsiuoku-hen.

    Yeah, I heard of a new series three days ago, didn't know the synopsis though.
  6. Chaos2Frozen
    2014-06-07 08:41
    Boss, anything else besides the title?

    Spoiler for kamachi new book:
  7. Sleep_ping
    2014-06-05 19:43
    Just a summary of NT10...with author's own comments on snippets, speculation on Aleister's actions and such
  8. Chaos2Frozen
  9. Sleep_ping
    2014-04-20 03:17
    I got a reply...

    Big Boss says that I get to decide (as I did for SAO and AW)...

  10. Sleep_ping
    2014-04-20 02:29
    Start to brush up on your Chinese, I guess...

    I'm typing a message to Big Boss right now.

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