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Conversation Between Chaos2Frozen and Patchy
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  1. Chaos2Frozen
    2014-02-14 00:49
    Iya dakara! I don't do ditching or any other randomly harsh things

    Still, I'll take a cute little heartless Patchy over nothing
  2. Patchy
    2014-02-14 00:44
    Yep, no doubt about it... my instinct before is giving me a warning about you that, be careful of this guy.....

    Hmmm that's a huge problem to be honest since the one who'll do some ditching and other harsh things would be me... as I said no heart...
  3. Chaos2Frozen
    2014-02-14 00:41
    Eh?! Is that the impression I'm giving @_@ ?!

    No heart means no problem Patchy !
  4. Patchy
    2014-02-14 00:38
    Nope... Since I have no heart...

    LOL that's a question fitting for you...
  5. Chaos2Frozen
    2014-02-14 00:31
    You make it sound so terrible

    Would you be my heart-heart?
  6. Patchy
    2014-02-14 00:23
    Happy Hearts Day sempai....

    so... how many girls are you planning to date today? and how many girls are you planning to ditch today?
  7. Chaos2Frozen
    2014-01-09 11:47
    Mashiro come back !
  8. Patchy
    2014-01-09 11:44
    tch you've spotted me again... just testing my newly formatted drive for a shortwhile and really sleepy bec of my work....

    next time you wont spot me anymore

    anyways good night sempai
  9. Chaos2Frozen
    2014-01-09 10:56
    I spotted a Patchy!
  10. Chaos2Frozen
    2013-12-24 07:46
    Oh dear, sorry for the late reply ^^ I was out shopping for groceries.

    Well I just sort of thought I had fell off the good boy list with the fairies so I would be forgotten.

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